Full moon february 7 2021 horoscope

February 7, Horoscope and Zodiac Information. Zodiac sign: Following your birth, the next full moon after your birthday was on Currently the​.
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You could find that you are extremely busy at this time or taking on an ambitious new project. The plans you build now could last for nearly two years if not longer. Productivity is a major focus in February, so expect to be very busy as the month begins. Many Virgos were taking on new projects or employment near the end of January, so keep up the brisk pace. Health goals may also have been on your mind and now is a wonderful time to find a better regimen or routine that will increase your physical strength going forward.

Listen to the stars and try to schedule a spa treatment or extra hour to sleep in. Prepare to watch as romance ignites before your eyes this month with so much starlit love! Venus, the planet of beauty, graces your commitment zone until the 7th, bringing opportunities to find a serious partner or improve relations. Mars, the planet of sex, heats up your adventure zone on the 16th for many weeks to come.

A gem of a New Moon in your commitment zone occurs on the 23rd. This will open doors for single Virgos to find a long-term relationship or committed ones to make serious plans with a partner in the coming year ahead. Engagement, marriage, or moving in could also be on your mind. Wait until late March to set things in stone. Valentines Season is here and nobody is in the mood for love more than you, Libra. A New Moon in your romance sector at the end of January opened a portal straight to your heart so do not miss the opportunity to find someone new at the beginning of the month if looking.

Committed Libras will enjoy the zest of passion sprinkled on their relationship once again. Venus, the planet of pleasure, arrives on a chariot in your partnership zone on the 7th, so expect happiness to bloom in all of your connections.

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This could be one of your favorite moments of the year! However, when Mercury turns backward in your sector of employment, expect the missed emails and headaches to arrive.

Mars enters Taurus

The New Moon on the 23rd opens a door to you in your job, but something seems amiss due to the retrograde, so tread lightly. Some Libras could be offered a new job at this time. If this occurs, you may take it, but be ready for it to be slightly different than you expected. Coworkers, too, could be frustrating, so operate out of love at this time and be kind to yourself. Your sanity and health are important no matter how much you want the gold.

February brings a great deal of attention to your home and family, Scorpio. The end of January may have brought a surprising adjustment here and you could feel the world beneath you shifting.

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Some of you may be moving while others are attending to an important situation with their kindred. The Full Moon on the 8th will have you celebrating exciting career news , and this could cause some tension at home. Be mindful of respecting both spaces because you can truly balance success and happiness. Praise, a promotion, or some significant breakthrough is nearly assured with this mighty Full Moon lighting up your life. Romance will also be a big focus for you this month, especially as Venus, the goddess planet of attraction, bewitches your life until the 7th.

The Sun moves into this passionate sector on the 18th and the Moon meets him on the 23rd, opening a door to your heart. However, with Mercury causing confusion in your romantic life throughout the month, especially after the 16th, trust your intuition above all else. At the beginning of the month, your mind will be laser-sharp as you tackle an exciting writing or speaking project such as a proposal, contract, or branding initiative.

Watch as your love life ignites as soon as Venus, the planet of pleasure, brings light to your heart. This begins on the 7th and will last throughout the month. The New Moon on the 23rd will shift your thoughts to your home and the coming days that follow it will help you fix up your living space or move to an entirely new spot. Family matters could grab your attention, too, especially with Mercury taking a nap in this sector.

Last to note this month is that Mars, the planet of strength, has been in your zodiac sign since the beginning of January and will continue to give you dominance until the 16th.


However, when it moves into your income sector in the last third of the month for many weeks, your expenses may suddenly rise. Wealth can be yours if you tend to your money like a garden at the start of February, Capricorn. A raise or new job may suddenly be near at the beginning of the month. This is an excellent time to manage your finances. The Full Moon on February 8th will have your needs brought to the forefront, though, as you are debating what you give and receive in your partnerships.

If requiring financial aid or a loan, you could get approved at this time. Romantically, you could see that you are growing closer than ever before. If the balance in your relationship seems to be off, you can negotiate a better alignment for both of you.

Sometimes in life a relationship may be more than what it is worth, and if this is the case, a possible breakup could occur. This is a natural progression in order to clear the way to better and more fulfilling relationships ahead.

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Remember: This is your golden year. Jupiter, the planet of miracles, has your back no matter what. Exciting news comes once Mars, the planet of passion and drive, skyrockets into your zodiac sign on the 16th where it will bring you strength and energy for several weeks. Your charisma, dominance, and sex drive will increase at this time. Use this fuel to set the stage for major projects and plans that you wish to have a boost of energy for the two years ahead.

The New Moon on the 23 rd brings your attention to your communications sector, which brings power to your words and mind in the coming days ahead. However, with Mercury Retrograde taking place in the last third of the month, you may be debating how to come across differently than you ever have before.

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Each zodiac sign only has one Solar Return a year, and for you, dear Aquarius, the time has come. This is your time to shine. Use these weeks to launch at least one of your most personal and heartfelt goals that you want to achieve in the coming year. The Universe is on your side now. Events are likely to have filled your calendar throughout January and until the 16th, they will continue to stack up. Meet many new friends or attend exciting gatherings with those you trust and care for.

The last third of the month will draw your focus toward your income, so consider how to increase your stream of abundance. While Mercury will be causing some hiccups, such as missed checks or a bigger bill, the New Moon on the 23rd is assuring you that more wealth is on the way. Money can manifest when you work toward the goal. If looking to go back to a job or employer you previously had, this could be a wonderful time to do so.

Welcome to a month that will be strange and beautiful, Pisces. With Venus, the planet of beauty, making you radiant and magnetic until the 7th, love and pleasure will be found everywhere you go. This is a fortunate time for single Pisces to find someone new or for committed ones to draw their partner to them like a moth to the flame. The Sun will remain in your sector of healing and rest throughout much of the month and you may find yourself very reflective at this time. Some of you will be considering closure about past relationships or projects in order to release them.