Significance of sixth house in vedic astrology

Sixth house in astrology also relates to obstacles, debts, difficulties, and enemies, the ability to overcome these and win over opposition. Referred to as the Shatru Bhava in Vedic Astrology, 6th house is relates to Virgo, the sixth sign in the zodiac cycle. Mercury is the natural significator of this house.
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Virgos are very orderly, precise, clean and possess strong memories of facts and details. They are service oriented, sometimes to a fault. They tend to be late bloomers sexually, then over compensate when they are older.

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They can be both volatile and versatile, reflecting the changeable nature of Mercury. Mercury is associated with intelligence, mental and verbal acuity, communications, wit, dexterity, shrewdness, commerce, education, adaptability, vocation, writing, childhood, acquiring and organizing money, the rational conscious mind which organizes ideas, the spoken word. Mercury influences the many things we do to make something happen and impacts our manifesting abilities. A weak Mercury can bring immaturity, dishonesty, improper boundaries with others, addiction, insomnia, anxiety and nervous stomach, foolishness or deceitfulness.

Sixth House – 6th House in Vedic Astrology!

In its highest form, Mercury brings the ability to connect to the Divine Word, names of God, and our inner powers of the mind. This is how Mercury, in its highest expression, is the discriminator between truth and non-truth, pure from impure, and opens a pathway which ultimately becomes the Buddha. Professionally Virgos tend towards business, speaking, teaching, writing, academia, ministry, healing, crafts work. If one has weak or afflicted Mercury, fraud, plagiarism, or other forms of deceit can be activated.

Mercury becomes exalted in Virgo, debilitated in Pisces. We should note that Albert Einstein had a debilitated Mercury, yet we know how well his intellect functioned! Its placement and many other factors in his chart determined his overall intelligence and genius. Mars and Saturn have a special relationship to the 6th House. These two planets give additional insight into the nature and qualities of the 6th house.

So if you are examining issues regarding adversaries, for example, it is useful to also examine the position and condition of these two planets, Mars and Saturn. For example, if Saturn is strong in your chart not necessarily in the 6th house , then you may have support for overcoming or dissolving adversarial relationships.

Mars in the 10th house can indicate competition or jealousy in career life. In addition, a strong Mars can activate the ability to overcome those things in the career. As the signification for disease, Saturn becomes a karaka for the 6th house.

Gyati Bhava Meaning | Sixth House in Horoscope | 6th House in Indian Astrology

As the signification for enmity, theft and injury, Mars becomes the other karaka for the 6th house. Mars is the great warrior and when strong, vanquishes his enemies. No one planet placed in a sign or house will be the sole indicator of fortunes and influences. Your own intuition will indicate to you what resonates in the various descriptions. Here are some general indications for a particular planet placed in the sign of Virgo. The individual will be skilled in writing, poetry, mathematics, well-spoken, well-read, strong earning power, weak constitution, shy, keen intellect, seeks adulation.

Mercury in 6th House according to Phala Deepika: Should Mercury happen to occupy 6th house, the native will be indolent, harsh in speech and will be capable of overcoming his enemies. He will become adament when people enter into arguments with him.

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Sign In Facebook. Sign In with Email. Why Sign Up? Mer in First House. Again, while this House gives rise to enemies, it also influences to drive the enemies away. This House encourages people to join professions that benefit society.

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Hence, this House is the critical significator for doctors, healers, nurses, police, and the army. Furthermore, the 6th House also tackles legal matters and disputes. What picture does the 6th House project for future prediction?

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As mentioned earlier, the sixth House of the Kundli represents debts, sickness, and enemies. Apart from these, war and disease, sorrow, scars, and despair are also expressed in this House. How long will you take to recover? Which body part needs your attention?

Mercury in various houses according to Vedic Astrology

Is your immune system healthy? These are some questions that this house deals with. It influences the factors concerning your illness.

The food you take and their impact on your health forms a significant part of this House. Moreover, magic and superstitions also comprise an essential part in the 6th House. It refers to the fear, anxiety, worry, vices, misunderstanding with siblings, and more. This House also influences the thought of committing a sin.