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It means 11 million copies of the album has been shifted to record stores. Just scroll down to the bottom of that page, and you'll find a pdf file there. It seems that this time they really do have people working closing for the site, instead of only making updates whenever Sony announces any confirmed news of Celine. Hope they can maintain this from now on! From today's update of the site, we get to know it's Celine's sister and godmother, Claudette's birthday today! Happy Birthday Claudette! Since , he has now sold more than 60 million of albums.

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For the original article in French, click here! You can hear the song when you visit Mike Brant official site. The song will be played at the back. Go to www. Updated on Dec 8 So far, Celinedion. Yesterday, it had an "On this day" update, telling in of yesterday, Celine won some Billboard Awards. Then today, it has an update about the construction of the theatre at Caesar's Palace. The spectacular theatrical presentation has been created by Franco Dragone.

Rene also has a small pic on the cover of Echos Vedettes. It's about Rene becoming a grandfather again. Patrick has just become a father too. Wow, this year surely is a baby year for the Angelil family.

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A total of 3 baby members added to the family this year. Also a baby year for the music industry too, besides Celine, Shania Twain, Toni Braxton, and Faith Hill have all gave birth this year, and the latter two just gave birth in this week! Site and Lorena Sweet Celine Website for the pic! You can continue to vote at this page! Site and Lorena Sweet Celine Website for the info! On Jam! Music, the polling question of today is "Celine is making her return to the music scene, and releasing an album in March of next year. What do you think of this? Music on Celine's return.

This article is even more in-depth with comments from various industry insiders commenting whether Celine's disapprearance from the music scene and choice of abandoning tour would actually help or hurt Celine's career. Click here to read! A revision on Dec 1st's news update. Changes are in "Italics". It says Celine's new disc will come out on March 5th, Sony Canada has confirmed the new disc will come out next Spring, and the title is still not yet determined. It's a pic inside the 7 Jours Magazine.

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It's a pic taken from Garou's concert, which Celine has suddenly been asked to sing with Garou during the concert. In Swiss, it drops down one spot to They should be available in stores now!

Thanks James, Pandora, and Tom for the info! Current members of the club will automatically be transfered as member of Team Celine. More special offeres will be available to members too. The letter also says that the new Celinedion. To read the entire letter, please go to the On Tour With Celine site. She and Rene will be celebrating with people for the midnight super at Mirage golf club. It will be the first time in 4 years all the family members get together. Celine will have a chef to prepare the refreshments. You can read the original French article here! Today, I finally found out for sure the source of this rumour.

This article talks about how Stockholm has been a hotbed of pop songwriting and producing in recent years. One of the section in the article talks about Murlyn Music Group the company that has 38 writers and producers, including Max Martin.

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That's because on June 19th this year, hollywoodreporter. So, "Sorry for you love" may be the result. Since Billboard Magazine is a reliable source, we can definitely count on this info. Celine and Garou will be appearing in the program, among other guests. In Belgium, the single also remains at 1 on Top 20 French single chart, and 2 on Top 40 single chart.

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In Netherlands, the single rises from 86 to On the Quebec radio station, Rock-Detente, the song finally rises up to 1 from 3. On Radio Energie's chart, the song drops down to 2 from 1. They sound weird, but you can listen to them here. Click here! However, the article says that they have just been released.

Thanks Tom for the pic and info! The LPs that he offers are: 1. La Voix Du Bon Dieu 2. Les Chemins De Ma Maison 4. En Concert 6. Tellement J'ai D'amour 7. Chants Et Contes De Noel 8. C'est Pour Toi He's willing to sell the entire collection for? If you are interested or want more info, you can email him: darren. Updated on Nov 23 Few Celine fans have sent me emails, explained to me how the news of the new release date of the new album came out.

Click here for more info! Thanks Dennis again for the info!

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