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The planetary rulers of Scorpio are Pluto , which represents rebirth and transformation, and Mars , with keywords energy and passion.

Scorpio & Horoscope

Another symbol for Scorpio is the Eagle, symbolizing courage and power, clear vision, and intelligence. There are four signs in the fixed family: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

14 Reasons Why Scorpio Is The Most Powerful Sign Of The Zodiac

While a sign shares an element and a modality with other signs, each sign has a unique combination of element and modality. For Scorpio, this is Fixed Water. The glyph for Pluto combines the circle spirit over the crescent receptivity and the cross matter. The constellation of Scorpius is depicted in square eight in the grid above. The metals associated with Scorpio are steel depicted above and iron. There are several gemstones associated with the sign of Scorpio: the opal pictured in the grid above and representing faithfulness and confidence , the blood red carnelian , and topaz are some.

Scorpio is connected to the blackthorn tree. Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac and is associated with the eighth house. Lucky days are 9, 18, and Lucky years are , , , , , , , and Scorpio is considered a negatively-charged, feminine, yin, or receptive sign along with Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, and Pisces. Scorpio is considered intense, willful, determined, magnetic, persuasive, masterful, thorough, persistent, and perceptive. They are champions of the oppressed, afraid of little, and brilliant investigators and psychologists.

The parts of the body or anatomy associated with Scorpio are the reproductive organs, colon, rectum, and genitals. Surgery and transplants are connected with the sign. Regarding health , problems associated with Scorpio are reproductive in nature, malignancies, and abscesses.

Scorpio Symbol

While Scorpio appreciates confidence in others, they dislike those who act superior. Scorpio also dislikes indifference, lack of accountability, and dishonesty. Where you find Scorpio in the natal chart , Solar Return chart, progressed chart, or event chart, you feel strongly, tend to dwell, focus, or specialize, hold on tightly, hold secrets, and understand deeply.

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Cafe Astrology. Scorpio: Flowers. The flowers associated with the sign of Scorpio are the chrysanthemum depicted symbolizing optimism and fidelity, the geranium , and the rhododendron. Scorpio: Glyph. The curves of Scorpio's glyph symbolize the grounded nature of the sign, ending in an upward-turned arrow, symbolizing the need for action and the striving for something higher.

Scorpio Symbols

Unlike the Mars ruling Aries, who will confront someone and go toe to toe with them in order to settle a disagreement, the Scorpio will wait for years if need be until their prey is in a vulnerable position, and use the element of surprise when confronting the enemy. They, however, are also loving, sensitive, patient, protective, and loyal to their loved ones.

A Scorpio is a great friend to have for they are secretive and can keep secrets well; but never make enemies with one. In addition to the symbols, Scorpio has two ruling planets instead of just one. Pluto represents life, death, and regeneration. The Spider The spider is the lowest on the evolutionary scale.

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Most spiders are children, some spoiled and some downright mean. Many Scorpions often skip over this symbol depending on their upbringing and environment.

In other words, the parents can stop this symbol from emerging. The Scorpion The scorpion is the well known symbol of a Scorpio; primarily because of the constellation and, obviously, the name. The scorpion is still quite a bit immature when it comes to dealing with other people. Temper tantrums are thrown and jealousy is abundant.

However, once again, a Scorpio may skip over this symbol depending on their upbringing and environment. The Lizard The Lizard is a bit more relaxed in demeanor. This symbol recognizes a little humility, and has a tendency to watch and learn instead of reacting.

Stinger and All

This is the symbol where planning revenge for past hurts takes place. I would call this the pre-teen Scorpio. The Serpent The Serpent, although extremely dangerous, will move away from a situation unless it or its loved ones are being threatened. If it is threatened, watch out! It will strike back, and it will strike back hard and fierce.