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Scorpios are naturally intuitive and can read a person quite quickly from first impressions. However, their relationships can be a bit like a roller-coaster ride, and very stormy if jealousy and suspicion creep in.

If they continually let their old enemies, jealousy and suspicion in the door, there is bound to be trouble. They need to learn to trust their partner and this is not always an easy task for the Scorpio. They can be a little heavy-handed when it comes to discipline, which will obviously cause problems. They need to lighten up a little and not be so hard on their kids. They have to remind themselves to have fun with their children as they can be a little too serious around them.

They love their children deeply, but can get very angry and explosive if their children have the audacity to go against them, or challenge their authority.

Scorpios love to work and can have very successful careers. They can get overly involved though with a tendency to become workaholics.

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They love to work in an environment where they can use their imagination to its best. Due to their excessive mental and physical energy they can excel in their chosen careers, and make big money in the process.

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Boredom however can set in, so a job of routine and repetition will leave them frustrated, and with too much pent-up energy. However, they do have an eye for detail and do very well in the police force or detective work. On the flip side they also have the makings of a successful criminal. Careers related to Scorpios other than police work are mining, engineering, wine trade, surgeons and psychiatrists. That is the hope and renewal of life that shines through in the Death card: the call from Spirit toward a higher purpose.

And yet through that same gate, the Lord of Chaos comes. To accept the first, you must accept the other. Chaos triggers fear and uncertainty, which is why the passage from death to life, from cessation to new beginning is a daunting one.

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The call to action of the Death card is the awakening of the shaman. Halloween, which happens to fall within the season of Scorpio, is a time when those among us most full of life—our children—wander the neighborhood as ghosts and supernatural creatures, a playful reminder of the thinning veil between the realms of the living and the undead.

It is the time of Samhain, a holiday celebrated in many pagan traditions, when requiems and services for the dead are held. And yet it is also a celebration of a New Year.

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Samhain is winter setting in, and it is also about life. The slaughtered animals were honored with ceremony, and death was venerated for its role in preserving life. That is the story of the Death card. Key 12 in tarot, preceding Death, is The Hanged Man, the card of sacrifice, but a sacrifice that yields to a higher purpose.

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In the Death card, cessation gives way to transformation, which allows your passage from the lower to the higher, to ascend to that higher purpose Spirit has called upon you to serve. That is when and why the Death card appears in your reading.

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Note how the theme of life streaming from lower to higher recurs in the next card of the Major Arcana, Key Temperance. The Grim Reaper was the leader among ghosts. Samhain and this time of the year when a seasonal chill sets in is the time for introspection and family. Tarot, astrology, mysticism, and Kabbalah, which may still be practiced in twisted and corrupted means today, was never condemned until man did so, because of the use of it by minor powers.

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