March 10 2021 taurus horoscope

The daily horoscope for the Taurus zodiac sign will help you find out what the stars have in store for you. Every day we face some challenge. The astrological.
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Indeed, the atmosphere is electric and the opportunities for romantic encounters are numerous. Even if they can't find a soul mate, singles aren't likely to get bored. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, you might be tempted by night trips away from home. Pull yourself together and reassure yourself, because this is probably a temporary loss of bearings rather than a radical desire to change your life. Venus is in dignity of Domicile in the House of Taurus. Likewise, if you work in cosmetics, perfumery or even body care, the coming weeks herald favorable development for your business.

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The time may be right to invest in the purchase of new work tools to improve your skills and better promote your know-how. The quality of your commercial approach, combined with innovative methods, will allow you to gain the upper hand over your competitors. Now is not the time to give in to procrastination or defeatism. Now is the time for action and the ability you will demonstrate to project yourself into the future with clairvoyance.

Be confident and stay focused on your priorities. Venus is in triplicity of Water in the House of Cancer. This is why each family or romantic outing becomes an opportunity to enjoy the simple but intense joys of life. A sunset, a walk in the forest, a mountain trek, so many leisure opportunities that effectively allow you to reconnect with nature while relieving the stress of a digitalized and distanced social life.

You are in a period of mental restructuring which allows you to make peace with the past and fully appreciate the present. Mercury is in dignity of Domicile in the House of Gemini. You will even be able to make yourself available to those who call on your good advice. Finally, the possible business travel opportunities will help you maintain your physical shape and avoid the sedentary lifestyle that your work sometimes induces.

The serenity that you radiate makes you particularly attractive to all those who are going through a period of uncertainty in your entourage. Better control of your emotions makes you an outstanding marriage counselor. Sun Venus. Mar 29, , Sun Chiron. Mar 31, , Sun Saturn. Mar 13, , New Moon. Mar 28, , Full Moon. For Moon positions visit Lunar calendar. Mar 15, , Mercury enters Pisces. Mar 1, , Mercury Lilith.

Mar 2, , Mercury Node. Mercury Jupiter.

2021 Taurus Horoscope Preview

Mar 21, , Mercury Uranus. Mar 24, , Mercury Mars. Mar 25, , Mar 27, , The South Node in Sagittarius all year wants to help you heal from childhood experiences by seeing your family and home in a different vision. So much of what you feel is based on what you choose to see—expand your perception for healing results.

Taurus Love Horoscope 2021

Feeling jealous, Virgo? These feelings could come to a head when Jupiter, in tender Pisces, galvanizes your house of romantic partnerships on May 13 and December But don't worry: You can work things out between July December 28, when the expansive planet backstrokes into inspirational Aquarius.

Mark your cal and use that time to heal your love life. Change is good, and this year, it can lead you towards your true calling.

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Pay close attention in June, when your career path can veer off in a different direction during a transformative Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Bon voyage, Libra! No, really. The North Node in Gemini all year is opening up borders throughout the year—even if those borders are mental rather than physical. Spend the next 12 months exploring, discovering, learning, and sharing your wisdom, while keeping safety measures in mind, of course.

Jupiter and Saturn in your Aquarius-ruled confidence zone help you separate your worth from your circumstances and find greater self-esteem. The South Node will move through your cognition and communication zone all year, helping you tell the difference between compassionate straight talk and people-pleasing fluff. If anyone can speak the truth kindly and respectfully, it's you, Libra—so do it!

But is looking so much brighter and it's not because of your phone screen. The cosmos is granting you a dose of genius this year! With Jupiter influencing your creativity and work all year, you'll be filled with fantastic ideas—and Saturn in Aquarius is giving you the practical focus you need to take those thoughts and actually make them a reality. You also can become a thought leader in your industry or teach others your expertise—think TED Talk. Use your words, Scorpio! The North Node in chatty Gemini transits your intimacy, sexuality, and truth-sharing zone all year.

You're notoriously guarded, but this transit wants you to balance your need for privacy with brave self-disclosure. As you speak out, Jupiter and Saturn in your Aquarius-ruled family and home zone helps you find the people, places, and feelings that keep your tender heart safe. In the spring and summer, Jupiter moves through your Pisces-ruled confidence zone, helping you step out and show out. The South Node moves through your Sagittarius-ruled income zone all year, motivating you to find a more optimistic relationship with finances—tricky, I know, especially now, but this transit is here to help!

Get ready to take a ride on the rollercoaster of love! Your self-worth is closely tied to your money, and this year, the Universe is pushing you to own the magic you bring to the workplace. You could land a gig paying you more, or decide to strike out on your own. Either way, this year is changing how you earn your coin. And thanks to Uranus challenging the norm in who you want to work with all year long, new collab opportunities can change the way you do biz entirely.

It takes two…or more, Sagittarius! The North Node in your Gemini-ruled romantic relationship zone all year is helping you find experiences where you can balance your love of freedom with your desire to connect with others. The best relationships have both, after all. Jupiter and Saturn transiting your Aquarius-governed communication zone throughout the year remind you of what you already know—your speaking and listening skills play a huge role in your life.

Smooth out those miscommunication errors and choose your words carefully! Give yourself an inner makeover for greater integrity and success. Letting go of past romantic hurts is hard, but you have the opportunity to connect with someone special if you release the fear you have within. This is a year of self-evolution for you, and the Universe is confirming that your work relationships are on par with where you're going. Not only that, but your daily work routine is set to completely evolve. It's all about the details, Cap! The North Node in your Gemini-ruled wellness zone all year helps you think about how little choices lead to huge results.

Take small steps towards making your big dreams come true. The South Node in Sagittarius all year helps you find closure through a spiritual practice or forgiveness strategy. Healing is yours, Capricorn! This will allow your relationship to evolve by the time of the eclipse on November Financial transformation is the theme of your year. You could feel the need to go from employee to entrepreneur and do your own thing. Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius are influencing your earned income and charging up your creativity.

Taurus Horoscope - Love, Money, Health, Career

An innovative opportunity can change the game for you. This is a year of destiny for you, Aquarius! First, the North Node is in Gemini all year, helping you get comfortable with being "seen," taking the lead, and speaking out about what you want. Then, Jupiter and Saturn enter your sign! Jupiter wants you to have faith, hope, and optimism—stay true to yourself, and the Universe will make your dreams come true. Saturn wants you to work on the traits you need for success, like resilience, adaptability, and vulnerability—it's all about preparation! Change in your home life can influence the trajectory of your career.

Perhaps you start a side hustle that ends up making cash, or you land a job with creative flexibility, especially during the Solar Eclipse in Gemini in June. Roll with the changes.