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May 20 – June 20 (, UT1).
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You shine at dinner parties as you know just what to say and how to say it. Writing and speaking come naturally to you and you can be found in the realm of journalism fairly often. You bore easily and prefer to have a job that has lots of different pieces and parts. Doing the same thing all of the time would put you over the edge emotionally.

You need a job or career that allows you to do many different things. Working on an assembly line or doing anything else singularly boring will result in great dissatisfaction and stress. Writing could be another good avenue for you as you can concentrate on a variety of topics and concerns. Whatever you choose, make sure that it will give you the opportunity to move around.

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Patience is not your strong suit as constant movement is your preferred companion. You are often exceptionally bright and will reach for the stars when given the chance. Yoga, meditation or anything that helps to center you is a plus. Keeping an active calendar is important for not missing appointments and meetings. You like to keep learning and your interests run far and wide. Aquarius understands your need for freedom.

See the Monthly Horoscope for June The sign of Gemini belongs to the element of Air , accompanying Libra and Aquarius , and this connects it to all aspects of the mind. It is ruled by Mercury , the planet that represents communication, writing, and movement.

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People born under this Sun sign often have a feeling that their other half is missing, so they are forever seeking new friends, mentors, colleagues and people to talk to. Gemini's changeable and open mind makes them excellent artists, especially writers and journalists, and their skills and flexibility make them shine in trade, driving and team sports.

This is a versatile, inquisitive, fun loving sign, born with a wish to experience everything there is out there, in the world. This makes their character inspiring, and never boring. Gemini - the Caring Twins There is so much childish innocence in the nature of Gemini, telling their tale of brotherhood, love between best friends and relatives who are entirely different by character, circumstances, physical appearance or upbringing.

They are in this world to mend differences and make them feel right, ready to give their life for a brother or a friend. Gemini Love and Sex Fun and always ready for an intellectual challenge, Gemini sees love first through communication and verbal contact, and find it as important as physical contact with their partner.

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When these two combine, obstacles all seem to fade. Inquisitive and always ready to flirt, a Gemini could spend a lot of time with different lovers until they find the right one who is able to match their intellect and energy.

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They need excitement, variety and passion, and when they find the right person, a lover, a friend and someone to talk to combined into one, they will be faithful and determined to always treasure their heart. Gourmet pleasures await, different approaches to the Christmas routine, recipes and contacts with those who have something tender and tasty to share.

You are focused on the material world and pleasures found in it, even if you are not at Continue to Gemini Daily Horoscope There is really no hope for the future of things that turned really bad and got buried under depth of debt Continue to Gemini Tomorrow's Horoscope Thinking about realistic steps and expansion that has been made so far, you should be proud of all the practical deeds that you have pushed on with, bringing Continue to Gemini Weeky Horoscope Gemini Horoscope: This Month Dec From having so much to say, to having nothing to say at all, you will be torn in close contacts and relationships that require energy to be resolved.

Conflicts are possible. Continue to Gemini Monthly Horoscope The biggest challenge for any Gemini's love life is to find an emotion that lasts, especially as they get older and realize that they are already in a repetitive mode of superficial or disappointing bonds. Their personality doesn't allow much depth, for they are on a mission to spread information, not to dig into them and find mistakes, holes, or resolutions.

They look at life from a relative perspective of movement, being the one to circle the Sun, moving forwards and backwards from Earth's point of view, never certain of their own direction. Gemini might make sharp turns, leaving those who love them behind, but there are partners that could follow in their pace, ready to build a loving foundation through time. A post shared by not all geminis notallgeminis. Many people fleetingly fancy the Gemmys because of their youthful, fun, partying exterior… but not THAT many can get past their actual chilly nature and need to be free and untethered.

Relationships are sometimes difficult for them.

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  4. Just one person for forever and forever? Other Air signs respect that need for space, though, because they feel it too, and are entertaining and clever enough to keep things stimulating. I am a Gemini, I love all my fellow Gemmys. For your own unique and personal tarot forecast, visit Kerry's TarotBella page. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Hailey Bieber posted a "raw, unedited" selfie. This Home Alone plot hole is really annoying fans. Why Jennifer Lopez might cancel her wedding.

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