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Pet astrology can be a fun way to learn about what makes your pet tick. Find the pet horoscope for your furry friend below.
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They enjoy long walks on the beach with their owner. Cancer is a water sign ruled by the moon and represents the fourth house of the zodiac wheel.

Year of the Dog's birth dates

The Leo dog is the most loyal in the zodiac, but give another dog or human more attention, and watch them roar…or growl. They are so much fun and find creative ways to make you laugh, such as making funny faces or rolling over and looking cute for attention and treats. They will have loads of energy for outdoor walks, but can snuggle equally as much when they have a lazy streak.

They usually have a regal strut and think they are the most gorgeous dog at the dog park, and they very well may be.

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Make them the center of attention and there will never be a dull moment or warmer kisses. Leo is a fire sign ruled by the sun and represents the fifth house of the zodiac wheel. Virgo dogs are not the type to roll around in the mud. They would much rather be obedient and on a very refined schedule…8 am daily walks anyone?

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This dog will most likely always be cool, calm, and collected. They are very smart and only act up in extreme situations, i. They may very well follow your lead and want to be around you when possible. They are ok being the lone dog and thrive in busy, yet pleasant homes. Virgo dogs will usually eat at the same time daily and avoid overindulgence.

Virgo is an earth sign ruled by the planet Mercury and represents the sixth house of the zodiac wheel. Libra dogs are dogs are sometimes unsure and indecisive.

Here’s How To Find Out What Your Dog’s Zodiac Sign Is

They need loads of attention and correction while training, as they tend to lose focus very quickly Did someone say squirrel!? They are loving and really enjoy having a doggie sibling, as they do not like to be home alone. They also dislike being disciplined harshly, as they try their best to listen and respond well to a loving touch.

They need a balanced, structured environment to thrive. Libra is an air sign ruled by the planet Venus and represents the seventh house of the zodiac wheel. The Scorpio dog is emotional, strong, and active. They make good police dogs because they crave structure and love discipline and hard work. The Scorpio dog cannot be left to do as they please or they will walk all over their owner and act like the boss. However, they can usually manipulate you into giving them what they want by acting super cute.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Same goes for vacationing without them. Scorpio is a water sign ruled by the planet Pluto and represents the eighth house of the zodiac wheel. This dog is a great teacher of patience, as they want to be doted on constantly with tons of physical touch and affection.

Dog Zodiac Signs: What Your Dogs’ Astrology Signs Says About Their Personality

They make it known that they will not take no for an answer when they crave your undivided attention. They usually need a companion at home or they could get severe separation anxiety. They do not like to be bored, and will always be snooping or looking for an adventure. They are so bonded to their owners and easily get jealous if their owner gives their siblings more attention and praise. They are usually extroverted and like to socialize at the dog park. Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter and represents the ninth house of the zodiac wheel. Capricorn dogs are cautious and calculated.

They take their time in getting to know the people and animals around them and do not usually act overly affectionate.

Pets N More: Pet Zodiac Signs

They like to climb and hike, and usually have a dog bed to retire to when they want to be alone. They can sometimes be intense and stubborn if they want something and are denied, but for the most part, they do well with structure and discipline. They adore it if you give them a job to do. They can have anxiety if they are overloaded with stress, so be sure to give them time to decompress by playing some classical music for them.

Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by the planet Saturn and represents the tenth house of the zodiac wheel. Aquarius dogs love to have friends and are usually super smart. Their sixth sense will have them sensing your mood and acting accordingly. They know how to fit in with other animals on a farm and can wander off by themselves if they need to decompress and plan to take over the world.

They can also be very loving and excitable, doing zoomies out of thin air. Aquarius is an air sign ruled by the planet Uranus and represents the eleventh house of the zodiac wheel. Pisces dogs are extremely sensitive and are the empaths of the bunch. They will instinctively know how you feel and want to please you when you are stressed, as they will be an extension of you.

They are usually very sweet and calm, but can also fly under the radar if they feel like eating the garbage like those funny dog videos you see on YouTube. They need calm environments, and can sometimes crave some alone time to sleep on their backs and dream of rainbows and harps. They may seem like push-overs to other dogs, but they would rather walk away than fight due to their need for a peaceful existence. In general, the Fire Dog prefers the company of older people than himself, whose knowledge and wisdom make him more serene in his daily life.

Incorruptible, the Fire Dog doesn't hesitate to show the fangs, and even to bite, when he considers that a situation has degenerated too much to his liking. Imaged destiny : "Earth on the roof" Yang Meaning of the Fire Dog's birth pillar : Protection and good luck, importance of family and ancestors, prestige and dynastic power, adapted to political and legal professions, risk putting personal interests above common interests. Personality : The native of the Year of the Earth Dog has a responsible character, and he makes his decisions for the collective interest.

Skilled in mediation, the Earth Dog is also pragmatic, calm and serene. Gentler in approach than his fellow Dogs, his flair and his insight are very developed. Always cautious and alert, sometimes undecided, the Earth Dog doesn't lose his biting skills when he feels threatened or betrayed by someone he had previously gratified of his friendship. Imaged destiny : "The wood of the plains" Yang Meaning of the Earth Dog's birth pillar : Great creativity, generosity, fertility and sense of family, ability to make objective judgments, risk of frustrations and unfinished achievements due to possible difficulties in channeling an overflowing energy.

Personality : The person born in the Year of the Metal Dog can be cold and severe in his relationship to others. Honorable, austere but charitable, his personal interests closely related to the good he can do around him. It's better not to make an enemy of of him, because the Metal Dog is a tenacious opponent, who doesn't let go the trace of his prey once the hunt is launched. Conservative and patriotic, rarely in doubt of himself, the Metal Dog usually appreciates the military, political, justice and police careers. Imaged destiny : "Gold ornaments and hairpins" Yang Meaning of the Metal Dog's birth pillar : Luck and fortune at hand, exacerbated charisma, qualities of dialogue and force of conviction, ideal for those who choose the professions of politics, diplomacy, law, commerce and marketing, taste for power and pleasure in confrontation at the risk of losing your skills.

Personality : The native of the Year of the Water Dog has the sharpest instinct of his fellows. His sense of smell and his perspicacity are qualities that allow him to always find his way and rarely go wrong. Pleasant and gifted, with an attentive ear for his friends, the Water Dog is overflowing with charm. Refined and eloquent, his company is always pleasant, especially since of all Dogs he is the least authoritarian and the most tolerant.

Pet Astrology (What's Your Pet's Personality?) :)

Imaged destiny : "The water of the great ocean" Yang Meaning of the Water Dog's birth pillar : Exceptional learning and knowledge-building capacities, preference for consultancy and administration, remarkable analytical skills, risk of obstinacy and rigidity in the face of the unknown.