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Attention: Surgical operations are recommended during the Waning Moon. However, avoid surgeries of organs under the influence of the related zodiac Moon.
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The Haida named it Goose Moon.

Astrology Calendar in March 2021

This name is traditionally thought to refer to the earthworms that appear as the soil warms in spring. Although some Cree groups used the term Eagle Moon to describe the time around February, others used this term for the Moon cycle closer to spring. The term Goose Moon was used among Algonquin and Cree peoples.

Snow Crust Moon was an Anishinaabe term. Sore Eyes Moon is a Dakota, Lakota, and Assiniboine term referring to the blinding rays of the sun on snow.

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Sugar Moon Ojibwe is the time when maple sap runs. Wind Strong Moon Pueblo refers to the strong windy days that come at this time of year.

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Appearing either in April or May, Sucker Moon Anishinaabe refers to a time to harvest sucker fish, which return to streams or lake shallows to spawn. According to legend, now is the time when this fish comes back from the spirit world to purify bodies of water and the creatures living in them. This name may also be applied to the February Moon, to honor the sacrifice of the sucker fish in order to feed the Anishinaabe peoples, helping them to survive the winter.

The appearance of flowers in abundance inspired the name for this Moon, a term used by Algonquin and Ojibwe peoples. Moon of the Shedding Ponies is an Oglala term. Used by the Algonquin, Ojibwe, Dakota, and Lakota peoples, among others, this name came about because ripe strawberries were ready to be gathered at this time. Similarly, Berries Ripen Moon is a Haida term. Blooming Moon Anishinaabe is indicative of the flowering season. The Tlingit used the term Birth Moon , referring to the time when certain animals are born in their region.

At this time, the antlers of bucks male deer are in full growth mode. Other animal-related names include Feather Moulting Moon Cree and Salmon Moon , a Tlingit term indicating when that fish returned to the area and were harvested.

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Lake sturgeon, found in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain, as well as in several rivers, were once much more abundant. These large some more than 6 feet long! Captain Jonathan Carver came across this term for the lunar month during his travels in the s. Flying Up Moon is a Cree term describing the time when young birds are ready to fly. The Assiniboine people named this period Black Cherries Moon , referring to when chokecherries were ripe. Corn was ready to harvest at this time. However, this name was also used by the Algonquin to mark the lunar month in which many crops were ready for gathering.

Read more about the Harvest Moon. In this time, we will be collectively focusing on making the world a better place. This transit offers us the opportunity to work together towards humanitarian goals, create leaps in technology, and create exciting new structures that we can be proud of. We're offered the chance to move away from individualist concepts of success starting December 19, when bountiful Jupiter enters altruistic Aquarius. Instead of focusing on how each one of us can get ahead, we're encouraged to support our communities and discover exciting new ideas together.

The planet of luck will remain in this air sign until December 30, , giving us ample time to adjust our thinking.

Moon Information For March 22 (Northern Hemisphere)

There will be a reformation to how we approach our ideas of value and success — get ready. Our minds turn towards more sensitive matters starting December 20, when speedy Mercury enters practical Capricorn. We're in a no-nonsense kind of mood during this transit, focused on getting results and sticking to the facts. Try not to lose your sense of humor, and remember to loosen up during this sober transit. We're ready to take on new responsibilities and challenges beginning December 21, when the ego-ruling Sun enters ambitious Capricorn. It's a wonderful transit to dream up new goals for the upcoming year, making an action plan to chip away at in the coming months.

The key is to start slow and move with precision.

When the Sun inhabits Capricorn, he's focused on achieving tangible results. We're greeted by the last full Moon of the year in deep-feeling Cancer on December 29 at p. The Moon forms a sextile with change-loving Uranus, helping us to realize what changes are necessary for the future. Get ready for a brand new way of life. My sister Karla was the first in our family to go to college.

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She chose Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.