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Sometimes obsessive attention can sabotage the very aim you're working towards! Stay focused and pace yourself. Good financial news coming from a long way will make you feel good about your life, having you eagerly anticipating the upcoming months.

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Your thinking is sharp and clear, and this is a good day to make plans of any kind, particularly those that involve travel or education. If you feel that the upcoming weeks are likely to bring some positive dramatic changes, your instincts are likely correct. You clealry have good reason to celebrate! People may see you as being the queen of drama - especially this morning.

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This is a good time to express your emotions and get things out of your system. Be sure to release whatever pent-up emotion you have inside. By the time the afternoon comes, it might be a good idea to settle down and lay low. Turn your energy inward, come to your center, and make a plan for what you need to get done.

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Don't get discouraged by other people's failure today. There may be signs in the road that warn you of potential roadblocks ahead, but this does not mean that you should turn your car around or give up on your goal. Perhaps you may only need to slow down your pace or select a new route.

Either way, you have the perseverance and inner drive to accomplish any task you undertake. Love: Cupid is set to take you under his wing this week. Amazing and even hair-raising stories enthuse you and make your daily routine more exciting. You like to go into detail and even if it takes you more time. Singapore: 16 weeks jail time for nurse for assault of senior at nursing home. Liv Lo Golding is pregnant.

Peking University student Wu Xieyu tells murder trial he killed his mother out of compassion not conflict. Japan unveils green growth plan for carbon neutral goal. A new life opens before you. Health Do not be discouraged by a vague malaise in your body or think that you will begin to suffer pain or suffering from now on.

Your talent and creativity will be demonstrated and with your positive attitude, you will receive work recognition, encouragement and gratification of all kinds. Money and Luck You will get an informal and negligent person to pay you back the money. Although it is not all that is expected, analyze if it is worth continuing the legal litigation because you could spend more on lawyers and lose what you have earned today.

Sign in. Right people for the right job will translate into professional success. Stars look favorable for those planning to set out on a long journey.

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Setting the pace on the academic front will be a step in the right direction. Those looking for a suitable accommodation are likely to get lucky. Eat sensibly and avoid junk food to remain healthy. You can face difficulties in raising capital for a project. The day promises to keep the family front abuzz with excitement. Academically, you will manage to keep up the tempo, despite heavy workload. Travelling to a place of worship is likely. Favourable outcome of a legal matter can be expected.

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You will feel mentally unburdened and happy about your health. Rising personal expenses need to be reined in, before you get into a tight situation.

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Love Focus : A refreshing change is needed in a romantic relationship to bring the excitement back. Plans for travel may be shot down by others. Chance to add to your list of properties by buying an apartment or a freehold house is indicated. You will be able to successfully deal with academic pressure. Good earning promises to keep you in an upbeat mood today. Becoming body conscious is likely to do oodles of good to your image. Making the right moves at work will help win the favor of those who matter.

You are likely to enjoy a peaceful family life and remain happy by driving out the negativity within. Driving in congested areas is fraught with risk, so avoid it.

Virgo Daily Horoscope – January 23

Excellent performance on the academic front will help you join the lead pack. Those trying to get the best price for their property may get lucky. Taking precautions in health matters would be important. Follow more stories on Facebook and Twitter. Games New Search.

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