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Both live in their own fantasy worlds and rarely glimpse the harsh realities of the real world. However, they can only escape into their dreamy, watery world for so long. It's doubtful that both signs will swim out of their dream world to take care of the mundane, but one of them must eventually dip into the real world long enough to pay a few bills and figure out the budget. At first, this will seem like the perfect relationship, but unless it's tempered with a few doses of reality-checks, a Pisces and Cancer couple could end up being carried too far off course and caught in a rip tide or worse, tossed onto the beach.

Metaphors aside, one partner will need to be better grounded in reality in order for this relationship to flourish into the once-in-a-lifetime love it could be. Earth signs work well with water signs to co-create a life together. Earth gives water form and contains the many energies and ideas flowing from water signs.

Water signs nourish earth and help grow ideas into profitable business ventures as well as a home and family. Cancer longs for security and stability. People of this sign want a solid financial foundation and a home they can enjoy. Capricorn's ambition excites Cancer who understands the importance of goal setting.

Home and business will be closely interconnected.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Cancer's Soulmates

Cap would make a great business partner with Cancer. This pair could build a dynasty and love every moment working together to create it. Cancer will expect Taurus to come charging in, but will be pleasantly surprised by the bull's sense of style and taking things slowly - at first. Taurus' sensual nature and deep appreciation for beauty will quickly win over the sensitive Cancer.


The Bull's love of the finer things in life fits in with Cancer's appreciation for creating a home. Together, this pair knows what they want, and they can have it all.

What Qualities Make a Good Match for a Cancer?

And who knows, you might meet someone great enough to let into your inner circle. As a Cancer, you're used to understanding people at a glance and knowing just what they need to feel happier. It can be frustrating when other signs don't reciprocate this, but remember that most people aren't as intuitive as you are. If you're unhappy about something in a relationship, it's important to speak up.

Cancer Compatibility: Your Most Suited Zodiac Signs, Ranked

Pushing your emotions down will only create further unhappiness down the road. We know how much you hate it when others cancel plans, but try to understand that it's rarely a reflection on how they feel about you. Sometimes something else just comes up, or people change what they're in the mood for. It's fine and healthy!

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If you're hoping to date a Cancer, befriend one, or just communicate at work or school with Cancers, follow the tips below to keep everyone happy. You likely know that the Cancer in your life will bend over backwards to make you happy. This can include listening when you have a problem, giving you amazing advice, and generally just always being there for you. Cancers seem to manage these things so easily that it's easy to forget how much effort they put into maintaining their relationships.

A Cancer will be reluctant to say it outright, but many wish others put the same time and energy into relationships with them. You can be one of these people! Regularly ask yourself what you could do to make the Cancer in your life happier, whether it's a big or small thing. Also, ask them outright what they need. Cancers aren't the most open of signs, but when asked a direct question, they're honest about how they're feeling. To make the people they care about happy, Cancers will agree to almost anything, even if it's not really their jam.

Therefore, if you want to boost your Cancer zodiac compatibility, it's important to regularly suggest activities you know that Cancers will like.

12. Aquarius

Looking for compatibility information for other signs? We've written up similar analyses for Scorpio , Sagittarius , Pisces , Taurus , and many more! Want to learn more about the Cancer zodiac sign? We have that too! Learn the 7 fundamental Cancer traits and get to know the crab sign better. Got questions about zodiac signs—besides Cancer? Then check out our complete collection of individual zodiac sign guides.

Curious about alchemy?

Cancer compatibility table

Our in-depth guide for beginners explains the 22 alchemy symbols you need to know and what they mean. Our new student and parent forum, at ExpertHub. See how other students and parents are navigating high school, college, and the college admissions process. Ask questions; get answers. How to Get a Perfect , by a Perfect Scorer. Colin Bedell is the founder of Queer Cosmos , an astrology and comparative spirituality resource for queer identities and allies.

He suggests all of us can benefit from learning about our opposing sign, and then utilize these insights to bring more harmony into every love story we choose to explore.

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Cheers to that! Just like striking a match, sparks are bound to fly when fiery Aries and air sign Libra come together. Venus-ruled and an earth sign, Taurus is drawn to sharing tactile beauty think sunset views and the most IG-worthy brunch hang of your life while Scorpio, a water sign ruled by transformational Pluto, craves intensity and exploring what hides beneath the surface.

As Bedell points out, the contrast here is exactly what makes this particular pairing so juicy and ripe for growth. Together, this duo cultivates a lasting and luxe foundation that can weather anything. Let freedom ring!