Capricorn weekly horoscope from 21 march 2021

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This engaging transit makes us want to discuss topics that stimulate our minds, and help us grow. The placement comes at a good time: The holidays offer an opportunity to play games and sharpen your mind, an excellent use of this transit. My sister Karla was the first in our family to go to college. She chose Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. Dropping her off at school was a. Weekly Horoscope predictions are here to help you make perfect planning for the coming one week.

With the help of accurate weekly astrology offered by the renowned astrologer in India of PavitraJyotish, you can make perfect resolutions for every week. Weekly horoscope gives you time to plan our activities in advance for the week. Weekly Predictions carry importance for a salesperson, professional to have a view of coming times.

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You can get forewarned about a positive or negative aspect of planetary transits and positions through our weekly forecast. Weekly Horoscope Predictions can be helpful for traders as well. Indications from weekly predictions are useful for job holders to know whether to ask for a raise during the week or look for the more supportive time.

Weekly astrology indications can give a single idea about supportive planetary positions for the week to propose your intentions. The weekly forecast can make you aware of possible health issue having the potential to trouble you. If you are in for an arranged marriage, the weekly forecast can let you decide about the supportive planetary position or not for the week.

Want to know about prospects of love and marriage prospects? Have a personalized detailed love and Marriage prospects report. To find solutions pertaining to astrology is an easier task as simplified by advanced….

Capricorn weekly horoscope 15 December To 21 December

Chief Astrologer Pt. Umesh Chandra is dedicated to the subject of astrology. Pavitra Jyotish is successfully providing directions, solutions to matters related to career.

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We provide yearly Career report analyzing planetary positions in your natal chart and give a view about career prospects for the year. If you want to plan things about a career with a long-term view career report for 2, 3, 5 and ten years can also be provided. The report includes an indication of supportive times to push ahead of your prospects. Career report tells you about growth prospects and tips to enhance your prospects.

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The report can give you an indication of changes envisaged during the year. The BBC report states film stars like Elizabeth Taylor, who loved diamonds, would be proud to wear the diamonds falling on Saturn and Jupiter—they would be big, not puny little diamonds. Of course, these large diamonds are uncut by jewelers because the last time I looked, Tiffany and Cartier have not yet set up shops on Jupiter and Saturn.

That seems to be a minor point, though. Saturn is known not to make the process easy, but Jupiter will help you by giving you a plethora of opportunities—you need to convince the person in charge that you are the one for the job, and then, you might uncover sources of income, even in the aftermath of a pandemic that has ravaged so many parts of the world economy.

You will need to burn a little midnight oil to find this lucrative position or client, but it is out there for you if you do. The second house of income rules money that comes to you the old-fashioned way, by earning it. Under this trend started by Jupiter and Saturn, you may reevaluate how you make your living and decide whether or not it gives you satisfaction.

As a Capricorn, you are ruled by Saturn, so you tend to deal objectively and rationally and take in the teachings of Saturn more easily than most. If you feel you must make a major career change, try to do it sometime within the next three years, even if you have to take a temporary pay cut to prove your worth in a new arena. You may also look for ways to cut waste do you need a subscription to that one channel you rarely watch? You will become a smart shopper too—you will likely be intent on finding bargains and ways to buy below wholesale.

If you own your own business, you will think big and find ways to make it grow. On December 21, we have the historic meeting of Saturn and Jupiter! This happens every 20 years, and they only meet one time. Astrologers have named this once-inyear meeting the Grand Conjunction.

Weekly Horoscope March 15 to March 21, 2020: Check out predictions for your zodiac sign this week

The last time they met was in Taurus, May , 20 years ago. This is very important because Saturn and Jupiter provide the background to the coming 20 years. The place Jupiter and Saturn meet influences arts and entertainment, music, fashion, and food, not only in terms of what we eat, but how it is grown and how it gets to us. Jupiter takes 12 years to travel around the Sun and all 12 signs, and Saturn takes Here is the amazing part of these two planets in conjunction. Every time Jupiter and Saturn have met, reaching back to , they have always met in earth signs.

Over and over, they met in Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn in rotation, always giving the next sign in the element its turn. Now, for the first time in all those years—nearly years, they will meet in an air sign, Aquarius, and break the cycle of meeting in the earth element. From now on, for the rest of your life, they will only meet in air signs.

In , they will meet in air-sign Libra, in in air-sign Gemini, and then after that, 20 years later, in back to air-sign Aquarius. Astrologers have a name for this special event—a new year cycle starting up in a new element—and it is called the Grand Mutation. We are so lucky to be alive during a time to see and experience the changeover. Suddenly, what you know and contribute to the world will become more important than your family status or your ethnic background—the emphasis will be on an even playing field and what you contribute to others in the world, not what possessions you own or how much money you have in the bank.

Aquarius is light, mobile, analytical, and communicative. We will see advances in medicine and science we could never have imagined. Aquarius is particularly linked to science, so exploration of space and the oceans will move forward with vigor, as will solutions to protect the planet and endangered species. Aquarius likes to question and break tradition, and you will see new techniques surface in hundreds of industries. In your life, the digital age, advanced computers, and robots will have a strong influence on the way you make your income because the Grand Mutation will light your second house of salary and other earned income.

Three is too much to say here, so I will devote an entire newsletter to a detailed discussion of the Grand Mutation. I do, but I refuse to send out unnecessary e-mail because that would be annoying to you. I only will send you a newsletter when I have something important to share with you—the entire story of the Grand Mutation fits that criteria, for sure! I will give an overview and then address each sign. Look for the photo of the small lotus blossom below the compatibility box—that is where you sign up.

After you do, remember to reply to the confirmation email from us. Then, you will be all set. I will post on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to let you know when I am sending the essay out this month, so you can watch for it to come in your email.

Capricorn Horoscope 2021: What the Stars Predict for You This Year

After I send you my essay on the Grand Mutation, I will write another newsletter in January about the coming clash of Saturn and Uranus, an aspect that will happen three times in —February 17, June 14, and December 23, and then not again until January Rare aspects are always noticed because we have little experience with them. Saturn governs all that is historical and traditional, things we want to preserve and cherish.

Since Saturn is your ruling planet, you might have a strong instinct to care for things of value from the past. Uranus, which rules scientific discovery and innovation, will sweep away all that this planet deems outworn and irrelevant to make room for all that is new and modern. Not everything will be swept away of course—Saturn will make sure that does not happen, and with this dynamic tension, good decisions will surface.

This is a major feature of These two titans of the solar system, Uranus and Saturn, will clang and bang through , each representing their side of the debate, and in the sweaty process, they will give birth to a new way of life for us all. You will have a starring role to play. In a way, it will be like smashing a mirror and creating a new one to reflect with greater clarity a revised, insightful vision of our collective selves and our values.

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It will be time to debate what we hold dear and what needs to go. In the process, our world will evolve and be made better for having had this debate. As the year winds down to a close, it will bring a big tender full moon on December 29 in Cancer, 9 degrees.

Weekly Horoscope December 4 – December 10 | Metropolis Japan

It is not an eclipse, but a very encouraging full moon that will light your seventh house of committed relationships. This year might be one for the record books in terms of the pure excitement you will feel from one special person in your life. I love this full moon because Uranus will send a friendly electric beam to the full moon and Sun, filing your holiday with surprises.

If you are married, your partner will likely bring you something special. A full moon in Cancer rules the home, so stay in, stay safe, and make an enchanting dinner for just the two of you. If you are not dating and not attached, you still can still feel this dazzling full moon.