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As one of these important numbers, your Birthday number can reveal unique and powerful abilities that you naturally possess -- like a gift you have to offer the world. Luckily, this is also the easiest Numerology number to calculate!

All you need to know is a person's birthday, because the Birthday number is simply the day of the month on which they were born. If you were born on the 8th, your Birthday number is 8. If you were born on the 29th, your number is This is one of the few cases in Numerology where double-digit numbers are not reduced to a single digit number. This means your Birthday number could be any number Keep reading to see the meaning of your birth date and what it reveals about your life!

You are a self-starter with very innovative ways of creating opportunity. You've never been afraid to be the first to try something new. Your determination and endurance are powerful and will help you get through times of struggle and reach success. If your birthday is the 2nd, you have a great talent for finding solutions. Your intuitive and unbiased nature allow you to see all sides of any situation and advise others toward the most fair and beneficial outcome. Expression comes naturally to you.

You are very skilled at communicating your thoughts through conversation and creative pursuits, and your upbeat, charismatic presence inspires others to get onboard with your ideas. With a 4 Birthday number, you bring stability and rationality to any situation. You are the rock and your hard work and perseverance make you a dependable friend, colleague, parent, and partner.

Flexibility is your forte. When life throws you a curveball, you can easily adapt to new circumstances and find excitement in the unexpected change. This ability to turn on a dime gives you the power to jump on brief opportunities others may miss. If your date of birth is the 6th, then your heart is your gift.

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You are a natural-born nurturer and have a great talent for helping and healing others. You are the epitome of self-sacrifice and a fierce protector of those you love. You possess a very refined mind and a deep urge to uncover life's mysteries. Your ability to acquire vast knowledge on both the informational and spiritual planes gives you a greater awareness than most. With a Birthday number 8, yours is a story of success.

Your talent for setting and reaching goals is like no other. You are self-sufficient and capable and hold a great amount of power to achieve your ambitions. It's your compassion that makes you shine.

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You're devoted to helping the greater good and have a strong talent for speaking up for others. Those who are related to business their lucky colour is dark green. The students must have the attire with the shades of dove-grey from the lightest to the darkest. You can wear silver shade while you are going for interview or any important work. It may bring you good fortune.

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You may gain a lot of money with your won afford and with your intellectual capability. You may be considered richer than you really are and it is due to your show off attitude.

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It may hurt your sensitive nature to refuse any demand and for these reason you may at time become improvised in attempting to keep up your position in your society and rather than your broader society. You have a tendency to show that as if you are not a fond of money but the real thing is that you have a furious feeling of being above it, knowing that by your brain you can always achieve whatever you want.

Though you have a lot of money your natural tendency is that you are a miser or less spending person. You may start their career from a private field. This specified field may bring luck for you and it may spark your fortune. The student life will more or less favourable but need a special attention towards your lesson. Those who are the competitors of competitive examinations, they must take the utmost care of their studies. The persons who are joined with the government venture may able to achieve their perspective goal related to their service field.

YEAR Characteristics of Person born on january 29th : You are an over sensitive person. Friends of Person born on january 29th : You may able to make some good friends and they will be with you almost the whole of your life. Sponsored Links. Today's Horoscope. Get printable pages horoscope with detail predictions with descriptions and great content. Price INR Rs. Monthly Horoscope. As far as Life Path Number Compatibility goes, there are certain numbers that complement each other better than others.

You have an amazing site. And very beautiful quotes. Hi Katrina, sorry about the delay.

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You left your comment during the holidays and we were all a bit too busy, so it got lost in here : For your birthday …. Your life path is not 3, but rather a 9 with its higher double digit vibration being the number Say that a person was born in November 11th, Their life path number would be a "44," right? So you add them together. Note that in the numerology system, the "maters" numbers from the numbers originate from the 4 "even" numbers.

మీరు పుట్టిన తేది 2,11,20,29 ఐతే న్యూమారాలజి ప్రకారం మీ గురించి కొన్ని షాకింగ్ నిజాలు #MGKNumerology

For the life path number purposes, 11 is from 2, 22 is from 4, 33 is from 6, and 44 is from 8. So there are "four" master numbers in numerology, concerning life path, just like there are 4 seasons associated with planet earth, just for logical perspective. For example, I am actually a life path 2. May I know whether girl name Gayathri devi alla born on Feb is compatible for I Sujan Kumar reddy born on 3-june as both in a relation but now due to misunderstanding both in a trouble and Gayathri is very serious with Sujan saying Sujan has cheated her where Sujan is in deep love and even Gayathri also but due to entry of third person her friend Amulya Gayathri is now behaving like this.

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One more thing could u tell me if any of these 3 could be comparable. Person June 2, July,16, 3rd person July 30, Me Nov 29, Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.