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Whenever a full moon is described as " super ," it's referring to its relative proximity to earth in its orbit, explains Laura Tempest Zakroff , modern traditional witch and author of Weave the Liminal: Living Modern Traditional Witchcraft. And "wolf moon" is typically the nickname given to the first full moon in January, possibly to represent wolves' mating season in January and February, says Mickie Mueller , author of The Voice of the Trees. In addition to the particularly vibrant hues, the moon's energy may feel stronger than usual, given its closeness to earth, Mueller says.

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Lunar eclipses are often associated with change, mystery, and upheaval, Tempest Zakroff says. Many of us made ambitious resolutions at the start of the new year , and this weekend is a good time to reevaluate what's serving us, and what's no longer useful. As you settle into your Sunday scaries this weekend, take a break to gaze at the super blood wolf moon and reflect.

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Its colors will peak around p. EST, when the "partial" eclipse begins, and the total eclipse will be around midnight , according to AccuWeather.

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And although hanging out outdoors in the middle of the night in January sounds miserable, the next total lunar eclipse won't happen until May 26, In the paranormal romance fiction novel by Laurell K. Hamilton of the same name, Blue Moon refers to two full moons occurring within the same month. The Smurfs TV show also featured the blue moon in an episode.

Blue moon is the name of a country in Nintendo's Advance Wars series. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Common name for one of the full moons in a year with 13 full moons. This article is about an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year. For other uses, see Blue Moon disambiguation. Main article: Intercalary month. Solar System portal.

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