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Find out the astrological prediction for Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and other zodiac signs for February 8. Updated: Feb 08, , IST. By Dr Prem.
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Some of you might even experience some form of loss or scandal on the work front, or possibly some heavy-handed activity and powerplays with co-workers. However, this is only in extreme cases. For those of you unhappy with your job or out of work, you are not likely to jump to grab just any position that comes along now. You are looking for something mature, long-term, and reflective of your values. However, because you are more discriminating now, the pickings might seem to be slim.

Try not to see flaws, complain, and leave it at that. Take it upon yourself to make whatever adjustments you can that will improve your working conditions. This can be true of daily routines, not just working conditions. Health matters might be a little more problematic than usual. Even so, these are likely to be minor problems that can be fixed with extra attention. Essentially, this transit gives you a kick in the pants to get your self-care programs into good shape!

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While the work we do may sometimes feel too routine or boring, it can also give us a strong feeling of purpose. We want to be needed, we want to help and support others, and to do our share.

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In the end, you can, in fact, feel more joyful about the services you provide and the support you give, after taking a realistic look at these things and making the necessary adjustments. Seek ways to balance your activities and responsibilities at this time. This is also an excellent period for simplifying and structuring your life.

Because the energy of this theme is comfortable and understandable to you in these areas of life, you may very well welcome the structuring energy of this transit on your daily routines. Disciplined efforts to advance can pay off. You are feeling happy to discipline yourself, enjoying your work or health pursuits more as you put in the effort with an overlapping influence outlined in the section above, Areas of Expansion , for a good part of the year Saturn is in one of the signs that it rules, Aquarius, during this period, and performs fairly well here as a result.

The last time Saturn moved through Aquarius was from early You could have special pet projects that are motivating. Emotional renovations and digging deep into emotional issues can fuel your decisions to make lifestyle changes this year, and they can be quite magical. As you get in touch with these things, you might put more special effort into self-care programs. There can certainly be times when your desire for non-routine experiences and learning can conflict with your need to structure your daily affairs.

Good news for you: until , Uranus is in a supportive, positive aspect to your sign, suggesting a gentle nudge toward experimenting and connecting with your uniqueness. You experience a spiritual awakening of sorts. Travel opportunities may arise, or new topics or adventures, whether physical or mental, open you up to new experiences.

Life experiences are slightly unpredictable and quite exciting. You are embracing change and more easily incorporate changes into your personality. Note that this theme often opens up unexpected and seemingly random opportunities to explore new places and topics. How transits affect you always depend on your current circumstances and stage of development. Note that this influence is now consistently with you for many years ahead until April You may be doing a lot more sharing and exploring ideas. You may be connecting with friends or groups that inspire and excite you or encourage you to grow and expand your mind and experiences.

There can be times—peaking in February, June, and December—when your duties, health programs, and self-care efforts can seem to clash with your desire to learn and share more often. Getting to a better balance can be a challenge and goal now. Love affairs can bring intense personal transformations again this year and beyond. This is a very long-term influence that has already been present in your life for many years and will be with you for many years to come. You may be meeting people who turn you inside out, and through experiences with them, you learn more about your own power over your life.

While experience is good — it builds character — protect your heart and your body by employing some caution with new people in your life. Note that while this particular influence is a long-term one and it can be considered a life trend, with Pluto not taking on as prominent a role in as it did last year, things are a little quieter along these fronts. The year also continues to challenge you to embrace and improve your career, life path, responsibilities, and reputation. You may be called upon to sort out your life plan. This is about discovering your needs to balance your professional and personal life.

Nurture your desire to feel accomplished and to meet your responsibilities for the best results through Near the end of the year, a newer theme begins, although it will develop more fully in This one is about more fully embracing your ideas, beliefs, and need for learning and discovery.

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Your Planetary Ruler in Mercury, your ruler, travels quickly through the signs, covering a lot of ground in any given year. In , Mercury retrogrades three times, which is not unusual, and these periods are from January 30 to February 20 in Aquarius , May 29 to June 22 in Gemini , and then September 27 to October 18 in Libra. These times require reflection, reassessing issues, and taking things a little more slowly. You can also write reports cafeastrology. Click for Yearly Forecast Specials. See our detailed Monthly Horoscopes , and our Daily Horoscopes. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology.

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Your Email Address. Cafe Astrology. In February there will be no time to relax and rocking in the clouds. You have to start working hard from the beginning of the month. Horoscope Virgo February — career, love, finance, health, family read on…. The Virgo February horoscope predictions show that this month you will focus more on family and emotional aspects that any other factors in your life.

The family is important to you, and you would not want to jeopardize family relationships for anything. Based on the horoscope , Virgo professional goals will be in the background for a while since you are currently well grounded. The Virgo Zodiac Sign is expected to make major changes in his or her life this month. Nothing comes easy hence you are expected to work hard to achieve your goals.

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Draw only people who can help you closer, and you shall surely be successful. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Start more realistically assess what is happening in your immediate environment and draw conclusions that will be a recipe for the future — especially in professional matters.

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Do not act too hastily, let your steps be carefully thought out. Before you say or do something, think first. Think about the effects it can bring.

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  8. You can be sure that you will not miss good ideas, but to create them you need to give yourself more enthusiasm. After the first half of the month, a person born under the sign of Capricorn or Cancer will be on your way, which will be characterized by traditional, even conservative views that will have a huge impact on you. Make sure that you do not allow yourself too much extravagant in her company, because instead of encouraging her, you will scare her away.

    Advertisements And that would be a shame. In the middle of the month, get ready for business meetings, where you shine like a real star. People will see in you a large dose of eloquence and the gift of persuasion.

    It is possible that you will not be missing the opportunity to express your own views and beliefs. You will feel on your own skin that a completely new and unknown stage begins for you. Therefore, do everything possible so that it lasts as long as possible.. This month the children of many of you may well go on to make significant achievements, since the stars are quite favourably disposed on this score. Those with leadership qualities could become team captains in some sport, or get elected to an important office in their institution.

    Students of accountancy would also fare quite well.