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However, by the end of the month, the Sun and Mercury will be in Aquarius and Venus just days later. Meanwhile, the early and final days of the month are especially good for communication, friendship and relationship building. While there is no planetary activity in either your romantic or relationship sectors and rarely is at this time of year, both have everything they need to get the year off to a good start.

With Jupiter here for the first and the last five months of and Saturn not leaving Aquarius until , this is now the new normal.

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To have that clash on day one of the year is sending a signal that a balance between your personal and relationship needs is going to be policed in , which will ultimately enrich your relationships. What makes the timing auspicious is that with Mars leaving your communication sector on 7th January and hungry for an opportunity for a communication breakthrough before he leaves, this will give him something to work with. Venus, the planet of love is also in her final days in your friendship sector and will form a friendly aspect to the Moon as it moves through.

With the Moon returning on 28th January ahead of a Full Moon on 29th January, this is a chance to begin the year on the right foot. Meanwhile, while there is no planetary activity in your romantic sector you begin the year with the North Node in your romantic sector and here until January , this is providing a constant and steady romantic heartbeat.

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While Neptune has been in direct motion in your income sector since late November it is not until the Sun returns next month that there will be any real movement. Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses ChooseEnergy I have been doing psychic readings for over 30 years. I was born Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Singles Couples. Today's Star Ratings Your general mood.

Sex Hustle Vibe Success. Read more. Today's Reading Choose your cards. You want to leave your mark on the world in some way--however big or small--and you are more able to make an impression than usual.

Aquarius March 2020 Monthly Horoscope Predictions | Aquarius March 2020 Horoscope

If circumstances are such, you are able to easily fight back. In fact, you may be somewhat combative under this influence, and you may have a short temper. Avoid being pushy. Take charge of your life, but don't bulldoze over others in the process! This is an excellent transit for assertiveness and physical vitality. Love affairs may also be stepped up during this period. On the rare occasion when an accident occurs, it is more likely to involve the head or face.

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Love outlook for the year ahead. Romantic Compatibility Reports. Try Cafe Astrology's in-depth romantic compatibility reports , includingthe Synastry and Love Ties reports. See also general trends for Aquarius in All month: The Sun highlights your second house now, and your focus is on material affairs and comfort issues.

Security is a driving force for you at the moment, and you might find that you are especially interested in accumulating possessions. What you have and what you don't have come into focus--what makes you feel comfortable, your sense of security, and what you value. This is the time of year when personal finances and possessions receive maximum attention. Pour your energy into your work and your finances, and you might just be able to take your ideas to the bank.

Extravagance with your pocketbook is something you may want to look out for, however. If you find yourself itching to make unnecessary purchases, know that at the root of this urge is the desire to pamper and comfort yourself. Nothing wrong with it, but there are inexpensive and even free ways to make yourself feel good.

This is not the most eventful time of year for you. You are more inclined to dig in your heels and hang on to what makes you feel most secure than to take big risks.

Aquarius Horoscope for March - Astrology Monthly Overview

Until March 13th: Venus plays in your solar third house now, indicating a more light-hearted, curious, and intellectual approach to love and pleasure, as well as a more easygoing communicative style. From March 14th forward: Venus warms your solar fourth house now. From March 27th forward: With Mercury in your solar second house, this is a strong period for analyzing your cash flow, income, and earning power.

You are more practical and rational in your approach to finances during this period. With your conscious mind focused on money and possessions, as well as personal values, this can be a strong period for gathering new money-making ideas. Alternatively, it could be a time when you tend to fret over your finances. Conversations tend to be practical rather than frivolous now.

Financial gain may come through communications. From the 2nd forward: With Mars moving through your solar twelfth house, this is the time to research and reflect upon your goals. It can be a time when past actions catch up with you--and this is not necessarily a bad thing!

AQUARIUS March 2018 Monthly Intuitive Tarot Astrology Love Horoscope

It could also be a time when much of your energy is channeled into private matters, or when you prefer that others not observe what you are doing. This is natural--you may just as well do your best work alone for now. Unconscious behavior patterns could influence the way you assert yourself. Some may experience insomnia during this phase, especially if they are not allowing themselves the chance to recoup and if they are not letting their intuition serve them. Others may enjoy a more active dreaming life this includes day-dreaming , and, if allowed to run free, the imagination can serve them very well, especially with regards to goals and new concepts.

Until March 9th: The Sun continues to move through your solar first house. You experience a renewal of energy and vitality now, and it's a strong time for increased personal confidence. The emphasis is on self-expression, what kind of impression you make on others, and beginning new personal projects. You are a little more self-centered than usual, and this is quite natural and healthy as long as you don't take it too far. You are more decisive and forward-looking now, and you put more faith in your own abilities. Physically, you are likely feeling strong.

This is an excellent cycle for making personal changes in your manner or appearance, and for any self-improvement endeavors. Personal projects that you begin now are likely to blossom nine months down the road. From March 10th forward: The Sun highlights your second house now, and your focus is on material affairs and comfort issues. Until March 23rd: Venus plays in your solar third house now, indicating a more light-hearted, curious, and intellectual approach to love and pleasure, as well as a more easygoing communicative style.

From March 24th forward: Venus warms your solar fourth house now. Occurring in your solar first house this time, extra care should be exercised when it comes to your body language. This is a time to review the manner in which you come across to others--not so much whether it truly reflects your nature, but more in terms of whether it is working for or against you. You might spend more time than usual when it comes to making decisions now, and this is natural. Rushed decisions may be regretted when you change your mind later on. Until April: Mercury continues to transit your solar first house.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for March 2020

During this cycle, you are more communicative than usual. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that conversations are at their best right now, simply because you are more interested in expressing yourself than listening! You are especially alert and a little cerebral now. You have a receptive audience for your ideas.