Pisces horoscope for january 1 2021

Monthly horoscope "at-a-glance" for January for all 12 zodiac signs. Pisces: Friends are especially nice to you on the 1st. You have.
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Remember you are a part of the whole and to trust in your spirit guides.

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March 4 to 14 — Venus in your decan brings love, peace and harmony. April to May — Uranus sextile your decan lets you express yourself more fully, more in tune with who you really are. May 29 to June 22 — Mercury Retrograde brings the potential for communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays, and lost items. You can also expect to dwell on things, reminisce about the past, or unexpectedly meet up with people from your past. Take extra care with your words and try not to react too quickly in any arguments or if provoked.

Business negotiations will be in a state of flux. Some important details will not yet be available, and others may be unreliable or dishonest. This is especially so when Mercury retrograde is square your decan from June 9 to June 10 to November 19 — Solar Eclipse June square your decan brings the potential for challenges from other people or from circumstances that test your character. Your authority may be challenged or you may be forced to justify your goals.

December 4, , to April 30, — Solar Eclipse December is also square your decan. If you are on the right path you will still make some progress by staying focused on the main goal.

Pisces, Your 2021 Horoscope Predicts Lots Of Personal Growth & Healing

But if defeat and disappointment get the better of you, it might be time to reassess your goals. You will feel more driven to power ahead and achieve your goals. Relationships may seem more intense but in a good way. Bonding and deeper meaning come through greater understanding. Hidden talents and abilities will help in personal and professional advancement. December 14, , to May 26, — Solar Eclipse December square your decan brings the potential for challenges from other people or from circumstances that test your character.

This is especially so when Mercury retrograde is square your decan from May 29 to June This would have a negative effect on the children who may tend to become irritable and disobedient.

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Pay particular attention to the affairs of your children, devoting more time and energy to this. In fact, you would do well to closely scrutinize their activities. A month during which the affairs of your children are unlikely coast along smoothly since the stars are not favourably disposed. The performance of the wards of most of you at studies would tend to be below average and many of them may need a lot of extra help to get along.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Those sitting for competitive examinations should go in for extra coaching. Those pursuing some practical trade or apprenticeship etc. In fact, most of them may display a higher than normal level of skills with their hands. This would be the saving grace of sorts for this month. Skip to content. Forums Menu. Pisces Finance Forecast Your financial prospects look good this month, since you will get several notable opportunities, for profit. Pisces Career and Profession Predictions The augury from the stars is not favourable for your professional prospects this month.

Pisces Family Prospects Nothing particularly beneficial about the augury from the stars in so far as your family affairs are concerned during this coming month. He is blessed Soul and served more then people personally and more then , people online and still serving.. Site Links. More Links. Stay Connected.

Discover the luckiest month for each zodiac sign. Here's what Susan Taylor announced for Pisces in , leave us a comment below and tell us how your year went. The astrological sign of Pisces is a sign of love and daring. Pisces friends, your creative ideas coupled with your hard work will lead you to achieve success this year. This yearly horoscope will hopefully help you move forward in your life and project yourself.


I wish you a wonderful and successful More Pisces insights:. By Susan Taylor.

Writing for you and forecasting my exclusive predictions are my main passions. Mahmud Mohammed Bana. I want to see my horoscope for , I am a piscina, can you pls send me that. Daniel Refuerzo. I also want to know my future this yr I'm Daniel Refuerzo ,64 yrs old. Born February 25, Elenita C. De Vergara. I want to know my future this im am Pisces Sign March 18, and wich month im lucky I want to know if I can have my permanent work a successful career February 22, thank you.

Times are uncertain and we are questioning our future more than ever before. Why not contact one of our exceptional experts to shed some light on what's in store? Pisces natives, you are born between February 20 - March 20 and, spoiler alert are in for lots of personal progress and success in You will forge ahead and carry on what was started the year before; combining inspiration, creation, technique and order to get you there. You will be protected and supported, which will make you progress right at the moment you feel stuck.

Pisces Horoscope What the Stars Predict for You This Year

Astrologist Susan Taylor has studied the stars, so read your Pisces horoscope for more essential astrological information and yearly predictions. Pisces yearly horoscope: What's in store for my year? What about my love life?


And my career? How about my finances? Will I be in good health? Which months will be great and which will be tough? A review of Pisces horoscope Battle through adversity Pisces people, you will start the year off with a bang.