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I will create a scrapbook consisting of letters from fans all around the world. You can either send me a letter electronically and I will print it out in full color OR you can send a physical letter to me and I will include it in the scrapbook. For Electronic Letters you can simply email them to fyeahyoujin gmail. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of sending me a letter, please resend the email or you can message me on tumblr to make sure I received it. If your letter is in English, there are people at YNB who will be able to translate it for him.

There is no word limit for letters. However, please try not to go overboard! For Physical Letters please email me at fyeahyoujin gmail. After I receive your letter I will email you telling you that I have it. Please be sure to mail your letter in time for it to reach me on or before the deadline. If I do not receive it by the deadline I can not guarantee that it will be included in the book. I will take a photo of the scrapbook when it is finished. I would LOVE for him to receive a large scrapbook full of letters so that he can see how many of us out there truly care about him and want to see him happy and successful!!

Deadline: Feburary 1st, The charity that we will be raising money in his honor for is called Charity Water. Not only that, but his name will be directly attached to the life changing interventions that this money will help fund. This charity also has an A rating on Charitywatch. We have plenty of water to drink — even the water in our toilets is clean!

Every day, about 1, children die from diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. While I do love to travel, I very rarely do it in style.

11 Financial Milestones I Planned To Hit By 30 (And What Actually Happened Instead)

Anyone know how to get a private jet? A free private jet? Nothing makes me feel dumber than meeting with financial planners. Hats off to those who work in finance, because I think you have a different brain than I do. You know how some checkout lines put certain items on shelves that are perfect eye-level for children? I feel like most checkout lines appeal to me in the same ways. As much as I try, I cannot resist that chapstick that smells like pomegranate, or that ridiculously cute tiny notebook.

I definitely try to cut back whenever possible, but I have no regrets about the occasional luxury gummy bear purchase. I would kill for a mostly-bare apartment with clean, Instagram-worthy countertops. But no matter how much I try to clean and purge, I still feel like I constantly have so much stuff. However, unless you are super organized or someone who loves using scissors , it can be difficult to keep up with. I just feel so disloyal to the environment when I hang onto too many paper coupons.

My best strategy? The information is out there, but you just need to know where to dig for it. TFD recently did a video about it here. De is a New Yorker turned Bostonian and a lover of all things theatrical. She is on Twitter.

KEEP CALM CUZ IT'S MY 19TH BIRTHDAY | Happy 19th birthday, Birthday poster, 19th birthday

Image via Pexels. Yesterday, I was thinking a lot about the root causes of impulse purchases. There are many different types of unnecessary buys, and I sometimes wish I could categorize them based on emotion, instead of based on whether it was a food-related or medical-related expense, etc. In terms of lack of confidence-driven spending, food is at the top of my list because it is my go-to treat.

16th Birthday Ideas

I have heard people say to never opt for a food-related reward system, and I have never followed that advice. However, this is only a temporary fix, and only a brief way to push away any feelings of underconfidence. Face products, or any sort of face-care products. I typically manage to talk myself out of this by simply remembering I have the exact same products at home. Yoga classes. This satisfies two really low confidence areas for me: not working out, and not being calm. I ran cross country meets for three years, and ran a half marathon.

In fact, I followed through on this and bought a one-month trial membership. I went once during the day period. More produce than I can actually eat in a week. Typically I shop with someone my roommate or my boyfriend which helps me only buy produce items that I will actually use, because letting produce go to waste just makes me feel worse. Nothing shakes my confidence like feeling like the way I dress or act is not good enough, not fancy enough, or not chic enough. Ordinarily, I wear clothes I feel good in, and that work for my body, and all is well. Of the low confidence-drive purchases that have come out of this, the vest and jeans have actually gotten a lot of use.

The heels and the purse were mistakes, and I definitely did not need to buy them.

RED VELVET NUMBER CAKE - How to make a Number Cake - Baked for my No.1 Fan - Jennel Letizia

Self-improvement apps. It did not make me more confident, because it did not force me to go running at 7 AM, as I hoped it might. Then, there were the calorie counting apps which, thankfully, were free. But whenever I download them, I either get obsessive, or forget about them completely. Movie tickets. I like movies for the same reason I like playing a lot of games I am a game person, just FYI : it takes my mind off whatever problem is in my head completely.

There are very few activities that will fully occupy my mind, such that I actually stop dwelling on things, and seeing a movie is one of them. On the negative side, seeing a money in a major city is not an affordable weekly activity. So this can be a temptation I give into once and a while, but I have to talk myself out of it more often than not. My solution? Netflix and HBOGo. I know, so original. When it comes to setting timelines and goals for myself, I like to force myself to think about things other than the purely quantifiable ie finances, career, etc.

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I want to become less dependent on the opinions of others, and more certain in my own convictions. I want to set firmer boundaries, and have fewer but more meaningful relationships. The natural falling-out process has been interrupted by this constant contact, and it can lead you to feel that you are a much closer to them than you are, and b slighted when that closeness is not reflected in real life.

There are certain benchmarks of adulthood that everyone needs to hit. Between the economy, the social pressure, and the fear of losing our spot, it can be incredibly hard to step off what feels like a fast-moving carousel to try something else. Many people stay locked into a path, or even a company, to their own detriment — letting go of that comfort zone is key to finding something that actually makes you happy.

I used to look at certain bosses and feel cripplingly insecure around them, because I was certain that they had this all-encompassing knowledge of their work, and were looking at me like I was some kind of idiot for not being able to accomplish as much as them, or learn as quickly.

Everyone has their learning curve. Everyone is looking at you. You owe people explanations for your life choices especially the unpopular ones.

Happy Birthday Eli-chan!

I just deliver the news and move on, confidently. Being honest is the same as being dramatic. Throughout my life, this manifested in bouncing around in different fields, like psychology, fine arts, medicine, comedy, education and now, a weird mixture of public health, environmental design, and urban planning. Honestly, I think if I followed any of the careers I once loved, I would be pretty stoked.

And those jobs might not be as inspiring as some, but the idea of your work having an impact on one person is awesome. I believe that dreams give you direction. But what if you hate your soul-sucking job, even though it was previously your dream job?!