Leo horoscope for week of february 19 2021

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But, first, of course, you have to prove yourself, and that could take some doing.

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Gemini: A potent gathering of powerful planets urges you to sort out fundamentals, but also to do things in your way. Children and other relations should therefore fall into line. Cancer: You do have a lot to learn at the moment.

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In fact, the whole of the coming few months should see you acquiring new skills and experience. Even a romantic encounter will teach you more about love. LEO July 24 — Aug Leo: Little by little, planetary pressure is easing.

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What a relief. As the celestial tension lifts, you will be able to stand aside and allow other people to take over where you left off.

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Libra: The Moon is still on your side. You may therefore expect to get your own way.

You can, if you wish, imitate the somewhat bossy qualities of your opposite sign, Aries. You may reveal a secret, or at the very least share some private information. You will gain credit for your behaviour, even if you have to make one or two sacrifices along the way. Zodiac sign Capricorn Jan 21 - Feb 19, Zodiac sign Aquarius Feb 20 - Mar 20, Zodiac sign Pisces Mar 21 - Apr 20, Zodiac sign Aries Apr 21 - May 20, Zodiac sign Taurus May 21 - Jun 21, Zodiac sign Gemini Jun 22 - Jul 22, Zodiac sign Cancer Jul 23 - Aug 23, Zodiac sign Leo Aug 24 - Sep 23,