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Sanchita Karma represents accumulated good and bad Karmas of past lives which have already matured and their influence in the circumstances in which one is.
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One has total control over this Karma if we use our free will to make correct choices in life and accept that suffering has a purpose and effort is not wasted, life becomes full of hope and meaning.

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Man is then seen to be the controller of his own destiny, with the gift of free will to choose his way of life and to design his own future. The way in which one uses their free will to make decisions, automatically shapes their future in full accordance with Karmic Law. Aagmi Karma represents Karma of future birth if the present one is not the last. You must realise that apart from Sanchita Karma, no other Karma is eternal, but can be changed.

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Therefore man must use his free will within the parameters of his birth chart to rule his destiny. Vedic Astrology takes the view that if a person leads his life morally and righteously and gains higher knowledge, the past Karmic debts will get paid off and new Karmic credits will be built up for this life as well as for a future birth. One has to resort to the use of Muhurtha auspicious timing , mantras, yantras, yagyas and gemmology. You must appreciate that Astrology is based on the Laws of Karma and Nature.

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It teaches us to be at one with nature and to flow with it, otherwise we will waste our energies in undirected efforts. A birth chart should be used as guidance in life, so that one meets with as few obstacles as possible. A well known Astrologer once said:. Om tat sat. What is Astrology and how did it all begin?

How does Astrology affect us? How many schools of Astrology are there and what are the sun signs?

What are the differences between Vedic Astrology and other divinations? How do you find a genuine and astute astrologer? Vedic astrology has its own point of view and its own approach regarding the topic of transmigration of souls. According to it, the immortal soul atman is forced to move from one body to another, again and again, participating in the cycle of deaths and births samsara.

Each reincarnation is the period when the atman has to pay for actions committed in past lives. This is the principle of karmic law.

Your Horoscope: Find Out What Your Karma is...and Who You Were in a Past Life?

The main purpose of the soul is to break the chain of rebirth and receive salvation moksha. To find out the details of your reincarnation, you should pay attention to the particular houses. They will disclose you a secret about karma inherited from past lives:. The next step is to examine the planets on these houses, as well as what zodiac sign is located on this or that house.

Keep in mind: if there are retrograde planets in your natal chart, have a look at them too. Your karmic problems are closely connected with these very planets and can be associated with the following areas of life:. Retrograde planets point to the problems from past lives that are remained unresolved, as well as talents that were not realized. As we have already mentioned, weak planets in your birth chart can explain the reasons for your failures and problems in the current life. It is believed that all the troubles are closely connected to the way of life you led long time ago.

Astrologers say that this is a basic way to learn about your past life using the birth chart. You just need to see which zodiac sign the ascendant is located. Regarding the house, the Rising Sun is always located on the 1st. Ascendant in Aries explains that you were focused on the inside more than outside. It means that your interest was spiritual and deeply introspective living as well as the way of life that brought some service to others. You likely spent a lot of time in solitude and were a priest, healer, a shaman, was a poet, or even a prisoner.

Your past life was related to Pisces. At present, you are free and independent and can easily devote life to yourself but avoid the cultivation of your big ego as well as being a victim. If there is Taurus that is ascending on your first house, it shows that your previous life was somehow associated with Aries. A warrior, a general, or a successful entrepreneur may have been among your key occupations. Now you are creative and goal-directed and very ambitious. Avoid being to imperious and walking all over others.

Having Gemini ascending means that your life was full of sensual desires but you were a little bit down-to-earth. Among your potential occupations, there may have been the following: a painter, a gardener, or an entrepreneur. Pay attention to writing or seize and opportunity to become a great communicator.

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Get off the ground and fill your life with interesting experiences. In this life, you can. If this is Cancer that is rising on your first house, you paid less attention to your emotional nature than to intellectual expression in your past life. There is an assumption that you were an excellent teacher, orator, or public speaker. In a word, someone who is very intelligent and eloquent. Now you are focused more on the harmony inside you, care for your family and sweet home.

In the Past Life , Vedic Astrology runs on a belief of past life debts that are paid off in the current life of a person. Now, this entity can be anything and anyone, from a family member to a friend to your enemy. The readings of a past life can be done using the Vedic Astrology by learning about the doshas and dashas through reading the birth chart horoscope. The Jyotish is related and connected to the karma of a person, whether good or bad, it inflicts both negative as well ass positive effects on both the past and future life.

Although, Vedic Astrology can read and make predictions they are mere presumptions and not in any way imply that things will happen a certain way they are predicted in, no matter what. It tells us about future possibilities and shows a pathway to be followed in order to reach your goal and make the predictions come true.

What makes you born at the event of particular planetary congregations?

It also varies from person to person and their decisions in life, nothing is fixed. Conclusion: Vedic Astrology is connected to the karma and karmic actions of a person, good or bad both are equally punished and rewarded.

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It requires the placements and positions of the planets, signs in the twelve houses and alignment in the same and through this process of reading, analyzing and concluding the past, future as well as present life and event predictions. Love compatibility. Romantic forecast couple.