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Baby Names. Find a Large baby list of tamil boys names and tamil Girl names based of tamil culture. Destiny defining yogas for your baby; Career & growth prospects of your baby. Date of Birth. Day, 1, 2, 3, 4 Month, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December​.
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Bhadrapada Ut. Bhadrapada Revati. Monthly Horoscope. Astrology Prediction. To see the list please chick here Here we do suggest a baby name for your baby boy or girl based on your origin. We will calculate baby's moon sign Rashi , birth star Nakshtra , position of Jupitor and the lucky Life number. We will then filter our database based on baby's gender , number , origin , rashi , Nakshtra and position of Jupiter Guru on birth chart.

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This is first time ever on internet where you get customized baby name suggestion for Free. Numerology is used here is followed from famous numerologist ever, Cheiro which is the most effective Name numerology system ever invented. Cheiro numerology defines number from 1 to for each name instead of in other systems and calculated based on all different combinations from 1 to It should be set with silver or Ashta Dhatu. Red Coral for the person born on 9 th , 18 th and27th of any month of the year. The Red Coral is the most beneficial stone for you if you have taken birth on 9 th , 18 th and 27 th of any month of the year.

The number 9 belongs to Mars. Hence, the gemstone Red Coral has been assigned to the planet Mars. Wearing Red Coral can be highly beneficial if you are into the field of defence, military and police department. The Red Coral should be at least 7 carats in weight.

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  • Baby names as per numerology and birthstar based on date of birth.

It will bring more beneficial result if the Red Coral is set with gold. You should wear this gem in ringer finger on Tuesday. You should wear the gems according to the birth chart prepared by the help of Vedic astrology. Sir, my birth date is 8th July Time am place- Anantapur, Andhrapradesh. Sir m suffering from lots of issues in my life related to carrier and relationships.. Sir please advise me that which is best suitable gem stone for me.. Hence, Red Coral is the best suitable gemstone for you. You can wear Ruby along with Red Coral to reap more effective result.

Hello my birthday is November 3, at a.

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Please advise as to what gemstone I should wear? The planet Venus is debilitated in the 12th house and afflicted by malefic Saturn. So, use Diamond or its substitute White Sapphire life time. Thank you very much. Please advise what metal should Diamond be set in? Hi Diamond should be worn in either middle or ring finger of the right hand.

The suitable metal is white gold or silver. Sir, Thank you so much.. Time — pm place -kolhapur, Maharashtra.. Someone suggested her to wear yellow sapphire.. So is dis ri8? Please reply as soon as possible. Hi Siddhartha, you belong to Sagittarius ascendant and Gemini moon sign. This denotes that the Yellow Sapphire is a beneficial stone to you. The best date to wear Pukhraj is 23rd November Hi Siddharth, considering your ascendant as per your date, time and place of birth, you should wear Blue Sapphire Neelam at least 5 carats with silver on Saturday.

Thank u sir My big problem is i have no friend or love partner. Sir, my Birthdate is I am facing hurdles in every field of my life. I am Heena, what should I wear? Hi Heena, I can see your Jupiter Guru is in debilitation weak. The planet Jupiter is Bhagya lord and it is weak. That is why you have been facing hurdles in every sphere of your life. Use Yellow Sapphire with gold in index finger and Moti with silver in ring finger.

Hi, My name is Taimoor Ashiq. My date of birth is october 2nd, Time of birth is , Quetta Pakistan. Can you please suggest right stone? Hi Taimoor, you can go for Blue Sapphire or its substitute Amethyst. The planet Saturn is the lord of 9th and 10th house which is an important house that rules over your profession, career and fortune. So, wearing Blue Sapphire at least 4 carats will be helpful in all respect. MY name is Tarandeep singh bawa Hi Tarandeep Yellow Sapphire is by far the most suitable gemstone for you. It will be higly beneficial as Jupiter is debilitated in the 2nd house. You can also use Tiger Eye.

However, you should not use together with Yellow Sapphire. Use it individually. My birth date is aug time : 9: 42 am , can you sugest me the stone and also will ashtadhatu will be help in my case? Birth place is Chennai , tamilnadu … No luck facing problems whatever i touch. Hi Dinesh, as you are under the Mahadasha of Budh and belong to Virgo ascendant you should wear Green Emerald with gold in little finger. The Lagna lord Mercury is posited in the 12th house that is why you are not getting desirable result. Birthday is 1st December Not sure what time.

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From Philippines. What base from this article I am to wear Ruby. What other stones or material should I combine it with? Hi Glacier, you should use Ruby. It will give more effective result if you wear along with Yellow Sapphire. Hello, my birth date is 1st Oct. Hi Jyotsingh, sorry for the delay.

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You have not provided your time of birth. I recommend you to wear Ruby at least 5 carats with gold in ring finger. Read Sri Suktam every day to get rid of debts.

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Please suggest the best gem stones, which makes me healthy, wealthy and famous. You have already a very powerful horoscope as Sun and Mercury posited in the 10th house. The planet Venus is in own sign in 9th house. Both Mercury and Venus have created Rajayoga. You should use Emerald at least 5 carats with gold in little finger on Wednesday of bright fortnight.

This will help you to remain healthy, wealthy and popular. Hi Srinivasa, wearing Emerald at least 5 carats with gold in little finger will help you to get good health, wealth and fame. Hi Len, your best suitable gemstone is Red Coral.

You can wear along with Yellow Sapphire in order to get more suitable result. Hi Anupam, use Blue Sapphire at least 4 carats with silver on Saturday. You should wear it in the middle finger so as to get success in life. Hi Bharat, use Emerald at least 5 carats with gold in little finger. It will help you to shape your career. Hi Pavan, use Red Coral at least 7 carats with gold on Tuesday. Apart from this, you should also use pearl along with Red Coral to get more effective result. Hello, Please help me out finding the best gemstone.

I am very confused and facing a lot of troubles in my life. Hey Abhinav, you are born with Virgo ascendant.

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The ascendant lord Mercury is afflicted by Saturn. Hence, you have challenges in life. You should wear Emerald 4 carats with gold in ring finger. Sir,please suggest me a gemstone which will solve my career problem as I am really in an ugly situation, also I cannot focus at all. Hi Neil, please share your date of birth, time of birth and place of birth in order to know the correct and suitable gems.