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A gift is a communication, as is a song, meal, decoration, outfit and so much more​. There's little we do that is, in fact, not some kind of.
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Then you will pinpoint the key factor and find a solution. Virgo Aug. You will open the communication and find a way to coexist with one another. Libra Sept. Scorpio Oct. Sagittarius Nov.

Horoscope: December 24 - 26th

Forget about the bottom line for a moment. Capricorn Dec. Stay on the sunny side, even when it makes no sense. Aquarius Jan. You see when the angels call we answer "And it is possible that I am alone in an empty universe, speaking to no one, unaware that the world is held aloft merely by my delusions and my smooth, sonorous voice. He works at Night Vale Community Radio as the announcer and self-proclaimed journalist. Sometimes, Cecil reports on events as they are occurring.

It is mentioned he often receives faxes and phone calls from listeners on events, as well as updates from his surviving interns out in the field. He lives in an apartment of an unknown location in Night Vale with his scientist husband Carlos and is also mentioned as owning a car. Cecil's physical appearance is deliberately unspecified, and it is not entirely certain that he is fully human. He is described by both himself and by Kevin as "a man. In A Carnival Comes to Town, Carlos witnesses Cecil shaving, via the mysterious photos in the mountain lighthouse, implying he can but does not wish to grow facial hair.

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In The Protester, Cecil also states that he has "never liked beards on men," possibly including himself. In Well of Night, Cecil is confirmed to have hair, describing it withdraw and then return to his scalp. Cecil admitted that he doesn't remember how old he is and that - because of his fear of mirrors - he doesn't know what he looks like. Cecil once described Kevin from a photo as being "not tall or short, not thin or fat," with hair and nose resembling Cecil's, but with black eyes that are apparently not like his.

Kevin also wears a tie, at least in the photograph. While it is likely that Cecil is over a hundred years old, Leonard Burton says that he "doesn't look a day older than when [he] first started working for [him]," which would have been in Cecil's late teens. Depending on how literal Burton is being, this implies that Cecil has not physically aged much past young adulthood.

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It seems that the fandom usually depicts him as being in his late thirties or early fourties. In fan art, he is commonly depicted with a third eye on his forehead, and tattooed arms with either runic or "tentacle-like" patterns. Cecil has a strange sense of fashion, and he typically wears odd clothing in equally odd combinations. Cecil describes his first date outfit as "my best tunic and furry pants," while for work, he opts for a more professional ensemble of capri pants and a cummerbund.

He also mentions a "professional radio hosting unitard" in the episode " Niecelet ". In " Review ", Cecil wears yellow sponge clogs, cat ears, and tights to the opera, as operas are new to Night Vale and they have no solid dressing code. When Cecil returns from the " Well of Night ", he is wearing a black plastic poncho, cat ears, and galoshes.

At first, he believes that this outfit is not what he was wearing before, as he first described the color of the galoshes as yellow, and that he owns orange galoshes.

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He eventually decided that the galoshes are orange and that he was wearing the same outfit he wore to the station that morning. Cecil once wore a honeycomb hat, a Hawaiian shirt, and leather pants to sleep and then wore them to work at the radio station the next day. This ensemble was considered fashionable enough to be "spared from the Sphere" in the episode " Fashion Week "; the same episode describes other citizens of Night Vale wearing equally bizarre clothing that is deemed fashionable, so it is difficult to say just how eccentric Cecil's fashion sense is by Night Vale standards.

In " Ghost Stories ", it was implied that, due to his crippling fear of mirrors most likely due subconsciously to the events in " Cassette ", Cecil doesn't actually know what he looks like. In Sandstorm , it is mentioned that he keeps a picture of himself on his desk, and he is also able to recognize that Kevin looks almost identical to him.

However, this photo is at least five years old four years in relation to Ghost Stories , so while he may know what he looked like five years ago, he is most likely unaware if his looks have changed since then. However, upon attempting to call Dana while he was trapped in the Desert Otherworld, Cecil's phone showed him his own face, quickly rotting. Cecil was able to recognize himself, meaning he knows what he looks like. Cecil generally seems friendly and very well acquainted with the folks about town.

Indeed, though he may not be aware of it, he seems to be one of the town's more prominent citizens: his relationship with Carlos is a frequent topic of conversation, and most of the town is aware of his feud with first Steve Carlsberg [3] , which they somewhat resolve around the time of " Matryoshka ", and then Susan Willman. Jackie Fierro and Carlos have separately described him as "overenthusiastic about most things". However, he has something of a dual personality.

He can seemingly switch between pensive and cheery moods in the time it takes for him to switch between the appropriate tones--which is almost no time at all. He comes across as a decent, kind, and ethical person, and probably also sees himself as such--he calls himself "innocent and kind" in " A Story About Them ". But in cooperation with the authorities, he seems perfectly comfortable with legalized murder, using the radio audience's collective mind power to kill an unknown driver in a lake in " Condos ", and keeping a man in a cage of electricity at the zoo.

Though perhaps most people in Night Vale are like this, given as the town's strangeness seems to be relatively normal to them. Though he is quick to praise the City Council , the Sheriff's Secret Police , and their draconian policies, his views on many social issues are surprisingly tolerant for a resident of a police state, and he even occasionally calls out the town's crooked politicians on air, despite the risk of retaliation. Occasionally he criticizes one of these bodies, and he is the only Night Vale citizen excluding deceased Old Woman Josie to publicly acknowledge the existence of angels [7].

The show also repeatedly shows him willing to use his professional reach and influence for personal reasons: he set the town against Telly the Barber for the crime of cutting Carlos' hair [8] , makes interns copyedit his fanfiction [9] and manage his social media accounts [10] , and helped his niece break into City Hall [11].

He seems to be oblivious to the impact of those actions, however. All of this goes to show that Cecil's belief systems and living circumstances require a tremendous amount of cognitive dissonance.

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His broadcasts often are internally contradictory, contain impossible instructions although that may just be how Night Vale works , or get banned midway and must be renounced. Cecil occasionally gets in trouble with Station Management for describing things that are indescribable or discussing things that are not supposed to be discussed, and he worries--openly and on air--that he will get in trouble with the authorities. Despite this, he remains enthusiastic about nearly all upcoming events, even those involving death and destruction—so long as they are scheduled by the city's leaders, of course.

From time to time, things come up that expose and clarify this cognitive dissonance. His delivery can sometimes give the impression that the words he speaks express different things than the thoughts in his mind--and that he tries to repress or change at least some of these thoughts. His blase attitude towards the discrepancies in his own memories implies that he does his best to ignore them and avoids trying to resolve them. In fact, the episode " Cassette " is so named because he finds a stack of cassette tapes he doesn't remember making and plays them on air.

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