Chevvai dosham in tamil astrology

Chevvai dosham is an important marriage horoscope compatibility factor in Tamil astrology. Tamil astrology recommends that those who appears to have sevvai dosham and sarpa dosham in their jathagam should marry a person having same or similar dosham in his or her Jathagam.
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However, it also makes a person very down to earth. Before proceeding ahead with the Mangal Dosha, let's discuss about planet Mars first:. It has a fighting ability.

Planet Mars or Chevvai

It acts like a soldier. It always wants to hold a gun to shoot somebody at any time due to its fighting behaviour. Mars only wants to keep an eye over his enemies without thinking too much. The reason being, it is considered as aggressive planet. People who are influenced with the Mars nature, they do possess some kind of this traits in their personality. It is also known as "God of War". It is the planet which causes energy, aggression, anger, desires etc into one's life. Mars also represents the attraction between two opposite sexes.

Due to this nature, it plays very prominent role in marriages of people. Though it provides desire and energy within a person, but it can be malefic as well for marital life. It is malefic as it's very cruel planet. It gives fighting ability to the couple which can cause separation and dissatisfaction among them. Hence it plays vital role in kundli matching. You already know how to check if you have Mangal Dosha using our Manglik Dosha calculator given above.

Let's understand what causes it.

Mangal Dosha Calculator: Check Effect & Remedies

If the planet Mars is placed in the 12th house , 1st house, 4th house , 7th house or 8th house from Lagna or Ascendant , then it forms Mangal Dosha in one's Birth Chart. If Mars occupies above houses in one's natal chart, then it will be considered as "High manglik Dosha". If it is occupying these houses in any one of these charts, then it will be considered as "Low Manglik Dosha". Manglik dosha has greater significance at the time of marriage as it is important parameter which needs to be analysed carefully while matching horoscope.

By doing so, compatibility between two partner can be ensured in order to have happy married life. It is believed that if a person has any kind of Manglik Dosha present in his birth chart then he may get unhappiness after marriage. The malefic effects of Mars will be cancelled if planet Mars in your Kundali is being aspected by the benefic planets like Jupiter or Venus.

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Saturn Transit. It is important to examine also from Sukra,he being Kalatra karakan. I agree with what Suvarchas say. But as I said on other occassion unless the full jathakam details are given one would give only an erroneous judgement. Having Mars in the 7th either from Lagna or from Chandran or from Sukran, the interpretation could be different if the said Mars is aspcted by Jupiter or Saturn or by Sun.

So these give rise to literally hundreds of combinations which only a computer so programmed could figure it out. So merely by making a sweeping judgement that Mars in the 7th is dosham to my mind is too drastic. R,Venkatarman Swaminathasharma said:. Hi sir Please post wat is the lagnam first.. Lagnam and positon of chandran is most important for calculation purpose. Hope you understand There is no Chevvai Dosham even though Mars is in the 7th from Chandra lagna as he is in his swaskhetra. Further the 7th house from the Lagna is fortified by the aspect of the most benefic Guru who is also the Lagna Lord and also Saturn from his friend's house.

Further the karaka lord Sukran is also aspected by the same Guru. Hence a happy married life is assured. In my opinion this is a good jathakam. My best wishes to the boy. Chevvai dosham my reply to the query There is no Chevvai Dosham even though Mars is in the 7th from Chandra lagna as he is in his swaskhetra. Thanks for clarifying the doubt about chevvai dosham. The confusion is mainly due different astrologers predicts the same horscope in different way.

Dear Sirs, This day I happend to see a girls profile in a matrimony along with Horoscope.

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But quoted in text as Don't know. They carefully awoided few points and rearraged the Planets. But unable to change the time of birth?? May be skipped. But when an astrologer arraged the hororscope it has High managal dosha. Why the parents of the girls plays like this?? Do they think money alone can rule the family life? May be with money we can buy anything not health, Peace etc.

When will these people reaize this? Vidhya Member. Hello friends, Recently we came to know that my brother has chevvai dosham in his jhadagam. If I attach his jadhagam please can anyone help me out whether his jhadagam really has chevvai dosham or what will will be the parigaram? Thanks in Advance Vidhya. Thanks, Regards, Vidhya.

Regarding Mr Gopinath's jathakam and his sister's query: I would say that Chevvai dosham is there to a very limited extent but he has kalathra dosham but hereagain it is mitigated to some extent by the aspect of Jupiter. So Mz.

7ல் செவ்வாய் இருந்தால் என்ன பலன்

Vidya need not worry much. His lagna is under beneficial aspect of the most benign Jupiter, there is parivarthna of the lords of lagna and the 9th and further he has two philosopical planets in the 9th etc, He has gajakesari yogam,dana yogam, parivarthana yogam etc ensuring a happy comfortable life.

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Yes he definitely would get married may be to a foreign waran he himself could be employed abroad. Therecould be a tendency to become deeply religious in the later period of his life.