Thursday 14 march 2021 horoscope

On the day of your birth, March 14th , the moon was in the New phase. This means it was 2% into it's cycle, and was at 4% visability. Following your birth, the next full moon after your birthday was on Currently the moon is in the Waxing gibbous phase, and is at
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Your daily routine will take over. Try to make time to spend time with your significant other and to work on your hobbies.

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August will bless you with a boost of creativity and confidence. This makes August a great time to try to make new friends and to work on your hobbies. September is a mixed bag. Until the 10th, Venus will be in Libra, which can help to boost your romantic life. After this period, you will be most likely to shift the focus on your family. October will have your emotions at a high point, which can make you seem dreamy at times.

Try to stay focused, as your family is likely to need you more than usual this month. This may affect your relationships with your friends. November graces you with high levels of confidence. You are also likely to find some luck at work and in your finances. December gives you time to prepare for the year ahead. You will be able to see potential changes in the distance.

Use this month to plan your goals for The yearly Pisces horoscope predicts a relaxed year ahead. This is the perfect year for getting back to your hobbies and focusing on your family life. Use this year to better yourself both intellectually and socially. If you can do this, then should go well for you. Lucky months and days for Pisces in Lucky months: March, May, July, and November. Lucky days: If you're a Piscean, then your luckiest day will fall on June 3, This day will not be all about giving but also about being showered with all the love and affection you deserve.

Look out for chance meetings that may blossom into great love affairs.


In addition, you are all set to invest in something you love. In this time, your current responsibilities and warming in your future plans are balanced. Let your thoughts and actions to these tasks be more pronounced. Be social, connect with those who strive to improve mankind in general.

Nowadays, turn more to charity and social causes.

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It would help you spread the joy of giving, sharing and keeping harmony. Pisces Horoscope - Astrological Remedies. You should wear top-quality Pukhraj gemstone carved in a gold ring on the index finger between AM to PM on Thursday for good health and progress in life. You should always keep a yellow-colored handkerchief in your pocket. Worshiping Lord Bajrangbali in particular will prove to be very fruitful for you. Fill an earthen or iron vessel with mustard oil on Saturday, and donate it after seeing your reflection. This act is also known as Chaya Daan, and is said to eliminate all the troubles of your life.

Yearly Horoscope for Scorpio: You are at your innovative best as begins and you are able to generate a good income stream. Yearly Horoscope for Libra: What a year you truly have in store for yourself, Libra! Yearly Horoscope for Virgo: Your time is good this year and you will be excited about some positive developments in your life. Scroll down It's a wonderful transit to dream up new goals for the upcoming year, making an action plan to chip away at in the coming months. The key is to start slow and move with precision. When the Sun inhabits Capricorn, he's focused on achieving tangible results.

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We're greeted by the last full Moon of the year in deep-feeling Cancer on December 29 at p. The Moon forms a sextile with change-loving Uranus, helping us to realize what changes are necessary for the future. Get ready for a brand new way of life. My sister Karla was the first in our family to go to college. She chose Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Dropping her off at school was a.

At the time, the media had become a hard resourc. On Monday, December 14, the U. In spring, while everyone I know was having Zoom parties to combat the loneliness of lo. For some of us, this could cause a stagnant period of evaluation in our love lives, while others will see much-anticipated financial change. Astrology can't guarantee everything that happened in will be magically fixed in , but it can say that healing takes front and center stage.

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Read your sign's horoscope to see what areas of your life need extra attention. As the world starts to heal from the pains of , you need to let go of any habits that may have developed while isolating that no longer serve you. This year brings opportunities for magnificent love, as long as you don't ruin it with an infamous Aries temper tantrum. Read your full horoscope here. Last year left you with plenty of time to think, Taurus, and wants you to act on your desires because you are worth it.

This will likely manifest most obviously in your professional life, so don't be surprised if you leave one job for something bigger and better that fills your soul. Practice self-care and don't for a second forget your worth, or else you could risk missing out on an opportunity made for you. After the economic chaos of , this year offers you opportunities to rebuild and grow professionally, but it won't be easy for you or anyone else, Gemini.

The hard work and effort you put in last year will start to pay off, but you'll need to keep up some of the momentum. An eclipse in your sign brings a burst of unexpected news, further encouraging your personal growth that the new year brings. You're an expert when it comes to taking care of other people, but asks you to let other people take care of you. This may be hard to do, as it can be difficult to admit when you're vulnerable, but I pinkie promise that it's for your own health and happiness.

You are ruled by the sun, Leo, so you were actually born to be in the spotlight. Social distancing was hard for everyone, but it's possible it affected your sign the most, leaving you to get creative. As the world starts to heal in , you'll feel like a lion trapped in a cage bursting to get out. When you do, you'll want to say yes to every date and every opportunity, but beware of short-term thinking, Leo.

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Your mission is to practice patience and be discerning. As the healer of the zodiac, kept you busy, Virgo. When you weren't out there giving out masks and delivering meals you became an emotional net for friends and family, and it's likely you over-extended yourself. This year, it may be helpful to work through the trauma you've experienced, either by getting a therapist, meditating, or simply making more time for long walks. Doing things that make you feel calm and balanced may just help you erect boundaries to bring in healthier relationships.

As the sign of partnerships and balance, did a number on you.

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Not only was the world total chaos, but you had to primarily switch to flirting via sext, which while fun, is not the same as batting your eyelashes in real life. However, you still managed to get your fair share of attention. This year offers a chance at healthy, stable, and long-term love, you just need to keep your eyes and heart open.

The pains of may have brought out your dark side, Scorpio. That doesn't make you a supervillain but it does mean that you may have raised your stinger a few times to pick fights with those closest to you.

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  • But that's okay; if the last year has taught us anything, it's that life can be hard, and we all deserve a little more grace. Now that you know how you react in some situations, do what you can to stop giving in to any overly aggressive tendencies.