Libra march 12 horoscope

March 12, Thursday. The moon enters Scorpio, bringing your attention to your finances. Concepts like security and abundance feel challenging today.
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You have neglected your wife, she demands you. You need to assist him with your family, the house and the day-to-day duties and duties. You do not reach everything and you do nothing to change the situation; vice versa, it is getting worse. Go anywhere to disconnect, eat outdoors or reconnect with Mother Earth. Leave your weekly routine for a few hours. Your soul shrieks mercy is exhausted. You need to have fun, chat and laugh, rest simply.

Turn off your phones, computer and any device that reminds you of work. Disconnect, is the best cure you can do, even more, efficient than a spa.


It is going to be an ideal occasion to declare your loved one, that person who supports you and endures so much. You have the perfect frame. Ask for marriage. Leo Leo, you have a big mess in your head. On the one hand, you have a tester, you are a character that you have developed to your needs, image and similarity and of which you are absolutely in love; you believe it, On the other hand, you are tired of the character and appearing, that everyone awaits something from you.

Do it, take away the fear of your life and admit rejection. Those who stay with you will be your real friends. You can try today with your set of friends. Watch their reactions. More than one will turn its back on you. Choose your people well, sometimes you get confused. Your life changes, your preferences too. Show your new being. You will free yourself from a huge load. Virgo Virgo, Your unique friend has already become a couple.

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Romance is going well, everything goes as it should. From this moment you should leave a little more space for that person. You are accustomed to your life alone, to your customs more now one becomes 2 although 2 are one.

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That is, be permissive, diplomatic, tender and act tactfully. Possibly at the beginning all late somewhat, you must adapt but the couple will become stable and your romance will work wonderfully. Any blockage existing at the level of the second chakra, the loved one, will be remedied and the energy will flow as it should be.

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Try to enjoy every minute and do not create problems where there are none, or imagine it. They are the fruit of your inventiveness. Libra Libra, today you have the whole day for you, to do what you want, do not let any heavy friend make you do something that is not in your plans. Maybe you have a couple who likes to send and dominate you.

Always and in all circumstances, you must have an area for you, a sacred space to do what interests you, without giving explanations to absolutely anyone.

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Consequently, in front of the first sign of feeling dominated or well manipulated, rub your feet. Go to the cinema, the theater or anywhere that makes you avoid everyday inconveniences: you need it. Your life is very jaded, the routine weighs heavily on you, it conquers you, it alters habits and patterns and everything will change at the same time.

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  • Take a risk and live life. This is very short and you have to enjoy it. Scorpio Scorpio, The Law of Speculum, Universal Law, will remind you today of your defects reflected in your maternal figure.

    Astrology of Today – Thursday, March 12, 2020

    You will stay with her and she will take you out of your boxes. Practice compassion, respect, and patience. In life, every dedication carries a reward. You are a benevolent being but you still have many things to polish. It is better to go at a brisk pace and not stop than run half an hour and finish exhausted and not be able to continue.

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    Horoscope for Thursday, March 12, 2020

    Next Day. March 12, Thursday. The moon enters Scorpio, bringing your attention to your finances. The cosmic events behind this horoscope: Cosmic Events. All times ET. Those qualities will be key. If you feel ready to take the plunge, stay open to different ways of meeting people—and to different types! Having mutual friends and common interests puts you ahead of the game.

    Couples will appreciate a little or a LOT more variety during this mentally stimulating transit. The couple that plays together stays together! This could be a dreamily sensual and enchanting day, perfect for pampering yourself solo or together or getting into a healthy groove in your relationship. Being of service to your partner can boost your bond, so be generous and compassionate. If you do have to offer any criticism or negative feedback, be gentle and come from a place of kindness. Add upgraded new gadgets and tech tools to your holiday wishlist and get in touch with all your contacts who might help you reach your plans.

    Jupiter and Saturn will make a rare, once-everyyears alliance in trailblazing Aquarius and your creative, spotlight-grabbing fifth house. After a deeply centering year hosting both planets in serious Capricorn and your insular, domestic fourth house, your joyful side returns with a vengeance. Meantime, Mars is wrapping up a six-month visit to Aries and your partnership house, which has sparked dynamic duos but also some tension with key collaborators. On Thursday, January 6, Mars will move into Taurus and your eighth house of large payouts.

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    You may need to invest any unexpected windfalls in something exciting that can really grow for you. Affiliate programs could also pay off. Are there opportunities arising to make a real estate sale or purchase? You could get in on an exciting opportunity when the new year arrives. Stay on guard for a charming manipulator attempting to butter you up and get you to do their bidding. United States. Type keyword s to search.

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