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Vægten (Libra) er det syvende stjernetegn i dyrekredsen. Tegnet ligger mellem Jomfruen og Skorpionen Solen bevæger sig siderisk igennem Vægten fra først i.
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In the past, we have made a few videos together about Christ consciousness. And even though the message Kenneth has made has been very beautiful and meaningful it has happened that I have received inappropriate laugh cramps. When he talks about this, he turns into a priest. There's nothing wrong with being a priest, but it's just a different role than what I'm used to seeing him in. This time I share a text from what he has said earlier about Christ consciousness. There are two different ways to understand Christ consciousness.

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One is looking at Jesus's life as it played out in the gospels. He bore Christ consciousness through his actions and the life he lived on earth. But there is another and equally important aspect of Christ consciousness, and that is that it is born every year in the hearts of us all here at Christmas time.

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At the equinox, the sun enters its sign. Nine months later we reach the winter solstice where the sun enters Capricorn's sign. Which is the time for a pregnancy. The ideas we get at the equinox can now be born in our hearts at Christmas time. We thus have an annual cycle that gives birth to Christ consciousness within ourselves.

Something that makes it relevant to go deep inward this time of year, and tune into the love that is in our hearts and that Christ is a representative of. What is Christ consciousness?

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We can say that the core of Christianity is love God with all your heart and with all your soul. Love your neighbor or your fellow human as yourself. When we look at what Jesus was like, we see that He showed love to everyone, not just to the rich or important. But he showed a love that also embraced the most outcasts. It can show us that Christ consciousness is an all-encompassing love that holds everything and tolerates everything. Jesus pointed out how important our fellow human being is. In our fellow man lives God or Christ.

What lies in Christmas's message is among other things compassion and mercy and that we should take care of all people. May it be born in your heart, and fill you up with love. Remember that this also includes loving all sides of ourselves. We all have parts of ourselves that are outcast and that we are not particularly happy about. This love can help us accommodate these pages too and bring them home.

Wish you a very merry Christmas Eve and romjul dear you! May the Christmas peace fall down and the Christmas spirit fill you with a childish joy. At the same time we don't need to have expectations that Christmas needs to be perfect. Many are also going through a difficult time and if this is you I send you a lot of compassion.

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Thanks to everyone who has followed the Christmas calendar. Thank you for all your dedication. Know I haven't been able to respond to all comments lately, but know everyone is read and appreciated. If you have a birthday in the next month, you are born in Capricorn's own. If so happy birthday to you!

All this month the sun will go through the sign of Capricorn. This means that we are all affected by Capricorn's qualities regardless of signs during this period. We can therefore connect on more flow in our lives by knowingly connecting with Capricorn's qualities. Use your intuition and feel what is relevant to you in connection with Capricorn.

Capricorn's sign is also associated with the planet Saturn. We all have Saturn in our horoscope. Saturn presents your inner authority. In other words, you also have this archetype or influence in you that is about how you live out your inner authority. If you know astrology, do you know what sign you have Saturn?

Vannmannen horoskop – AQUARIUS

Mine is in the virgin. What can Capricorn teach us and what you can focus on this month: It helps you find a moral and an internal compass that you can navigate and make choices from the basis of It helps you to own more of your own authority, ie it helps you to become even more the leader in your own life. You can ask others for advice, but you make your own decisions based on your truth. It helps you to have a healthy structure in your life, so your life is well functioning without you getting rigid. It helps you to trust healthy authorities while listening to yourself It helps you to honor those who have gone before you, to bring good traditions further and to become more aware of your history.

It helps you set healthy boundaries Wishing you a lovely December and little Christmas Eve dear! Yesterday we had the winter solstice, and the sun went into Capricorn's sign. This means that the entire next month will be influenced by Capricorn's qualities. In this year's cycle, the winter solstice corresponds to the new moon in the lunar cycle.

After a new moon, we are slowly beginning to shimmer a little more of the light from the moon with each passing night. Similarly, our days are now starting and the softly getting more light.

It will be like a journey up again from the underworld up to the light. We are still in the dark, but we are starting an ascension. Yesterday Kenneth and I made a video and meditation about the meeting between Jupiter and Saturn. Maybe you got it with you yesterday? And if not you get the opportunity today. We still have high-potent days in connection with this meeting. Have you noticed anything?

And have you done something to mark this yet? We start with about 20 minutes long conversation. Then we guide a meditation. Remember that you can do the meditation as many times as you want. The video is now the penultimate post on this page.

De 25 Runer og deres betydning

I'll also add the link in the comments. Wish you an evocative and happy December dear! But the effect lasts for a long time afterwards.