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Dog and Rat Compatibility in Love & Friendship. Strong and Weakness side of Relationships according to Chinese Zodiac Astrology.
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The prime source of conflict between the Rat and Dog may lie in their inability to agree on what are the important things of life. In fact the Dog can be quite outspoken against what it perceives as injustice or absence of fairplay. Then again, the Dog is known to be an emotionally insecure character. In order to rise above their own pessimistic natures, they need constant encouragement and support from loved ones and when they feel these lacking, they are often prone to straying in personal relationships; when feeling unloved or neglected, the Dog can look for appreciation elsewhere and one thing can quickly lead to another.

The Rat on the whole is caring and generous to those it holds dear. Thus if this pair is not strongly tied to each other by love and trust, it may suffer from a lack of stability.

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All Rights Reserved. Skip to main content. Recommended Articles. When their life is going the way they want it to, the Dog becomes very easy-going and relaxed.

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However, they become worried and pessimistic as soon as something bad gets to happen. The Rat is intelligent , sharp and enjoyable, so he or she can immediately make the Dog partner feel better when they are feeling down. Therefore, while different, Dogs and Rats make beautiful couples. Furthermore, Rats will recognize Dogs as their loyal friends and will want to treat them the same because people in this sign are always treating their dear ones with generosity and kindness.

However, only family and a comfortable home can make them feel truly fulfilled. Considering all the positive traits Dogs and Rats exhibit when falling in love, these two signs have very good chances at forming a great couple. While Rats may not be as loyal as the Dogs, they may become truly committed when seeing how devoted Dogs actually are to them.

Rats are the happiest when surrounded by friends, family and people whom they can really trust. When the Dog woman is with the Rat man, she can appreciate his honesty and decide to continue the relationship for as long as it can work. Not only loyal, the Dog woman is also very protective with the people she loves. This is what makes her strong as a partner.

They both want safety and to make their relationship more stable than anyone has ever seen. The members of their family will always feel safe and protected with them. Both Rats and Dogs appreciate the efforts each of them makes in order for security and love to be the main things that matter in their union.

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This is a couple between two signs that can get along very well in romance. Their friends will admire their connection when visiting or when going out. Answered by Mia Dec. Yes, you should be brave to make some changes. The prediction shows that the result is positive.

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Answered by Ava Dec. You should have more confidence about yourself. It's predicted that you would have a large chance to find a soul mate next year.

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You can join in more social activities on weekends and make more friends. Maybe your girl friend is one of them. I birth date is 24th July and my husband was born on 14th May Both of us are Rat zodiac. We have been in relationship for 11 years and we get married for 5 years already.

Dog Relationship Compatibility: The Loyal Lover

We have a son age 4. But recently, we have some problem with our marriage life.

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He told me that he no longer love me and only threat me as his good friend. He hope to end our marriage life and hope I can plan my life with my son. But I still have fate on him and really hope we could overcome our problem. Do we have a chance to save our marriage? Answered by Nicholas Nov. You can express your feelings to him again and follow your heart.

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Maybe temporarily apart would be a good solution for both of you. Answered by Sanasha Nov. Sanasha, your Chinese zodiac sign is Ox. The prediction shows that people born with Rat, Snake, Rooster signs would become your best matches. Answered by Jack Oct. Based on the prediction, your love compatibility index would be normal. If the relationship would be stable, you would obtain the nice marriage.