Taurus weekly 15 to 21 tarot reading february 2021

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On a tangential relation, this could also involve reconnecting with family members you have lost contact with in the past. What Color Matches Your Personality? Take The Test Now!! As mentioned earlier, Mars will be in Libra for about the first half of This will make work more stressful, which can have a negative impact on your mental health.

Luckily, you will also be blessed with higher levels of energy. Use this energy to take part in relaxing and fun activities to counteract your stress levels; this will do wonders to improve your mental health. Test Now! Venus will be in Capricorn from the beginning of the year until early March, which will help to give your social life a boost.

You are likely to make friends based on similar intelligence levels and hobbies. This is a great time to travel or to reach out to new people on the Internet to make new friends. Overall, the Taurus horoscope shows that this is a great year for bettering yourself through creativity and communication. Reach out to others when you can and work on your hobbies when you cannot.

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Do whatever you can to increase your activity and to better yourself. This is a year for self-improvement, so, improve yourself in any way you see fit. The Taurus predictions also forecast that a cycle in your life is coming to an end. This has to do with a cycle that began around This is likely to cause some stress, but also resolution and perhaps a feeling of accomplishment. This cycle mostly applies to people who are 30 or older.

The planet Uranus will impact your horoscope this year, making it important that you keep tabs on your karmic energy. Be pure of heart and only move forward with positive intentions. If your intentions are anything but wholesome, karma will come back to repay you. To improve your karma, become more involved with people who need help. Letting your creativity shine can also help. January will bring energy to work harder and to be more productive.

This is also a great month to begin new projects and rekindle old friendships. February is the month to focus on your work-related relationships. Improving these can improve your career and your social life all in one.

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March is the perfect time to work on your hobbies and projects. April calls for introspection. Continue to spend time on your hobbies, career, and finances like in March. May brings Venus into the 10th house, which can help to boost your social life. Your communication will be on point this month, which can help to improve both your platonic and romantic relationships.


June is a month to focus on your family and loved ones. Your money will be fine this month, so make sure to focus on your relationships instead. July continues to be a great month to focus on relationships. Venus will be in Leo for most of the month, which makes this the perfect time to reconnect and talk with family members.

August will bring some slight changes, which a Taurus-born might find uncomfortable. Take the month to become used to these changes and make sure to communicate your feelings about the changes with your loved ones. Your world is about to become significantly impacted by love and relationship lessons. Saturn, the planet of discipline, commitment, and responsibility, will move into your partnership sector for the first time in 29 years on December Expect a karmic invitation to create a solid foundation in a love connection.

Alternately, this could mean you'll recognize that a relationship you're in can't be repaired because the foundation it was built on was never solid to begin with. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and blessings, will move into this same area of your chart on December Adding to this energy is a Solar Eclipse in your true love sector on December Many single Leos could find themselves in a committed relationship over the next year, while Leos already dating someone could become engaged or get married.

In other news, that Solar Eclipse can easily bring baby news. Letting go of your fear of expressing your feelings or fear of having a family will also be an interesting theme at the Full Moon in Cancer on December This lunation falls in your hidden 12th house, suggesting it's time to release any emotional baggage that is truly not serving you. Key themes for Leo: marriage, divorce, love, relationship, business partnership, children, sex, creativity, intuition.

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  6. Leo: Major planetary shifts mean major change! You're already someone who prides him or herself on their work ethic and who genuinely enjoys being productive.


    This month there are major cosmic shifts that will make these even more dominant themes in your life. Saturn and Jupiter will both move into your work and health sector between December 17 and Expect a unique combination of growth and blessings along with mature responsibility to help you maximize whatever opportunities come your way. It's likely you'll have plenty of work and that you'll feel a genuine sense of purpose in life because of the work you find yourself doing. If this has to do with your health, any physical ailments will be taken seriously, and you'll do what you can to heal yourself.

    Following doctor's orders is a given and since you'll attract the best health care providers now, it'll be easy to do.


    This will be a lighter month for you romantically since Saturn is leaving your true love sector after having been there for several years. Any blocks or feelings of restriction around dating prospects will begin to lift. You'll really notice this going into Stay tuned! Virgo: Major planetary shifts mean major change!

    All the domestic responsibilities and extra weight of family obligation are about to lift -- and that is great news. If you're making the same dating mistakes over and over again, it's possible Saturn will put you on a cosmic time-out and freeze your romantic potential long enough for you to figure out what you're doing wrong.

    Fortunately, expansive Jupiter moves into the same area of your chart on December If you're willing to do Saturn's work -- taking radical responsibility for your love life choices -- then Jupiter will provide plenty of romantic options for you to practice what Saturn is trying to teach you. In other news, a career turning point is likely near the Full Moon on December Landing at the top of your chart, this might put you in the spotlight for a professional achievement.

    It's also possible that you will walk away from one career path entirely if it is no longer feeding your soul. Be true to yourself. Key themes for Libra: love, children, restricted pleasure, heart blockages, karmic love, award, promotion, honor. Libra: Major planetary shifts mean major change! Getting your house in order is now your top priority. Both limiting Saturn and expansive Jupiter will move into your home and family sector between December 17 and These two planets might have opposing agendas, but they can bring out the best in each other.

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    Saturn wants you to take stock on how strong your roots are. If your foundation in life -- home, family, and security -- is solid, then you can build anything on it. However, if you're not feeling all that sure about home base, it's time to do something about it. Maybe it's the actual structures of your home that require attention or maybe it's the condition of your relationship with certain relatives. Fortunately, Jupiter will give you all the faith you need to stay the course and get your house in order.

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    Finances look beautiful this month thanks to a Solar Eclipse landing in your earned income sector on December 14 followed by Venus entering the same part of your chart on December If you're in a relationship, then your partner might have something to do with your financial opportunities.

    Your sweetheart is giving you the confidence you need to make all those big money moves. Key themes for Scorpio: home, family, stability, foundation, roots, security, nourishment, income, new money. Scorpio: Major planetary shifts mean major change! You've spent a great deal of time and effort getting your finances in order. If you've made the right choices, this is a month you'll finally start to see welcome relief.

    Saturn, the planet of lessons and discipline, will leave your earned income sector on December 17 and won't return here for another 29 years. Saturn is now moving into the area of your chart connected to communication and learning. Expansive Jupiter also joins Saturn here on December You might become the student or the teacher or both with this energy. It's very possible you'll become an expert in an area because you'll now be capable of deep, concentrated study. In other news, a Solar Eclipse in your sign on December 14 might bring a major turning point in your life direction.

    In fact, you could begin a partnership with someone who truly sees your worth. Venus moves into your sign on December 15, making you extra magnetic. Be ready for love and be ready to show the world what you're truly made of! Key themes for Sagittarius: money, learning, teaching, communication, mental focus, fresh start, new direction.