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By using our website, you agree to our use of cookies. Unless you want a repeat performance. Venus retro has you looking back at your love history to unlock your love future. Also, in your 1 st it can see you making changes to your appearance, image or style.

That theme of the phoenix rising includes a rebirth of you on a physical level. This one in your 11 th which as well as your friends and connections, rules your goals and your future. Mars which governs passion and action, also makes a rare retrograde in here from September You may become suddenly aware that a group or social scene has lost its lustre.

When it comes to those goals — did you lose interest or simply lose hope? Has someone been instrumental in this? Dampening your dreams for example? They want us to stay down in the ashes with them. This is all about reclaiming your passion about your future. No more mehs. Mars retro asks you what fires you up about your future? You need passion- not ambivalence. If a goal no longer ignites your soul — you need a new one.

If friends or other contacts are demolishing your dreams instead of supporting them — you need a fresh support network. If you let go of something that represented a deep desire within you — reclaim it between September and November 14 when Mars heads direct again. The year long themes around sharing and partnership matters culminate in December with a total solar eclipse in your 7 th on December This day also sees ruler Mercury in here opposing the North Node in your 1 st. You and another are about to come full circle. This also includes business partners, close friends or even that enemy, rival or opponent.

Eclipses conceal. Total eclipses mean we are utterly in the dark.

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In your 7 th this relates to someone opposite you. Now, draw on that and wait for revelations. This can even be around a new relationship beginning which you may not see yet. With the Nodes involved it is also about timing. Solutions and opportunities which solve your security vs. Jupiter enters its ruling 9 th on December 19 opening doors to travel, learning, expansion and banishing doubts around whatever still holds you back. Saturn in your 9 th can have you seeing the world in very black and white terms. Jupiter now adds all the 50 shades and more in between.

And in demanding your fair share of anything from money to love, Gemini. In a nutshell: Time to claim your power. Opportunities arrive for you to transcend anything that holds you back from achieving your true potential. And that includes love for you in Cancer Yearly Forecast And our understanding of ourselves.

Your 7 th is a house of both attraction and reflection. The opposite number reflects back at us an aspect of ourselves. This has especially applied to you thanks to the presence of the South Node in here. This rules cycles that repeat until we understand the lesson and step free. Usually by changing something about ourselves rather than trying to change the world. Or in the case of your 7 th — the other party. Saturn also in this house rules timing and karma. It tells us there is serious work to do in a particular area of our lives.

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Hence the heavy weather feeling around relationships which peaks in January. The thing to realise is that Saturn is simply too big to push around. Resistance is futile under Saturn. Saturn can however reward like no other planet when we work within the structure symbolised by its rings. Or remove it.

Pluto also in your 7 th rules transformation, sex, endings and rebirth. So what you can expect as begins is a major restructuring around a key relationship be this a marriage or love connection or even a business one. This is also about status.

Yours or your partners. Or potential partners. This 7 th house weather is about to peak in a way you have never experienced before — nor will again. Decisions can be made around key connections which transform the relationship, yourself and the other person. Or something shifts and begins which hands you this potential. Jan 12 sees Mercury, Saturn, Pluto and Ceres all meet.

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Both Pluto and Ceres rule power in their own way. For some of you, this could result as just that — an in-law clash or the realisation an in-law is calling the shots on your relationship. Others could experience status shifting changes within a close union. Going from married to separated, single to settled for example. Promotions, demotions, moves and becoming aware of seismic shifts within you that impact on your closest ties and what you need. Whatever occurs in January paves the way for a bigger kind of love experience.

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We tend to think of the 7 th as about partners. If you want changes to outer relationships, begin with the one with yourself. Shower yourself with self-love no matter what your partnership situation is or is evolving into. Feeling confident in this, stable in your commitment to yourself translates simply into confidence in your relationship decisions for the coming year.