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New Moon in February , New Moon in Aquarius 23°16', February When is the New Moon in February , what time is New Moon. Horoscope.
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Welcome to the dawning of a new era.


A major transformation is taking place. While will not be as intense as , it will come with challenges of its own that we will experience as we go through it.

However, get ready to start the year off with a bang, as the planets are ready for new horizons. This is the most important horoscope that you read for the twenty years to come. Do not miss these predictions! December begins in the midst of eclipse season—the time when our lives shift rapidly around us triggered by the powerful alignments of the Sun, Earth, and the Moon.

The Astrology Of Includes An Aquarius Stellium & 3 Mercury Retrogrades

The air will feel more frenetic. People will be even more on edge. Chance meetings, synchronistic experiences, and surprise news will occur when we least expect them! Also, as Saturn and Jupiter form a rare celestial event called the Great Conjunction, you will see your life change for the two decades ahead.

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What lies ahead for you in ? Will you find your soul mate, become engaged or married, or decide it is time to separate and move on? Will your ex come back to you and realize you were the one? Are you favored in love, sex, and marriage—or are the stars going to make it harder for you to open your heart? The answers are here.

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Please share the predictions everywhere! Find out the best days for your zodiac sign in December in love and success, as well as days you will need to lie low to avoid the drama.

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November is a critical one in for many reasons. I make predictions about the United States Presidential election, the next major outbreak of COVID, how the rest of the year looks, as well as what we can expect in Despite the challenges, there is still hope, light, and love.

I promise you that. May the stars ever be in your favor. Find out how you will be affected here! Find out the best days for your zodiac sign in November in love and success, as well as days you will need to lie low to avoid the drama. Our goddess planet of beauty and romance will dance on into one of her favorite places to thrive, the zodiac sign of Libra, on October 27, and remain in this playful realm until November 21, During this time, our natural charm will be amplified and we will focus on building harmony within our relationships.

All negotiations will see ease as we are inclined to bring joy and laughter wherever we go. While we may feel more idealistic about love, our most romantic nature can come forward with the right person. We will feel especially social during this time and more willing to do what it takes to appease those we care for. This is a beautiful time to find the right person if single, but only if we are clear about who will truly mirror us. Love, marriage, and union can help us grow if we open our hearts now. Our goddess planet, Venus, will leave the enchanting kingdom of Leo on October 2 to enter the abundant garden of Virgo until the 27th.

During this time, we express our love and affection through practical means and crave relationships that are more stable. We may become more focused on being giving to those we care for—whether that be through actions, helping out, or attending to the details they crave. Sensuality will be heightened at this time, and we will be driven by the idea of living a romance that is reliable.

Astrological Significance of the Eclipses

We may enjoy getting into a routine with our partners now, and singles looking for connection should focus more on someone who shows up and holds a high level of personal responsibility. Of all months within , October will be the one that feels the slowest. This is because the cosmos above are telling us to lie low, recharge, and rest rather than fight against the wind.

Pushing ahead rapidly is not favored at this time—and it is okay to move with the ebbs and flows of the Universe. So often we are shamed for taking moments to catch our breath before charging onward again, but I am telling you this ideology is wrong and does not pay heed to the natural flow of nature. Just as the day passes to night, the New Moon grows to the Full Moon, and the tides rise and fall, we are like nature. We must take this time to wait and surrender to the moment. Find out what the month has in store for you! Think big now! The summer will push you out of your romantic comfort zone and into a better emotional place with your partner.

However, the late autumnal chill will make you second-guess your decision to commit and force you to contemplate your heartfelt sentiments. Put your needs first.

February 14 Birthday Horoscope 2020-2021

It will be hard to find your place in the world without having a good foundation. Connecting with your family will be hard, as there are many issues that need to be healed now. But, it will help you to find out the best way to move forward in all areas of these relationships. As things begin to calm down in your life, you will be pushed to make major life choices regarding the types of people you want to be around. Analyze relationships before you make rash decisions.

Maintaining boundaries will be hard to do, especially since you are constantly overlooking them. Practice what you preach.

Table of Eclipse Dates from 1994 to 2030

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