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HOROSCOP for March with Mariana Cojocaru. Horoscope The well-known expert Mariana Cojocaru presented the April 14,
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Went the Day Well? Evans Writer: Howard Klausner. Eisenstein Writer: Nina Agadzhanova.

Goodavage Writer: Joe E. Conway, Joe Ray Sandoval. Browne, John Devens, Duane A. Yoo-Hoo, Mrs. Donihue, Hava Volterra. Bernal Writer: Vanessa Valdez.

Proceedings of HMM2012

Bindler Writer: S. Bindler, Cory Van Dyke. Eakin, Mahnaz M. Aridjis Writer: Eva S. Jack and Jill vs. Angeles S.

Explorations in the History of Machines and Mechanisms

What Would Jesus Buy? Evans Writer: Art D'Alessandro. Evans Writer: Bruce A. Evans, Raynold Gideon. Lund, Matt Whitaker. Romero, John A. Russo, Robert Valding. The Death of Mr. When Do We Eat? Goorjian, Chris Horvath, Ron Marasco. Baxley Writer: Jerry B. Lee Writer: Norman Vance, Jr. Burgess, Kirk De Micco. Babine, Ken Miller.

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Quo Vadis, Baby? Ma quando arrivano le ragazze? Are We There Yet? Gupta Writer: Suparn Varma. Colossal Sensation! It's Easier for a Camel Il est plus facile pour un chameau Nivas Writer: Vikram Bhatt. Scott, Tim Story. Dil Maange More!!! Evans Director: Carl T. Evans Writer: Carl T.

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Knappe, Fenton Lawless, John C. Director: Rebecca Chaiklin, Donovan Leitch. Wright Writer: Pavan Grover. Whose Is This Song? Chia e tazi pesen? Ellio Writer: Matt Valade. Lombardi Writer: Giovanna Pollarolo. Meurisse, M. Francy, P. Renoir, G.

Gil, J. Biwi No. David Stem. Salaam Bombay! Un Argentino En N. What Is To Be Done? Cutler, David Van Taylor. Ever Shot Anyone? Yarita Ba'am B'Mishehu? Gigi, Monica Sullivan, Fredric LeBow. Parker, Jim Jennewein. Evans Writer: David M. Evans, Robert Gunter. Forster, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. Connell, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala. Warren, Jean-Claude Van Damme. Jane B. Director: Ivan Katansky. Roberts Writer: Matt Cavanagh. Lions Love Lion's Love A Bullet for the General El chuncho, quien sabe? Hodson, Evan Jones. Parish Writer: Harold Vaughn Taylor. Fine, David Friedkin.

Kashyap, Manoj Kumar. Depressed Area, U. Bakhmetyeva, Andrei Konchalovsky. Eisenstein, M. Filimonova Writer: Sergei M. Soil acidity is the most important solid-phase characteristic modulating the availability of As, Cd, and Pb. Copyright Academic Press. Bioaccumulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and survival of earthworms Eisenia andrei exposed to biochar amended soils.

Biochar has a charcoal polycyclic aromatic structure which allows its long half-life in soil, making it an ideal tool for C sequestration and for adsorption of organic pollutants, but at the same time raises concerns about possible adverse impacts on soil biota. Two biochars were tested under laboratory-controlled conditions on Eisenia andrei earthworms: a biochar produced at low temperature from wine tree cuttings WTB and a commercial low tar hardwood lump charcoal HLB.

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The avoidance test h exposure showed that earthworms avoid biochar-treated soil with rates higher than 16 t ha -1 for HLB and 64 t ha -1 for WTB. After 42 days, toxic effects on earthworms were observed even at application rates t ha -1 that are generally considered beneficial for most crops. Accumulation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAH in earthworms exposed to the two biochar types at t ha -1 was tested in two soils of different texture. PAH with less than four rings were preferentially scavenged from the soil by biochars, and this behaviour may mask that of the more dangerous components i.

Earthworms can accumulate PAH as a consequence of exposure to biochar-treated soils and transfer them along the food chain. Soil type and biochar quality are both relevant in determining PAH transfer. Investigation of the toxicokinetics of petroleum hydrocarbon distillates with the earthworm Eisenia andrei. A study was conducted to determine the toxicokinetics of both aliphatic and aromatic fractions of F2, F3a, and F3b with the earthworm Eisenia andrei.

Peak accumulation curves were observed for F2 aliphatics and aromatics and F3a aromatics, likely as a result of changes in exposure concentration over the test duration via loss or a decrease in the bioavailable fraction. Aromatics were disproportionately accumulated over aliphatics and were the main contributors to toxicity; therefore, aromatics and aliphatics should be regulated separately. The toxicokinetics were used to interpret previous toxicity data. Higher molecular weight distillates need longer-than-standard test durations to determine toxicity, so toxicity test results from fixed, standard-duration tests are not strictly comparable for these petroleum distillates.

Full Text Available A day study was conducted to determine the effects of the Bacillus thuringiensis Cry1Ab toxin on the earthworm Eisenia andrei. Previously, investigations have been limited to life-cycle level effects of this protein on earthworms, and mostly on E. Conversely, biomass data indicated a significant difference between the control treatment and the Bt treatment from the second week onwards p andrei to Cry1Ab proteins produced by Bt maize. Availability of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to earthworms Eisenia andrei , Oligochaeta in field-polluted soils and soil-sediment mixtures.

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The bioavailability of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs for earthworms Eisenia andrei was experimentally determined in seven field-polluted soils and 15 soil-sediment mixtures.