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You may spend money on purchasing luxuries and pleasurable activities. Beware, or going overboard with your spending. Businessmen might strike a deal to market their goods abroad. They may be able to oust their competition during this phase. Job holders may do well to keep away distractions and focus on the task at hand to increase their efficiency and output. Students pursuing post-graduation may remain focused, and this may boost their academic progress.

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On the health front, stay away from late-night heavy dinners. Follow your physician's diet advice. Try and exercise regularly, to be in the pink of health.

Leo - Today Horoscope - December 25, 2020

During this phase, those in committed relationships might experience skepticism regarding the conduct of their loved ones. They need to give the latter space to clear these issues. On the financial front, your income inflow might increase, and you may be inclined to spend money on a social cause. There might be some monetary benefit during the weekend. You may need to increase the provision for your family during this phase.

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On the career front, businessmen may not make much progress. However, midweek onwards, things might be able to move well. Short-term travel might bear satisfactory results. Salaried people may receive a temporary outstation posting. On the health front, there may be no major issues. However, beware of respiratory system problems, and stay away from polluted places. Middle-aged natives may have joint related issues. Try to maintain good physical health. At the beginning of the month, singles might have an uncertain period in their love relationship and they might look for other options.

However, the month-end may bring planetary support, and singles may be able to improve their present relationship. Married couples might face some differences, but they may enjoy marital pleasures to the fullest. On the family front, there may not be any issues. When it comes to finances, expect a marginal increase in the inflow of money. According to planetary movement, you might be in for some major financial gain. This may add to your financial strength. Your expenses might increase. However, there may be no major expenses during this phase. Businessmen might not be favored by progressive forces this month.

They may need to exert more to run their business satisfactorily. During the month-end, businessmen may be able to successfully negotiate a good profitable deal.


Salaried individuals may be able to perform more effectively, and give a better output. Planetary movements indicate that students pursuing graduation may make good progress. They may study for extended hours, and learn things well to get good grades. They may be able to achieve their objectives and make encouraging progress. During this phase, planetary influences might add strength to your immune system. Even if you fall sick, you may recover fast, and enjoy generally good health.

Middle-aged people and above need to be very careful about their blood pressure. Singles might get a chance to embark on a relationship during this phase. They might enter a romantic relationship, and enjoy blissful moments together. Married people might feel happy as their life partners may be responsive. However, some family issues might put married people in discomfort. During this phase, you might be able to increase your income inflow.

While you might be tempted to increase your income inflow by unethical means, Ganesha warns not to do so. Try cutting down on personal habitual expenses, and try to save money for future needs.

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This month may not bring up any deal for negotiation for businessmen. However, minor deals may help run the business satisfactorily. Businessmen may be worried about competition. They may need to lower margins to score over competition. Students pursuing graduation might need more time to learn things properly. Their progress might be slow. Students doing post-graduation might learn things well, and memorize satisfactorily. According to planetary movements, there may not be any major health issues. However, beware, as old ailments might catch up.

Leo Weekly Horoscope

Also, the chances of getting injured from falling are foreseen. This might be a good month for singles to reveal their true feelings to their loved ones. Family time may be pleasant and enjoyable. During this phase, couples might face relationship issues. Try to be temperamentally correct and understand the views of your loved ones to maintain peace and harmony in your relationships.

On the financial front, try to handle money matters with care. Any investments you plan to make require due deliberation. Businessmen might get a chance to clinch a major deal in the middle of the month. However, they may need to work more for making arrangements to deliver goods and some material on time. Salaried individuals may remain stressed due to constant pressure from their immediate bosses to meet deadlines and increase output.

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Students pursuing graduation might make good progress. They may remain focused while studying. They may keep studying for long hours to learn well and memorize effectively. Students might want to get admission in a reputed college abroad for higher education. Planetary positions indicate that there may not be any health issue to trouble you.

However, you might face some blood pressure irregularities. Consult your doctor immediately and try to indulge in some physical activity in the morning. On the relationship front, you might fall for someone and get a positive response, and enter into a lasting romantic relationship. Pleasant time with near and dear ones may be on the cards. Married people might need to exhibit patience.