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Any planet placed in 3rd or 8th house in any divisional chart causes death like effects during his Dasa or Bhaukti.

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To spouse in Navamsa To profession in Dasamsa like retirement or resignation The results of Vargottam planets are always good. The results of Vargottam planets as per different astrological texts are as under:Saravali — Good Results Chandrakalanadi — Results of Rajyoga and enjoyment Phaladipika — Results as if planet is placed in own sign Let us now see how various divisional charts are cast and what are the principles of interpretation of some of the important divisional charts.

Principles of interpretation of Hora chart: 1. Jupiter, Sun and Mars give pronounced effects in Hora of Sun. Mercury is equally effective in both Horas. In case of even Rasi, the Hora of Moon with be powerful.

The effect due to a Hora will be derived fully if planet is in the first one-third part of Hora. The effect will be medium or nil according to the placement being in second or third part of Hora. During operational period of planets placed in Hora of Sun, a native earns and accumulates wealth by own efforts. During the planets placed in Hora of Moon, earning and accumulation of wealth comes natural i. Dasamamsa chart can pinpoint factors causing delays and temporary disappointments in profession.

Principles of Interpretation of Dasamamsa Chart. In Dasamamsa Lagna assumes a tremendous significance. If Lagna is aspected by benefics, it becomes strong, then it may be presumed that career of the native stands on a good foundation provided, of course, Lagna chart does not tell altogether different results.

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If powerful Sun is posited in upachaya houses aspected by Jupiter, native is likely to get recognition and eminence in career. If Dasa lord is strong in lagna chart and poised to give good results but lacks adequate strength in Dasamamsa, such Dasa lord may create uncertainties, under critical sub — periods. A sub dasa lord unfavourably placed in Dasamamsa from Dasa lord and afflicted with malefics may even temporarily hold up anticipated results. If there is no planet in tenth house in Dasamamsa, then its lord during its ruling period will confer honour to the native.

Divisional charts come to our rescue by isolating each aspect of life from those governed by a house. The study and analysis of Divisional charts serve the following purposes: 1. To have an assessment about the strength of each planet by studying its placement in various divisions. Thus liability and asset of each planet is known which adds accuracy to astrological predictions. To identify the results of a particular aspect of life. This is done by studying the concerned house in birth chart along with relevant divisional chart.

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Each astrological text enumerates number of divisional charts. However out of these sixteen divisional charts are considered relevant to important aspects of life and a learned Vedic astrologer takes cognizance of these. These are known as sixteen Divisional charts or Shodasvargas. The details of these charts are as under: S. Name of Divisional Chart Parts of a sign Aspects of life to be studied 1.

Dwadas-Navamsa, are the two methods of chart construction , Chandra-Kala Amsa Other systems: There are other totally different Varga Charts based on other criteria. Example — Astakavarga: The Varga charts constructed on the basis of the contribution of Rekha[22] and Bindu[23] by the eight factors Lagna and seven planets from Sun to Saturn.

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Getting accustomed to the verbiage helps in understanding and using the system. Amsa means portion and generally refers to the division of a sign. It also refers to individual D-charts when used in conjunction with the reference to the division. Any planet that brings about an association between the Lagna, Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna by ownership, placement or aspect is termed a Yogada.

Subhapati: Subha means benefic and specifically refers to the Moon, as it is the sustainer of this life. Subhapati is the dispositor of the Moon and its dignity in the various divisional charts is examined to determine the health and longevity of the native. If the Subhapati aspects or conjoins the Lagna or Atmakaraka, it is elevated to the position of a Kevala.

Karya Rasi is the house, which is the center of focus of the activity related to a Divisional chart. A D-chart may have many important houses like a Dasamsa where the sixth house is examined for service related matters or the seventh house is examined for business, but the focus is the tenth house and for the Dasamsa, the tenth house is the Karya Rasi.

The Lord of the Karya Rasi in the Rasi Chart should be well placed in the concerned divisional chart for the activity Karya to prosper. Karyesh is the significator of the Karya activity and will vary from one chart to another depending on the activity involved. For example, in the Dasamsa profession a person can have many Karyesh depending on the activities he is involved in. As an example let us consider President Bill Clinton.

He is a politician and also a lawyer. The Karyesh for politics is the Sun note — Moon is for Bureaucracy and that for a legal profession is Jupiter. Depending on the placement and strength of these planets in the Dasamsa, the rise or fall or changes in career can be studied and predicted. Karaka means significator and are classified into the three categories of Naisargika, Chara and Sthira karaka.

The second cycle or first harmonic rules over the conscious plane. Technically it covers charts D to D, but Parasara has restricted the scope to the three primary areas of mental activity namely Shodasamsa or Kalamsa D ruling over matters of general mental happiness, luxuries, vehicles etc; Vimsamsa D wherein spiritualism, occult studies etc are examined and Chaturvimsamsa D for all kinds of learning which is actually considered a heritage from the society.

The third cycle or second harmonic rules over the sub-conscious plane covering charts D to D For example if the Moon is exalted and placed in a quadrant in the D Chart, we can infer that the native is mentally very strong. A weak Mercury in this chart can show speaking disorders or a weak speech.


The fourth cycle or third harmonic rules over the super-conscious plane covering charts D to D The fifth cycle or fourth harmonic rules the supra-conscious plane covering the charts D to D At this level, the heritage equivalent of D12 of the karma from past births is relevant and the Shastyamsa D Chart is vital. Parasara gives the highest weightage to this chart in the Shodasavarga scheme.

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General Principles For Analyzing Divisional Charts: Some basic concepts about divisional charts should be clearly understood before making use of these charts in making predictions. These are as under: These charts are not independent charts like ascendant chart.

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An event can take place only when there is an 1. Event cannot be predicted based on divisional charts alone. To know about any particular aspect of life, concerned house in ascendant chart is to be examined in detail. This will include the planets associated with that house, the position of lord and significator of that house. In case any event is indicated by examining that house, the same is to be confirmed through study of relevant divisional chart.

If event is not indicated by the study of concerned house, the study of relevant divisional chart may not serve any 2. A planet posited in the same sign both in ascendant chart and in any divisional chart is called a Vargottam planet with reference to that divisional chart.

The results of Vargottam planet are always good. Says that results of a Vargottam planet are the same as if planet is placed in its own sign. However it is to be kept in mind that ascendant chart is indicative of the basic strength of a planet. Therefore if a planet is very weak in ascendant chart it cannot suddenly act in the above manner by being Varottam.

A planet becomes powerful if it is exalted, situated in its own sign or possesses Directional strength in divisional 4. In divisional charts planets in 4th, 7th and 10th houses give very good results. Any planet placed in 3rd, 8th and 12th houses in divisional charts can cause disaster to the relevant aspect of life when periods of such planets are under operation. Even exalted planets posited in these houses become 6. It is absolutely necessary for ascendant of divisional chart to be strong if one wants to enjoy aspect of life relevant 7.

Benefic planets on both sides of ascendant in a divisional chart increase good effects of that aspect of life.