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In Vedic astrology, Birthstar is known as Janma Nakshatra or only Nakshatra. Birthstar is the name of the constellation in which the Moon was located at the time.
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    The Moon takes approximately Hence, a birth star of an individual is calculated based on the position of the Moon in the stars, at the time of birth.

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    • Nakshatra Calculator| Find Your Birth Star & Rashi By Date of Birth.

    The 27 stars are grouped under the 12 zodiac signs, with some Nakshatras entirely in a zodiac sign, and certain stars bridging two zodiac signs. Each Nakshatra has its presiding deity, ruling planet and specific energies, which play a major role in deciding the characteristics and basic nature of an individual.

    Enter your birth details to know your birth star or that of your loved ones.

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    This nakshatra finder or nakshatra calculator helps you find your janma nakshatra. Please enter exact time and place of birth for accurate result.

    Given below is the Janma Nakshatra and other astrology related information for today, December 25, Bharani is classified as Madhyaksha Nakshatra. It is very difficult to get back any lost articles for people born in any of the nakshatra under Madhyaksha. The Nakshatras are classified into Andhandha Andhaksha , Madhyandha Madhyaksha , Mandhandha Mandaksha and Sulochana Swaksha Nakshatras based on the return of stolen or lost valuables, goods etc.

    Nakshatra or the Birth Star is an important element of Indian vedic astrology. There are 28 nakshatras , however only 27 nakshatras are considered for calculations.

    Janma Nakshatra Calculator