Leo march 5 weekly horoscope

WEEK OF December 21 - 2 7, Holiday treats may tempt you at every turn, but how about being a healthy hedonist? This Monday.
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As Mercury retrograde continues this week, you are inspired to get back to the book-a-week challenge you gave yourself at the top of the year. You want to finish 52 books. Or Or at least five? On the 4th, take yourself on a date to the library. Or even better, join a book club.


On the 3rd, you get wonderful news about a contract, so make sure you celebrate! You are so humble about your achievements, but this is the moment to brag!

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Invite the whole crew out for happy hour and let your acquaintance from marketing buy you a negroni. Hanging out may become a weekly routine. Luckily on the 4th, the focus shifts from your money to your commitments. Someone who was once your guiding light or at least emergency contact really needs your help. You should drop everything to be there. As Venus enters your public-image sector on the same day, you are being called to lead with grace.

Start setting your own example. Luckily for you, for the next month money easily flows in your direction. Invite over your BFF and go through your closet together. In fact, on the 4th, you may find the same thing for way less money at a store in the neighborhood. Skip the online purchases and keep it local. This week is all about owning your pleasures and living in confidence. On the 3rd, you receive compliment after compliment on your complexion. Laughter really is the best medicine. Throughout the end of the week, you find that tough emails are written best from your couch.

Try to work from home. Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram , jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.

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You are not currently subscribed. It appears your Facebook email address is not subscribed to PureWow. Please indicate how you like to proceed:. I am not currently subscribed to PureWow. I am already subscribed to PureWow. Please log in to your account. Like What You See? An image update boosts confidence. Faced with the choice of work or play - this week, the pursuit of pleasure wins hands down. You look ready to cut loose, and in the best of ways.

You can also expect a small shower of gifts or material gain. A fabulous way to end what was a difficult year.

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Surrender the sterner stuff to the past year and indulge the new year festivities. If love has been under lock and key, Venus declares an amnesty. Free up and unwind, Leo.

Look forward to renewed joy with family or an estranged friend - the divide might not be as great as you think. Many Virgos have recently found a new kind of success and attention - but now that all the hard work is done, you should also take some time for play. Just aim for a better financial game plan later in January.

Welcome to a energetic week.

Your Weekly Horoscope: March 5 - 11

Others might ease off, but Librans are still happy to embrace extra work if they need to. No one can accuse you of not pulling your weight. Perhaps a pay increase, or a small cash bonus? Many Scorpios also seem to be back in touch with every friend on the planet. Singles may find romance through family connections. End of year fun follows. This week brings a chance to do something very different. Many Capricorns can expect a little extra cash and more variety in their lives.

Changes at home also keep you on your toes. Well, it is the festive season, after all. Relationships, career or finances may have suffered a severe reality check this past year. Looking back, though, you recognise that each challenge has been a valuable lesson learned. As a reward, the cosmos sets about restoring considerably more than was forfeited.