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For children under the age of thirteen 13 , parental or guardian consent is required. You irrevocably consent that exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute with Race Entry and its partner Virtual Run Events relating to this Agreement and Waiver resides in the courts of Utah, and you further agree and expressly consent to the exercise of personal jurisdiction in the courts of Utah in conjunction with any such dispute including any claim involving Race Entry and its partner Virtual Run Events.

Our records indicate that you have probably already signed up for this category. To check whether you have already signed up, click here. Taurus used to be the first sign of the zodiacs, because it indicated the vernal equinox. However, currently, it is now the second sign of the zodiacs, although Taurus is still associated with the renewal of spring.

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Taurus, meaning bull in Latin, was chosen to represent this kind of personality to portray a strong willed character with great perseverance and determination. Also, in Egypt, Taurus was seen as a representation of the cow goddess Hathor.

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The cow goddess Hathor was the goddess of beauty, love and happiness, and represented all of the riches seen in cattle as the providers of nourishment. Taurus is also ruled by the Roman goddess Venus the goddess of beauty , and the Greek equivalent, Aphrodite. The time of year that the Taurus zodiac falls under is prime planting season. It is when farmers are planting new crops and ensuring that the soil is fertile enough to support growth.

For this reason, Taureans are viewed as grounded people who are practical in nature and do not like change.

Also because of this, of the four elements, Earth, fire, wind, and water, Taurus is associated with Earth. Because the Taurus zodiac sign is related to the beginning of spring, when plants start to grow, it is the horoscope sign of the farmer.

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  • Therefore, the traits related to Taurus are based on a person who tends the land and cares for nature. The positive traits most associated with Taurus are patient, reliable, warmhearted, loving, persistent, determined, placid, and security loving.

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    Positive traits which show themselves in an excessive degree can often be viewed as negative traits. However, the technically considered negative traits are jealous, possessive, resentful, inflexible, self-indulgent, greedy, and stubborn. While a natural positive trait of a Taurus may be to be calm and conservative, if exaggerated it can also translate into a negative of being reluctant to change.

    And, while being determined and persistent are valued traits, an excess can lead to stubbornness.

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    Taureans are viewed as people who think more in practical terms, than in theoretical terms. The combination of these traits results in the ability that Taureans can put to practical use and problem solve with tools and resources that are already available to them. These characteristics dictate that Taureans are most comfortable in occupations that match these descriptions.