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You have been feeling like you are being pulled in different directions and you could not decide which way to go. These pulls will become even stronger today and taking a decision becomes even more difficult. You need to be careful while making a judgement because emotional or other external factors can interfere with your good sense today. It is better to postpone important decisions. Relaxation is on your cards today. You will indulge in various relaxation techniques be it massaging, swimming or self pampering.

Pisces - Today Horoscope - December 25, 2020

Yoga is also a good option. Second half of the day may be hectic with guests pouring in or you visiting people. While partying also, stick to healthier option as you may suffer from stomach aches. Family and friends keep you engaged. You may have a longing for partner who is away from you either physically or emotionally. Physical distance is difficult to cover but emotional distance can be covered with ease. Just keep your ego aside and take the first step. You may be surprised to find that your partner reciprocates your feelings.

Go and smash the invisible wall. From the 15th forward, Venus at the top of your solar chart enhances your image. Most importantly, it boosts your feelings of joy and pleasure with what you're achieving.

Pisces Daily Horoscope for Today

Saturn heads into your privacy sector on the 17th, Jupiter does the same on the 19th, and both planets align on the 21st! These pivotal events draw your attention inward, not just now, but in the months ahead. Saturn here until can signal the need or desire to take better care of yourself on a spiritual level, which may involve putting an end to situations that have crossed reasonable boundaries.

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However, Jupiter encourages you to enjoy your private time. It's a time of spiritual renovation, clean-up, and better attention to mental health. These transits challenge you to take care of unfinished business, as well as to regroup, process, and heal.

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  • You'll be ridding yourself of regrets or perceived failures and disappointments as a Saturn-Sun cycle enters its last leg before coming full circle in when Saturn will begin its transit of your sign. Jupiter spends less time in this part of your chart but will stick around for a good part of It's a quiet period for Jupiter, but it's certainly not without its benefits.

    Past good deeds can bring in rewards. You're coming to a better relationship with yourself from the inside out. Your sympathetic nature deepens, and you can thoroughly enjoy helping others.

    Pisces Daily Horoscope - December 24, | Free Online Astrology | Deccan Herald

    Benefits come from behind the scenes. Jupiter and Saturn's alignment on the 21st can be a time for working on a project in advance of a launch date or for putting a long-term project behind you. You're finding joy, pleasure, and confidence in taking care of your spiritual needs and tapping into self-discipline.

    A sharper focus on happiness goals, social matters, friendship, and pleasure figures strongly from the forward. Connections made now can be very fruitful, and conversations are satisfying. You may be doing some guiding or teaching, and it's fulfilling. Decision-making improves as you see your prospects more clearly.

    Today's Pisces Horoscope for December 25, 2020

    The Full Moon on the 29th opens your eyes to your feelings for someone or a current creative project. Jupiter moves into your spirituality sector in December , dear Pisces, and so begins a feeling of being spiritually protected and confident on the inside. This is all in preparation for the upcoming Jupiter in Pisces transit that begins in May when freedom is a huge theme in your life. Saturn is now fully phasing out of your social sector on December 17th, —an important sign of less direct pressure and fewer obstacles or trials with friends and groups.

    Opportunities to connect with others online or through learning efforts may present themselves this year, although these can be on the erratic side in This can be a time of opening your mind to unusual new interests or for communications and transportation opening up new channels for making connections.

    In big news, Jupiter enters your sign in Special note concerning Covid Astrological transits continue in their cyclical ways no matter the current situation. This applies at all times, but is particularly relevant now during this health crisis.

    Friday, December 25, 2020

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