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Your cooperation and convincing skills will be appreciated.

Today's Gemini Horoscope - Friday, December 25, 2020

You will make some investments in share market which will bring you good gains later. You will not be able to spend more time with your family due to burden of work. You are likely to feel dull by the end of the week as your competitors will poke you and try to ruin your efforts and on the other hand you will have to deal with domestic dispute too.

Strictly prohibit yourself from funding into a very large venture and lending on the last day of the week. In the middle of the week, you will be able to execute your plans and gain effective results. People in love should avoid talking about close friends and family, spare this week for your personal time and make the best out of it. Week has a lot in store, unveil it with good hopes. Your week will be filled with surprises! You will get involved in activities you never thought you would participate in.

The first three days will bring you opportunities you were waiting for but in the last two days you will feel uneasy and derailed from your schedule. Avoid gambling on Wednesday this week. This week you should be very selective avoid people you invest your emotions in as their possessive nature may harm your later. There will be dull moment due to transition of moon. Your aggressive behaviour will harm the people you love the most and you will regret overspending therefore control your emotional hype this week. Avoid being involved in any kind of litigation this week.

Love will bloom in unexpected directions at unexpected timings, wait and watch! You may have a little sleeplessness and feel tired due to hectic schedule.

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This week you will feel imbalanced and divided between your love life and work life. Your relationship will demand undivided attention and on the other hand, your work will be hectic. Your subordinates will let you work independently and you will find different approaches to meet your work demands. Your creative insight will gain you extra appreciation. You will feel confident and figure out a new way to earn money. You will bring good deals to your family business. The responsibilities of your current job will also increase and issues related to property will also be resolved.

This week is fortunate for enhancing your business overseas. People in love will take their relationship to another level and deal with hardship conveying their intentions to family. You will also be inclined towards charity and spirituality. You will bring luxuries home and also manage to save for your comforts.

In the middle of the week, a family function will occupy your time.

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You are likely to travel for business this week and Jupiter will bring you good deals from this travelling. Your communications skills will help in finding solutions to the issues your institution is facing. Along with that, you are likely to find a right guide who will help you stabilise your profits. On the negative side, you may harm some of the closest people in your life just by your harsh opinions so measure your words before you spill them. Negative thoughts will make you nervous but you are known to be someone who fight their fears.

You will also feel urge to be detached from your responsibilities but gradually you will find your way back.

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Your soulmate will find a way to change your habits and turn you into the better version of yourself. Also, this is a lucky week for students. Wait and watch what plans does God have for you! Your week is going to be filled with energy and enthusiasm as a blessing from Lord Sun. Disputes regarding assets and property with your siblings will be resolved. You will become more focused and attentive as the transition of Moon suggests. Your business network will expand bringing you enormous amount of guidance and resources. Your subordinates will appreciate your dedication towards your duties.

But, the last three days of week will make you feel little dull and unfocused. During this period of time, try to stay inclined towards creativity and those activities will help you revive your thoughts. Your social status will also improve this week. Investments you mad in past few months will pay you today. On domestic fronts, there might be some issues related to marriage of your siblings but do not worry as peace is on its way to knock your door.

Following your intuition will be your mantra this week. Looking at the health perspective, you will face some minor issues like headache and back pain but you will be fit and fine real soon. Your week will start with dissatisfaction and unhappiness as a result of transition of moon.

You are likely to make lots of mistakes and feel burden on your shoulders.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope 21 - 27 December, 2020

Your work productivity will also decrease. You will be delaying your submissions and might have other issues on your professional fronts but your love life will bloom. You will confess your feelings to your partner and they will accept your proposal. You may have some issues in your married life due to difference of opinion with your spouse but things will be totally alright.

Students pursuing higher degree are likely to receive good news from the Universities they have applied. On health fronts, you will face some minor issues in dealing with mental peace and you may also feel nausea at the end of the week.

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Apart from everything, this week may not go as good as you expected but next week will bring you better opportunities. This week you will meet like-minded people and create company which will act as light in your darkness. Overbearing people could threaten to overwhelm you with conflicting plans and unreasonable demands, and the best thing you can do is take a patient, helpful attitude. This week some influential people will think of you as trustworthy and their belief in you will bring you great opportunities.

Try to stay away from fire and water in excessive amount. Your peers will plan a surprise long distance trip but you should avoid it as Rahu is not in your favour. When it comes to romantic relationships, your partner and you will be able to find solutions of your personal concerns. Marriage is not on the list yet but it will be soon.

Try to spend some time with your in-laws and family as they need some healing after how pandemic has affected you. This week is bringing you a lot of better things. Horoscope Today December 9, Gemini, you don't need an astrologer to tell you that plans are being cancelled and arrangements broken. Horoscope Today December 8, Gemini, when Mercury is behaving in such an odd fashion, you must accept plans being cancelled or delayed.

Horoscope Today December 7, Gemini, when Mercury is behaving in such an odd fashion, you must accept plans being cancelled or delayed. Horoscope Today December 4, Aquarians, you have a golden opportunity to right old wrongs, but don't blame other people for your mistakes.

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That would be unfair! Horoscope Today December 3, Scorpio, you can begin to look forward to a period of relative emotional fulfilment.

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