Pisces 5 january horoscope 2021

Read Pisces horoscope online and get detailed Pisces yearly New friends and associations may be forged between January till April who shall be.
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Pisces Career Horoscope 2021

If you want, you can earn a good profit this year by buying and selling a property. Apart from this, you or your family can also earn a good income through house rent. However, you may feel troubled due to your parents facing health issues. Hence, be careful. This year, the relationship between the husband and wife will sweeten, and love and passion will also increase.

This year, your marital life will remain good, especially during the first three months of the year and end-October to mid-November. Although there can be slight disagreements, but try and resolve them with communication. Love life will be a roller-coaster ride for Pisces natives in Some of them may get married too this year.

Apart from this, due to the aspect of Jupiter on your kundli from January to April, there are strong signs of marriage. Health life will remain good this year as per Pisces Horoscope.


Your health will be good this year. But this does not mean that you become completely carefree about your health. Along with your health this year, you have to take special care of your daily routine or else you will have to face problems like obesity etc. For Pisces natives, the year is expected to be optimistic in terms of career according to Pisces Horoscope Predictions Your time is undoubtedly lucky, but you also have to keep in mind to maintain a good relationship with high-ranking officials within your workspace.

It will be beneficial for you to do so. Hard work of some natives will be recognized, which can lead to promotion or increment. In such a situation, do not lack anywhere and work smartly. The chances of you going abroad due to work between the months of April to September are high. Apart from this, the last month of the year is going to bring happiness for some natives since there are most likely to get desired job transfer during this time. Apart from this, Pisces natives have a major chance of getting tremendous promotion at work between the months of August to September.

This year is going to be very favorable for those who manage a business.

Pisces Career Horoscope 2021

In such a situation, if anyone is thinking of expanding their work or business venture this year, then taking steps in this direction is definitely recommended, since success is on the cards. For the natives of Pisces zodiac sign, year seems to bring mixed results in terms of money, wealth and finance. This year, Lord Saturn will be posited in the eleventh house of your kundli, which leads to the formation of permanent sources of income for you.

This will keep your financial condition stable throughout the year. Apart from this, Mars will also be sitting in the second house of your kundli at the year's beginning, which will keep your financial position strong, but the month between April and September will not be much favorable, because Jupiter will be present in the twelfth house of your kundli. As a result, there will be a rise in your expenses between these months, which can also cause you mental stress. With Jupiter being in this house, your expenses will increase in accordance with your income in a few months of this year, which will affect your financial condition significantly.

You need to take special care of your actions here. However, between April and May, you may get entangled in debates, arguments or court cases, which can help you financially.

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Apart from this, your life-partner can also benefit you monetarily in some way during the year. Horoscope Compatibility for Marriage. The year is going to bring mixed results for Pisces natives associated with academics and education as per Pisces Horoscope Predictions. This year, Saturn is aspecting the fifth house of your kundli, which will definitely create obstacles in the field of education. After this, from the month of January to April, your pace will decrease due to the aspect of Jupiter on the fifth house. However, year-end will bring good results for students, and they will incur good results between 15 September to 20 November.

This year, your academic graph is likely to see several ups and downs, but you are advised to keep faith in your hard work and dedication, since you will definitely get the desired results. If you want to appear in some kind of competitive examination and succeed in it, then the time between April to May and August to September in will be very favorable.

This year is going to be most suitable for students aspiring for higher education. Your dream of attaining higher education can be fulfilled this year. However, those wishing to go abroad may not succeed in their endeavors, since there are chances of slight delay in their plans. Even after such ups and downs, some natives are expected to get partial success between April and September, so keep working hard.

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Pisces Horoscope Predictions based on Vedic Astrology reveal that is going to be much better for Pisces natives in regards with their family life. You can earn good profits by buying, investing and selling a property if you want. Apart from this, you or your family members can also earn good income through house rent. Your siblings' attitude towards you is going to be very favorable. Apart from this, this year is going to be very optimistic for them as well. On the other hand, your parents will lead an average life this year. However, during the months of April and May, you are advised to take special care of your parents' health as they may face health problems at this time.

Overall, this year is expected to be very good for you in regards to your health.

Pisces Horoscope 2021: Floating On Cloud Nine!

This year, your relationship will sweeten, and love and care will also increase. This year, especially the first three months of the year and then from the end of October to the middle of November, your married life will remain very sweet. Couples may wish for kids this year, since planetary yogas forming in their kundlis show strong placement and favourable outcome. The year will be good in regards to love life and family, but you are advised to pay extra attention to your relationship between September 6 to October 22, small conflicts can lead to bigger arguments.

This would turn out to be a fairly beneficial month in so far as your educational prospects are concerned.

Those studying engineering, particularly mechanical or electrical engineering, would do very well in their courses. In fact, some of you might perform outstanding feats in your practicals. Several amongst you would do very well in crafts and other technical trades involving skills and dexterity.

Candidates sitting for competitive examinations can also look forward to success, though they may have to work quite hard at it.

Pisces Horoscope - Pisces Astrology Predictions

In fact, in all the success involved this month for most of you, a lot of hard work would be involved. A month during which there is very little percentage for you in travel since the stars are quite unfavourably placed. You could tend to travel alone and mostly by rail and by road with a fair measure of air travel as well. A foreign trip also cannot be ruled out. However, it is very likely that all these sojourns turn out to be quite unproductive and wholly unnecessary.

Therefore you should scrutinize your travel plans and ensure that your journeys serve some purpose. Some travel for pleasure is also indicated, though during the present month this may not yield much pleasure. West is the most favourable direction. Nothing particularly beneficial about the augury from the stars in so far as your family affairs are concerned during this coming month.

There is a likelihood that some people below you in the social strata would cause trouble for you all. Deal with firmly before the situation gets out of hand. The family atmosphere would remain far from pleasant for practically the whole month. This would have a negative effect on the children who may tend to become irritable and disobedient.

Pay particular attention to the affairs of your children, devoting more time and energy to this. In fact, you would do well to closely scrutinize their activities. A month during which the affairs of your children are unlikely coast along smoothly since the stars are not favourably disposed. The performance of the wards of most of you at studies would tend to be below average and many of them may need a lot of extra help to get along. Those sitting for competitive examinations should go in for extra coaching.

Those pursuing some practical trade or apprenticeship etc. In fact, most of them may display a higher than normal level of skills with their hands. This would be the saving grace of sorts for this month. Skip to content. Forums Menu.