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No one is judging you but yourself. You got this! All of your joint energy will ignite prophetic realizations within.

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Who knows? You may even choose to start a business together where you lean into the joint clairvoyant energy to expose the real tea. Think of yourselves as magical Nancy Drews. Doing a deep social media cleanse will not only refresh the vibe on your feed, but it will only put you in contact with those you really care about and talk to often. Before you apply for the position, make sure that you really want to work for the company that is hiring. Check if their mission statement and reputation aligns with your ideals.

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Ask a lot during the Q and A part of the meeting to see if this company is a match, You may not choose to intern there, but you can use the interview process as a learning experience. Time to face facts, Cancer! Instead of running away from your gut feelings, try embracing them. When you stop ignoring the intuitive parts within yourself, you will find that you are able to make amazing decisions in life. Your organizational skills may come in handy; take the reins if need be. Remember to maintain your boundaries on more personal issues if you want a certain relationship to stay platonic.

Your financial sector is highlighted from Monday, so give it some focus. Remember that changing times create opportunity so take stock. Venus, the planet of love and abundance, is in your sign for the next month, dialing up your style, outlook, and interest in connecting with people. The perfect time to update headshots, do an all-out photo shoot, or match Xmas knits for a fun group shot.

Foray forward on your personal trajectory and put any setbacks behind you. The pressure is lifting, so make the most of opportunities and be present with yourself.

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Over the next month, take downtime when you need it. Reflect on your career triumphs and trials, friends, and growth. Shake it off so you can settle in with yourself and recenter. Drop into your body or transcend through music, meditation, and generally finding your zen.

Experiment with frequency and vibration with a Tibetan singing bowl, crystal bowl, or toning with your voice and feeling it in the head, body, and energy field radiating around you.

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This week connect with friends, groups, and people you may have been too busy to catch up with due to the end-of-year work or community commitments. If you have the opportunity to attend something out of your usual track, take up the opportunity, IRL, virtual, or whichever way it presents.

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  5. Her motto: Free your mind, own your power, create your world. By Georgina Ki m. By Perrie Samoti n. By Erin Reime l. By Whitney Perry. Buy Now. Topics horoscopes zodiac signs. You might address certain home repairs. Family discussions will be important. Quite likely, you will feel more peaceful and appreciative of your surroundings.

    You will feel gratitude. Meanwhile, this important conjunction mentioned in All Signs above might lead to a more rewarding relationship with your kids. It will also encourage you to value your creative talents. For different reasons some of them quite obvious at this time of year you're ready to swing into action! The next four weeks will be busy because your schedule will be full of appointments, errands, time spent with siblings and work plus increased studying, reading and writing.

    You have much to do! If you can, you will also travel or take short trips. The good news is you will attract money to you.

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    You might get a raise or boost your earnings. You also want to spend money on beautiful things for yourself and loved ones.

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    The great conjunction mentioned in All Signs above will bring about improvements to family and home. Whatever happens will please you. You're going to give more thought to cash flow, money and earnings in the next four weeks - definitely. Many of you will have excellent moneymaking ideas. Furthermore, with Venus in your sign, you will be charming and diplomatic with everyone. This will also be a time where you will enjoy playful banter with your kids, sports and competitive activities.

    The great conjunction mentioned in All Signs above is a signal that you're heading into a year full of change - but it's positive change. You will find that you are more confident and "thinking big", which is what you like to do. You were born for big ideas - and you know it. This is your hour. The Sun is now in your sign where it will stay for the next four weeks giving you a chance to recharge your batteries for the rest of the year.

    You are going to feel fulfilled, regenerated and rejuvenated! Others will notice you. In fact, you will attract people and favourable situations to you. Secret love affairs are taking place for some of you. Some stress on the home front is likely due to some kind of chaos.

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    Meanwhile, your financial fortunes are getting ready to improve. Oh yes, you are going to get richer in the coming year! Music to your years because all Capricorns like to think they have a secure old age. Why not a secure young one? Your personal year is ending very soon; however, your new year has not yet begun until your birthday arrives. That's why you are in a state of limbo for the next four weeks. Many of you will choose to play things low-key and hide behind the scenes. Others will get cozy with friends, clubs and organizations.

    Despite your low-key approach, your communications with others will be direct and strong. That is one thing for sure. Meanwhile, the great conjunction mentioned in All Signs above happens in your sign! This means you're moving into a new area where you will feel more relevant. You will feel people understand you and in turn, you understand what's going on.

    How refreshing!