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Every zodiac sign has a ruling planet or two, which adds a dimension to its qualities Taurus' and Virgo's modern associations aren't universally accepted or integrated :. These associations, first made by the Greeks, are based on the seasons, not attributes of the zodiac signs. However, they've become a muse in the symbolic language of astrology.

Cancer in Astrology

They are a cosmic archive to use when interpreting a chart. For example, if someone has a constellation of planets in Pisces, look for a Neptune-themed narrative in the person's life story. The pairings were originally made with Saturn at the outer edge. Chiron has been linked to Virgo, a sign of purification and health.

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Even so, Mercury its classical ruler still looms large for Virgo. Its myths and attributes tell you a lot about yourself. Can you be comfortable with home on the road Sagittarius moon or do you require a well-appointed sanctuary Cancer moon?

Planetary Rulers of the Zodiac Signs

Do your chart for free here. Every moon sign has its own light side—the obvious feelings that we are comfortable with expressing. Because the moon spins on its axis at the same speed that it orbits planet Earth, we can only glimpse half of her from our vantage point down here. Every moon sign has its own light side — the obvious feelings that we are comfortable with expressing.

Role and importance of Moon in Vedic astrology

Understanding your moon sign can bring a deep sense of self-knowledge, but may also be a lifelong quest for understanding. Discovering the hidden facets of your moon sign is part of that path.

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In Shamanic astrology, the moon even reveals your past life tribe — what core strength you bring into this lifetime. That said, certain planets feel more or less at home in different zodiac signs, depending on the sign, and each of them has what's called a domicile, or a "home" sign where they feel most themselves and get their jobs done with ease.

A planet's domicile coincides with the sign of the zodiac that they have rulership over — and every zodiac sign is ruled by a single planet. For example, your Moon may be in Pisces, but the sign that the Moon naturally rules over is Cancer. If you have any of your birth chart planets in their natural signs of rulership, you can expect to see their influence in your life even more intensely. It makes perfect sense that red-hot planet Mars would rule over feisty Aries, the first sign of the zodiac.

Mars symbolizes passion, aggression, ambition, and animal instinct, so paired with a cardinal fire sign like Aries, its power becomes basically unstoppable. Aries is known for its boundless energy and its zealous leadership skills, so Mars is able to step into its true warrior spirit and charge forward within this sign.

The Moon as the dominant planet: sensitivity, support, imagination

Venus is the planet of love, but it also rules over things like luxury, pleasure, and value. This makes it feel right at home in the realm of the decadent sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign, meaning its focus is on material things and sensory experiences — and in Taurus, Venus is at its most opulent.

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  • Gemini is chatty, social, and intellectual — just like its ruling planet Mercury, the planet of communication and thinking. In Gemini, Mercury gets to be its most articulate self. Gemini's ever-curious and inquisitive nature jives beautifully with Mercury's knack for sharing information and learning new things.

    These Are the Ruling Planets Associated With the Zodiac Signs |

    As a thought-driven air sign, Gemini is both quick-thinking and quick-witted, which is surely thanks to the influence of its ruling planet. The Moon is the planet that governs our emotions, our feelings, and the things that make us feel comforted — and the Moon in astrology is associated with water sign Cancer, symbolized by the tide-dwelling crab. Cancer is the most maternal, empathic, and nurturing sign of the zodiac, and it allows the Moon's intuitive nature to fully shine. Because Cancer energy is so gentle and sensitive, the Moon can be vulnerable here — and if you're a Cancer, you have the Moon to thank for keeping you in touch with your emotions and everyone else's, too.

    Leos are unofficial zodiac royalty, so of course they're ruled by the planet that's at the center of our solar system: The Sun.