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IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY With a Sun-Uranus aspect on your birthday this year you know you cannot carry on with the same old routine.
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You fit perfectly together.

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Others may say you are old-fashioned and should change to more modern ways but if you are smart you will stick to what you know and trust this week. The world may change one hundred times a day but that does not mean you have to change with it. You feel as if you could take on the world and win. Cosmic activity in your fellow Air sign of Libra will make life easy for you this week — you will succeed without even trying. Aim for a common goal.

Whatever your duties and responsibilities may be you must get out and about this week. Schedule plenty of free time. More people should be like you. Be selective and this could still be one of the best times of the year. Go on, make a few waves. If others disapprove of what you are planning to do that is their problem and it must not be allowed to deflect you from your aim. Your true friends will support you no matter what the consequences may be, so go right ahead and do something that shocks. Log in. Log out.

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December 17 Updated. December 16 Updated. December 15 Updated. December 14 Updated. December 13 Updated. December 12 Updated. On the finance front, planetary movements may favor you, increasing your income inflow. There might be an increase in family-related expenses. Overall, there might be some financial gains. When it comes to business, businessmen may need to execute intelligent moves in order to beat the competition. They might do well to avoid shortcuts to achieve their objectives.

Salaried individuals may get an unexpected incentive, that might make them happy. They might stay motivated to give more output. On the health front, watch out for any digestive issues. Follow your physician's dietary instructions in order to be in good health. In terms of your money and finance, you may be interested in increasing your inflow without hard work. Do not resort to unethical means to make money. This phase might see you spend on luxuries and pleasurable activities.

The week ahead may bring challenges for businessmen, as their best efforts may not bring favorable results. Businessmen may need to keep their cool. Salaried people may be unable to produce desired results. Singles might get supportive gestures from a long-time friend. The former may be uneasy, due to domestic and family issues, and may not find enough time to enjoy life. Later phases may be better for couples. There might be some serious family issues that might put married people in discomfort.

Some old health issues might persist. Try to remain fit by going for a long walk, or engaging in some physical activity. Businessmen might be able to tie up with a foreign company to make progress. However, delays might frustrate businessmen. Salaried individuals may be stressed due to a heavy workload. On the love and relationship front, you may make some acquaintances that might lead to friendly relationships. You might do well to refrain from making hasty commitments with your loved one in a new relationship.

Do not get too close to someone in a new relationship. Married people might enjoy a relaxing time. When it comes to money and finance, planetary movements might influence you to be wiser at handling money matters. There may be a steady rise in your income inflow. While family and household expenses might increase, you may remain comfortable on the financial front.

Students might do well to stop chasing pleasurable activities and instead, focus on their studies. On the health front, there may be some digestive system issues. This phase might bring an enjoyable and pleasant time for those in committed relationships. Both may be happy about receiving useful support from their family and friends.

You are advised to cherish these moments and make the most out of them. On the financial front, your position may be strong. Planetary movements might support you if you want to start a joint venture to increase your income. There may not be any major expenses during this phase, thus allowing you to save well. During this phase, planetary movements may not support any ambitious actions.

Businessmen may need to work hard and wait patiently for results to start coming.

Those dealing with import and export may strike a good deal. Salaried individuals may be given an outstation project. On the health front, beware of any viral infections. Keep a tab on blood sugar variations. On the relationship front, singles may look for prospects, to kindle a relationship.


Married people might face some uneasiness owing to family issues. On the financial front, you may want to start a new venture in order to increase your income. You may spend money on a charitable cause. Businessmen may undergo short term travel, to contact potential customers to push sales. This may be a good time for business expansion.

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Salaried individuals may remain under stress due to their bosses. On the education front, students might be stressed, due to some reason or the other. They might not be able to remain focused while studying and may not be able to achieve desired results. Thus, their progress might be stalled. Students pursuing higher education might do well to ward off any distractions while studying.

On the health front, everything seems to be alright. In terms of education and knowledge, students might do well to make academics their top priority.