Virgo horoscope week of march 13 2021

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You may be as anxious to change your mind as they are, and you might do yourself a favour if you follow their lead. Keep a very, very close eye indeed on all savings and investments. Gemini : Loved ones have really got on your nerves lately, but are you sure that you are blameless? Without even realising it you may have let someone else down or trodden on their toes. This is no time for instant judgments or verdicts, so wait until you have all the information. Although you may not realise it, you have hit on the right solution, but you may need to wait for others to catch up with you.

What is obvious to you, may not be clear to them, which is precisely why you should be a little more understanding. Virgo : There is a strong chance that you will begin to look far afield for inspiration and enlightenment. You can leave any work battles to one side and instead concentrate on improving the overall quality of your life.


And this would only push you into an oppressive mood of apprehension and anxiety. The Saturn-Uranus alignment this year will help make you more decisive. You'll come up with the right choices when you most need them. You will receive an abundance of enlightened inspiration to power through all your challenges.

You are moving onto bigger and better things. Messages will come in mysterious and obscure ways. People who believe they can find solutions to your problems sometimes get rather adamant about it.

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No matter how vociferously you try to explain your case, they remain incapable of respecting your ideas. Ranting and raving won't make a scintilla of difference — not even a modicum.

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  8. You can turn a blind eye to their condescension but that won't help. The best way to get your point across is to be firm. The Saturn-Uranus alignment this year is a wake up call. You'll find that you won't be able to suffer fools gladly any longer. If a revolution is called for, then you're the one to lead it. You are due to receive much needed support. Go ahead and allow yourself to feel confident.

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    Envisage a future in which you have overcome your temporary difficulty. When we are brave enough to face the unknown and take a chance on following the calling of our heart, we inevitably place ourselves in a precarious position. Your feelings of vulnerability are quite natural due to celestial circumstances. The Saturn-Uranus alignment this year will teach you to trust your entitlement to success. Do remind yourself of how you managed to achieve miracles in the past.

    There is no reason to think you won't do it again. Trouble comes in many shapes and sizes. Just as you finish conquering a major challenge one day, another problem emerges to take its place the next. There is a chance to fix a certain problem once and for all.

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    A particularly irritating dilemma you are dealing with can and will get resolved faster than you think. Experience has made you wiser, more innovative and highly resilient. You will find, if you really give your intuition a chance to guide you now, that it will come through with the goods.

    The Saturn-Uranus alignment this year will lead you down the path to get where you want to be. You must be prepared in life to experience the light with the dark, the difficult with the easy, the stressful with the wonderful. Stand back and look at it all from an objective point of view. Life may be intense, but that's what makes it worth living. That's what fuels you with the passion to carry on.

    Okay, now jump to your Moon sign:

    The Saturn-Uranus alignment this year will encourage you to hang in there and prove your mettle. Your dilemma has been tough and challenging, but your difficulties look set to diminish. Trust the emergence of a bolder and more self-assured side in your character. The sky is setting you on a path you had long abandoned all hope of pursuing.

    There is a pressing need to re-evaluate your connection to your social network of friends, work associates and close contacts. How do they affect your aspirations? There is enough evidence to indicate that there is unfair and unjust criticism from certain circles.

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    The Saturn-Uranus alignment this year will start to change everything along positive lines. This will prove much easier to attain than you expect. You are about to get help and cooperation in an area where, up until now, much has been difficult.

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    This involves both your romantic and platonic relationships. This makes for a great start to the year. For all of , Saturn will be in Capricorn. However, it goes through a retrograde period that ends in September. From this point on, Saturn will encourage you to improve your skills— namely skills involving communication, technology, and education.

    Because of this, you may feel a sudden urge to travel or reconnect with others. Listen to this urge to improve your life. The year as a whole looks promising for any lucky Virgo-born people. Below, the year is broken up into monthly sections. Keep reading to see a short summary of each month in This is a great time to spend more time at home. February focuses more on work and your health. Take this lucky month to plan for the future and to hone the skills that will help you to find success. March carries several planets into Pisces, which can help to improve your creativity levels.

    This can improve your career.