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January astrology forecast Mercury sextile Neptune under a Leo Moon: This is an auspicious time to get creative. This week in Astrology: January Many people changing careers or the way they work is changing (Grand Mutation); Long-term goals Saturn semisquare Neptune (Jan 20th).
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It will still have to be ratified by both parliaments but the reckoning is that Boris has enough to see it through even if the batshit crazy ERG-ers mount a challenge violently anti-Eu types who really wanted a No Deal fallout. Commentators added below. The announcement chart has a co-operative 7 th house Sun Mercury in an easy trine to Moon Uranus in the friendly, networking 11 th. With both Uranus and Mars hitting on Jupiter Saturn there will be jolts, hitches and glitches along the way.

Two aspects raise more obvious question marks. The other is the dirty-dealing-in-secret Pluto in the 8 th in a frustrating and trapped square to Mars. Luckily the Mars Pluto square is almost exact so although the next few months will be fraught, it may not cause much aggravation beyond that. I take that back — Ursula von Leyen has tr Uranus opposition her Jupiter for a considerable sigh of relief, which she deserves having pushed Barnier aside to take over negotiations.

One of the oddities of his temperament. Add ON : The media as to be expected are split between the contemptuous left-wing and the jubilant right-wing.

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Below thoughts to ponder from various commentators. It is certainly not the easy deal Brexiters blithely predicted.

Manufacturers — face costly extra bureaucracy which is likely to hit exports to Europe. There is even less for the service sector, the engine of the British economy. The price of British sovereignty is essentially the first trade deal designed to reduce access. This — represents a much harder Brexit than even many Leave supporters thought they were voting for in In the long term, however, Britain is weakened.

The UK alone carries less clout in the world. The Union is in great peril. Northern Ireland will look ever more toward the Republic; Scotland appears likely to return the Nationalists to power with their agenda of a second independence referendum.

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Finally shorn of the economic advantages of EU membership, the UK is going to need a more agile and effective leadership than this government has thus far generally shown itself capable of delivering. Britain has finalised its divorce from one of them, leaving it isolated at a time when the path forward seems more perilous than it once did. To have avoided the very worst-case scenario is a pitiful kind of achievement. Mr Johnson deserves no credit for dodging a calamity that loomed so close because he drove so eagerly towards it.

This, too, is intrinsic to his modus operandi. His core skill is getting out of scrapes that his own negligence and recklessness get him into. A vision for post-Brexit Britain, its economy, and its place in the world, have yet to be spelt out. It is far from clear, moreover, that a government that has mishandled much of its response to coronavirus is capable of steering a traumatised country through the extraordinary period of change ahead.

Boris and the Brexiteers broke it — they own it. He was born on 9 July in London no birth time sadly , the son of a Lithuanian Jewish doctor father with his mother being one of the first female surgeons in England. She was one of 18 siblings and he had an extremely large extended family of eminent scientists, physicians and other notable individuals. He was evacuated with his brother when he was six to a boarding school out of London where he remained until , being half-starved and badly treated by a sadistic headmaster.

He had a controlled Sun Pluto in Cancer with his Pluto in a disruptive square to Uranus — not the recipe for a settled life but he had the makings of a breakthrough-researcher. A Saturnine Yod often brings major difficulties initially with low self-esteem and feelings of despair.

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His medical career had a rocky start as he went through periods of self-doubt and he dabbled extensively in recreational drugs. He never married, remained celibate for most of his life though ultimately he settled into a committed partnership with NY Times writer Bill Hayes. Like many genius level thinkers his Neptune is strongly marked — not obvious on his chart without a birth time. None of this is looking favorable for a Trump win and retention in office in November, but stranger things have happened.

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Like But will he keep his job? It involves asteroid Troemper, our celestial referent for The Donald, which at 29 Aries is exactly sextile Damocles at 29 Aquarius, both points inconjunct asteroid Whitehouse at 24 Virgo on the Apex. This depicts the personal Troemper doom hanging overhead Damocles for Trump if he fails in his bid for reelection Whitehouse. So what do you think, faced with this kind of potential catastrophe, a man with no moral compass or ethical underpinning, shameless, ruthless, will do to avoid this fate?

Alex Miller.

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June 8th, at am. Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. The only thing worse than having a lunatic in the White House is having a lunatic with his tiny fingers on the nuclear button.

Two Harmonics pointing to a Trump loss in January 20, 1. Solar Return, Mercury conj Descendant. Remember what Michael Cohen his former attorney said? That is my greatest fear. The other is this—the GOP has hollowed-out just about every federal agency you can name. What happens if a major hurricane hits a major urban area? It will be worse than Katrina. Joe needs to pick a woman running mate, a smart one. Biased much? Yes, there is interference in this election. I am guilty of supporting this previously With the Pluto return to the US chart, we are seeing the destruction of the US and history repeating itself.

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We will likely have a new Constitution as well in the near future and that too will fail. Think Articles of the Confederacy Then we will have another Constitution and possibly a Parliament to represent different groups. However, there will be revolts, economic hardships and internal strife for many years into the future.

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  • This will not end with a Biden win. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning and definitely not an improvement. I am a Democrat and not a Trump supporter, but I will hold my nose and vote for him anyway. I will look at policies and not the individuals involved. I never in a million years thought I would vote for Trump, but he is better than the alternative.

    Having studied traditional astrology for many years not Political Astrology and looking at a strongly probable Biden win, I decided to vote in the best interest of the country. Trump has my vote, if he is still on the ballot. IF and it is an IF. Delete this one too. Sites like this are the reason astrology has never been accepted as a science.

    Thanks Alex for your contributions. Optimistic Astrologer, Sandy Rueve, takes you through the transits of the week.

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