Sagittarius weekly horoscope 17 march 2021

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A change of address is also likely soon. Look to the new year for further studies or retraining.

If you celebrate your birthday this week:. Saturn is throwing its weight around most of the the zodiac, suggesting a disciplined time ahead for just about everyone, except you.

Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope from December 21 to December 27

About time, too. In recent years, many Sagittarians have all-but disappeared from the social scene. You have been truly missed, and are welcomed back with strong and supportive arms. So this birthday season, make a special wish - you just may get it. Indulge in plenty of pampering, too. This week becomes downright frenzied - a time when no one quite knows what everyone else is up to, or why. But this is pretty much the case when you pitch a group of power planets up against solar eclipse emotions. Do what you do best, and take charge.

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The week ahead requires decisive handling as cosmic forces close the gates on unviable projects. There may be disappointments, arguments or financial setbacks. If so, just let go. A growing pile of publications and emails clutter your environment. Relationships with siblings and close family could also improve. Cosmic forces allow you to reclaim your stride.

Still, expect the occasional hurdle. Mid-week also instigates financial changes. Not everyone is trustworthy.

Your Weekly Horoscopes Are Here! December 11th - December 17th | Marie Claire Australia

You've just completed a decade long cycle in which priorities revolved around relationships. Finally, you can concentrate on your own needs. Indeed, you've a deep instinct that something special is on its way - including a complete overhaul of self image. Expect a leaner, more fit, you. Many will enjoy these seven days of better income or unexpected money.

During this week, despite some favorable trends, you will be prone to suspicion or mistrust of the actions of certain people or the development of certain events.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Not every piece of information you receive during this period will be correct. You yourself will be willing to accept the information during the week with distrust, willing to check it through various sources. Overall, this will be an important week for you, with opportunities to make important progress at this stage. Avoid states of pessimism or hypersensitivity. They never help you! Women should be careful about the promises of men who will remain "hanging in the air".

Men will have the opportunity to earn extra money, as long as they are willing to work during this holiday season. Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope 21 - 27 December, If you were born under the sign of Sagittarius, this week you will organize or attend meetings with different people. These events can charge you with positive emotions or thanks to them you can get useful information for you.

Be realistic in your work and strictly follow the performance of your duties.

Weekly Horoscope

Don't expect higher expectations to achieve unrealistic results or higher incomes. If you work with money, be as focused as possible so as not to make an unpleasant mistake or become the object of someone's fraud.

The love life of those born under the sign of Sagittarius will be unstable, at times unclear due to your desire for events to develop faster or various contradictions will arise, mainly due to your own emotionality and sensitivity. More complicated will be the events in love for the young representatives of this zodiac sign, who will go through a serious test of their feelings.

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During this week, avoid making promises, as changes are forthcoming that will make it impossible to keep them. The week will be difficult for those of you who are involved in court or legal cases. Sagittarius women will experience emotionally unpleasant news related to a man they know. Men will have the opportunity through additional work to secure fresh income in their personal or family budget. Merry and peaceful Christmas to those of you who celebrate this day!

Happy New Year to those who celebrate it according to ancient traditions on December 21 - the day of the winter solstice, which is the shortest day of the year.