Libra 2021 horoscope february

The astrology prediction in Libra horoscope says that the month of February​, March, and April will be particularly good as the favorable position of the.
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Work and aspects related to learning, classes, and studies can become a bit difficult during Mercury retrograde September 27 — October 18 of This year could be a great time to consolidate your position and to start or continue some projects that are important for you. You can also count on your intuition to determine what path you should choose.

Areas of Expansion in 2021 for Libra:

You are likely to receive new job offers. Analyze carefully and pick the job you will is closer to your heart. The Libras who activate in business on their own or in partnership will also enjoy plenty of opportunities. There is nothing to indicate major problems this year, but be aware of May to June period when you would be wise to be careful with money.

There is the potential for an increase in your money flow from late September.

This can continue from this point and get better until the end of December. Will Libra get married in ? The year seems to be rich in terms of love for Libras and a perfect year for marriage. In , we advise you to get more involved in the relationship with the person you love.

Money & Career

The single Libras will seduce and get seduced; they are in the middle of the battle with their own identity and try to reconnect with their profound reality. You can feel quite challenged by other people in January and mid April to mid May. You will find that it is through partnerships that you also benefit in February and March. Venus in Gemini is a major player this year and in this time people come into your life from somewhere else. Late October until late November is best overall for love. This is a major area of challenge this year as Saturn makes its way through this section of your horoscope.

Travel beckons on the 11 th. Cancer: Energy levels increase after the 13 th. Friends as well as your significant other want to show you a good time on the 16 th.

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Leo: On the job creativity is yours on the 8 th. Watch out for impatience on the 26 th. Your significant other wants to show you a really good time on the 28 th.

Libra Horoscope - Exciting predictions revealed !

Virgo: Creativity is yours on the 1 st. Ideas about how to make your job more pleasant are yours on the 11 th. Libra: If you are looking for love, you might find it on the 9 th. An intuition about how to bring more money into your life is yours on the 13 th. Scorpio: Ideas are abundant for you on the 4 th. Write them down.

You may be tempted to change your mind on the 14 th. Emotions may run high on the 28 th. Sagittarius: You have an abundance of ideas on the 11 th. Others like what you have to say on the 28 th. Children could cost you money on the 13 th. An idea on how to increase your income is yours on the 23 rd.

Libra Monthly Horoscope 2021

A month during which you might have to undertake a lot of travel, since the augury from the stars is not very encouraging on this score. Most of you would be led by circumstances to travel by road or by train in the pursuit of business or official purposes. Those objectives, however, will not be realized. Even the most favourable direction i.

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North would also not yield any dividends. Under the circumstances it would be best to scale down your travel plans to an absolute minimum. Some of you may take a holiday with your family members and this too would turn out to be a waste. Quite a beneficial month for your family during which there would be very few problems since the stars are placed in an encouraging manner. During this month many of you would see your devotion for your father grow.

Libra Horoscope 2021: What the Stars Predict for You This Year

The elders too would whole-heartedly bless you. In such an environment the children would behave in a good-natured fashion and perform well in their studies and other extra- curricular activities. This would be a source of much satisfaction for all family members. Some of you would gain significantly from your maternal relatives. The family should even otherwise do very well financially, with a rise in the overall family income fairly certain. A beneficial month for your family in most ways. A month during which the prospects for your children look quite promising, since the stars are favourably disposed on this score.

Those pursuing the fine arts like music, dance, drama, sculpture and the like would have an inspired spell of creative activity in which many of them would go on to make some notable achievement.