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Scorpio Daily horoscope for Friday, 25 December 2020

Your Ascendant and its meaning. You have a real chance to gain some distance and perspective from everything and everyone around you today. This will help you do a stocktake, clear your mind and find out exactly where you stand with respect to certain situations.

Introspection is sometimes necessary but you will soon need to return to the external world and your normal daily rhythm, healthier, stronger and better able to discharge your obligations. You have every chance to have that important talk with your partner today, discuss your relationship and plan your future together. And so does what you say and your ideas.

To a larger, bigger, wider audience than ever before. You are simply set to go further now. January 12 sees that mega meeting between Saturn and Pluto take place along with Mercury which rules this house and Ceres. One idea or deal you strike now can literally change or reshape your world. Is love.

Friday 25 Dec, 2020

It could be this is a romantic duet. Or it could equally be a business or working relationship. A close friendship. The love rules are changing for you, Scorpio. But they also reflect the inner changes that have been going on within you. What love looks like may look radically different but the message is who cares as its all love! Saturn is on the move in March into your 4 th. Over the next 2. Either in your career or where you live. Possibly both. Your home, family and living arrangements will be cemented in some way.

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The key here is what works for you and your unique needs. Long term decisions can be made and you need to be looking forward not just at how you want to be living and where in the here and now, but in the future. Saturn in here allows you to put down roots. Or send those shoots out far from the original tree to more fertile ground for you.

Jupiter and Pluto meeting in your 3 rd on March 30 supersizes potential and possibility. But you have to do something with this.

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Pluto as you of all signs should know, is all about power. Especially the kind you may keep hidden or simply be afraid of. Do you want to discover just what you can achieve if you unleash your superpower? Maybe the possibility of success is what you fear. Feel the fear and do it anyway now. Claim your power on these dates. Take your message further. Jupiter rules the mass media and also travel. This house rules both traditional and digital forms of communication. Pluto is all about the power behind these. Find your platform and send that idea or message far.

In ancient times unexplored areas of the world would be blank on maps but often contain the words: Here be dragons. The house opposite to your 3 rd is of course, your 9 th. So, think of it this way. Everything that the 3 rd contains is supersized in your 9 th. Your 3 rd rules your early education, neighbourhood, your commute, short journeys in terms of distance and duration and your every day communications and work. It also rules small animals as its linked to Mercury which rules these.

Your 9 th is universities, degrees, long distance travel, the mass media, big business and foreigners as well as the outdoors and large animals — bigger than say a sheep. So, horses and everything up to whales are ruled by your 9 th. This is your house of long journeys whether real or metaphorical. Getting your degree is a long learning journey as it takes you three years.

It will take you longer if you are aiming for a post graduate qualification or entering a field like medicine, the law or science. When starting out, you may have some idea of what the journey may entail. It has to be experienced. And you need a map, syllabus or plan to get to where you need to go.

The Annular Solar Eclipse in your 9 th on June 21 puts you in dragon territory.

Daily Scorpio Horoscope, Friday, 25 December 2020

While this house in your chart is the sign of Cancer and associated with home, in those dragon ruled Game of Thrones eras of the past, Cancer was the sign associated with explorers due to the restless nature of the tides. If you are travelling under this eclipse please take extra care. This could feel like a Mercury retro on steroids. If you are having any dealings with the law, the mass media, overseas business transactions or even sporting activities — take it that you are in the dark over something.

If you are venturing into an unknown area, you need to exercise caution. Especially without having it vetted first by a top rate veterinarian. The same applies to buying a dragon. Big loves can feature in Or a love which expands your horizons or knowledge in some way. You could meet someone well-travelled, from overseas or with foreign connections. Generous, adventurous and wildly sexy.

They see love as a journey. You could be along for a wild ride now but please — keep in mind the new retro rules for At least until Venus heads direct again from June You should also try to avoid starting any new relationship. Whether it is complicated or not. The rule in astrology is that the ancient rulerships still apply. So, when your ancient ruler Mars heads backwards — which it does in your 6 th of work and wellness from Sept 10, along with the Aries out there, you will be most affected.