Number 21 birthday

Birthday Number Birthday Number This is the Number of transformation. The one born under Number 21 has to pass the transformation of his personality,​.
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Profession you are well suited for are acting, film producing, teaching, medicine, science, writing, publishing, marketing and anything to do with the entertainment industry.

Unlock your fortune with the help of your Birthday Number (21 – 25) !!!

This is a birthday associated with great financial success. But you have to giveup day dreaming and utilize the practical side of your nature. You should fight worry, fault — finding and jealousy. There is a tendency to fickleness and to shift from one activity to another. You are very responsible, generous and devoted to your family. Companionship and love are very important for you, but you may experience heartbreak or problems in marriage. You have a decided inclination towards art beauty. Harmony is important for you and you can sacrifice much to maintain important relationships.

You are versatile and gifted in the arts, alternative therapies, healing or drama. You are a good and persuasive speaker. Your personality attracts people. Those of high rank and of the opposite will help you. You may marry into a rich family. This birthday is good for speculation. You should try to curb your strong ego. You love luxury and material comforts, and have expensive tastes due to the influence of Venus. You also have lots of energy and a craving to achieve. Missed opportunities or wasted time greatly troubles you.

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Professions in which you will be successful are in the arts, finance, jewellery, perfumery, food and beverage industry, boutiques, toys and chemicals. This birthdate combines the influence of the moon 2 and mercury 5 which both relate to the mind and osyche. You are blessed with good intuition powerand a prophetic disposition.

You must heed hunches careful attention to a feeling or guess based on intuition rather than fact. Your very nature is being emotional, moody and get easily hurt. You must make an attempt to share your thoughts with people. Trust is the key to your emotional happiness. You should not neglect the heart while using your mind. You are a perfectionist and always set higher standards for yourself and others. But you most of the time underestimate yourself which you should always avoid.

Best professions for you are arts, teaching, accounts astrology, psychology, metaphysics, painting, detective work, writing, politics and science. Sign in Join. Sign in. Log into your account. Sign up. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Create an account.

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