Libra weekly 22 to 0 tarot reading february 2021

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Weekly forecasts — Hare in The Moon

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Monthly Horoscopes You may plan a travel to see a distant relative. Parents are likely to support your vision to establish something different. Mutual attraction is likely to make the love front exciting. Adequate measures keep you unscathed despite changing weather. You are set to shine on the business front.

Libra december 2020 horoscope

Awards or accolades for writers, artists or researchers are foreseen. Lovers may plan to take their relationship to the next level.

A loan is likely to approved in your name. A positive mind and soul are likely to keep you in good health. Words of praise are likely to add to your reputation on the social front.

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Renovating a house or a floor may be on your mind. An urgent work related travel may be required over the weekend. Students preparing for competitive exams are likely to put in their best. Pending jobs on the work front get sorted with the help from a colleague. A small tweak in the work out schedule is likely to relax your body. An increment in savings is foreseen but now it is time to plan ways to multiply your assets. Family is likely to encourage your ideas to expand business. Love life rocks giving you an opportunity to express yourself more comfortably. A prestigious assignment is likely to come to you on the work front.

Search for a commercial property comes to an end as you manage to find something of your choice. An outstanding payment is likely to come to you strengthening your bank balance. An out of town trip with friends or family is much indicated. Your advice may be much sought after on the social front. Manisha Koushik is a renowed tarot card reader and astrologer.

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    We are bearing witness to an era of change; the world is teetering on the brink, and everything we thought was permanent and unshakable has turned out not to be. What else lies ahead? It is impossible to separate the events of and These are years of major shifts, with an effect on each country, each home, and each individual. The first conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter in the air element will take place in Aquarius.

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    This extremely significant event will literally take place as becomes on December 25, The Age of Aquarius is very long, lasting 2, years. This transition period from one age to another can last a long time. Many astrologists believe that it will last at least years. The last 20 years have been turbulent- they were vital preparation for the adoption of new rules for a new era. All of this means that is the last year of the outgoing Age of Pisces, and is the first year of the Age of Aquarius. Shifting eras is always linked with global shocks, crises of civilization, and economic and cultural revolutions, as well as a new perspective on religious teachings.

    Even the climate usually undergoes major changes. The second most important astrological phenomenon is conflict between Saturn and Uranus, which will continue throughout Saturn will square Uranus several times in — we can divide them into the following periods: January-March, May-the first half of July, December January During these periods, we can expect many problems to rear their heads. It is hard to say exactly how this will influence each individual person as part of a general prediction — everything depends on your personal data, though, generally speaking, I can say that we will see the following trends in during these periods of First of all, we can expect the economic crisis to expand in scope.

    Many people will lose their jobs, and companies will go bankrupt.

    Libra Monthly Horoscope

    In many countries, we will see social breakdown. People will organize strikes and demonstrations, and the overarching theme will be their discontent with authorities and the current order. We will see confrontation between society and power structures. For individuals, problems that began in or will continue, though this time, things may worsen. Remember — a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The climate may undergo significant changes- flooding and forest fires will cause extensive damage. Large-scale migrations will be the result.