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With that in mind, we present you with your astrological forecast. And here all February Mercury retrograde ends in Aquarius. February May Full moon and total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius November 4: New moon in Scorpio 16 Pisces Celebrities Born Under the Empathic Water Sign.
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Taurus Monthly Horoscope

The spirit of the season and all it represents in the way of connection, creates perplexing friction with the logistical stress of leaving our safe bubbles or pods. The moon is sextile Neptune at p. In the late afternoon, the moon forms an auspicious sextile to Neptune in Pisces, generating a tranquil ambiance, perfect for relaxing with our nearest and dearest. Lights, sounds, and smells have the effect of conjuring up happy memories, and the overall feeling is one of serenity and peace.

The sun is square Chiron at p. Let's talk about your love life. Even when things are going wonderfully, you can get caught up in unhealthy behavior sometimes. It's a defense mechanism meant to guard against abandonment, but there are moments when you can be your own worst enemy. Obsessively stalking your partner's ex will only fill your mind with insecure thinking, and whether you mean to or not, this can cause you to sabotage a relationship. Your partner is a big part of your life, Scorpio. It's not going to work if you don't trust them. Echoing the themes above, this transit has the potential to sprinkle glitter all over your love life, leveling up relationships, and creating bonds with long-term potential.

Moon Phases for Denver, 21 Dec 2020 – 12 Jan 2021

So please, rather than looking out for signs that someone isn't into you, start looking out for signs that they are. Knowledgeable Jupiter briefly leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces in your 5th House of Pleasure from Thursday, May 13 to Wednesday, July 28, before stationing there for a year beginning on Tuesday, December These periods can be filled with emotionally and physically fulfilling sex , but only if you let good things come to you.

Put that stinger away and learn to tell the difference between a real and imagined threat.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

There are three Mercury retrogrades to watch out for this year. You may be tempted to give into obsessive or self-destructive behavior during this time. Do you really want to reconnect with an ex or are you just trying to make your current partner jealous? Look inward for the real reasons for your actions, and try to find a healthy way to act on your desires. A better use of this time is scheduling meaningful one-on-one Zooms—and giving some deep thought to your intentions for the coming year.

SCORPIO February 2017 Horoscope. ECLIPSE Brings FATED ROMANTIC Developments!

Hibernation is officially OVER! The intensity begins this week, with a Sagittarius solar new moon eclipse on Monday, December 14, which will rock your eighth house of intimacy and shared finances. What can you bring to the table, Taurus? Think of the skills and superpowers you might merge for mutual gain. Eclipses bring events out of the blue, so you may not have much time or any, really! A clean resume, good headshots, a proper bio…do your part so that the power players can find you!

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And find you they will because this week, TWO planets—lucky Jupiter and structured Saturn—will both move into Aquarius and your tenth house of career, ambition and success for a very long spell. Get ready for an off-the-charts that could bring you to new professional heights, pandemic or not.

Decan 1 Scorpio Horoscope 2021

We DID get a sneak preview of Saturn in Aquarius last March 21 to July 1, so if you felt a professional pick-me-up or the pull to pursue a new path in the spring, expect that to return. So let us repeat the message of this week: Dress for success and be ready to greet opportunity when it arrives, likely without notice! This set the stage for a year of growth and exploration amid all the restrictions , but maybe not a whole lot of focus. Did you binge-register for online courses or find ways to travel safely?

This was a healthy development for Bulls, who tend to be creatures of habit. In , you made a sharp departure from that reputation and welcomed new ideas. The lofty concepts you dreamed up could become realities in the coming year, and possibly even a formalized business venture.

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  6. And in a rare convergence, structured Saturn ends a three-year term in Capricorn and joins Jupiter in Aquarius, staying until March 6, Establishing yourself as a pro in your industry becomes a key mission. Get ready to grow in big ways but also to establish yourself as a well-respected leader or expert in your field. But if you apply yourself, the next two years could bring major long-term gains that have a snowball effect.

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    7. Mark your calendar for Monday, December 21, when Jupiter and Saturn unite at the closest point in their orbits since This event, called the Great Conjunction , could bring massive momentum to your goals and future plans. Coupled with your natural grit and determination, this once-everyyears alliance marks the starting point of a huge new career cycle for you, setting the stage for your recognition and reputation to soar.

      Business in the front, party in the back? On Wednesday, December 23, volatile Mars and power-tripping Pluto make their third and final square of the year. Look back to August 13 and October 9, the prior two clashes, for clues of what might reach a grand finale now.

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      On December 29, la luna reaches peak ripeness in Cancer, illuminating your social third house. While you may not be able to exercise your urge to mingle IRL, this is a great day to reach out to friends and business contacts alike, as well as to put a powerful message out to the world. Cozy up to your nearest and dearest, or your chosen fam, and bid adieu to one of the most challenging years many of us have experienced. Onward to ! Then, two days later June 27 , the other love planet, Mars, plunged into Aries and your twelfth house of fantasy, illusion and confusion for an extended six-month stay thanks to ANOTHER retrograde from September 9 to November